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A question about the Monacan Tribe

A question about the Monacan Tribe

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Hello All,

I hope this message finds you well. I have learned a lot in these postings during the years. I have used this electronic place not only for reference in my adventure to find my own roots but as inspiration as well - Thank you.

I am writing here now because I have a few questions that I have not found the answers to. I have done the research on my family and found that it is thick in Monacan blood (Beverly's and Pinn's). I can follow the lines to multiple people on the Original Rolls. My questions are - Is there a Blood Quantum for the Monacans? Who would I contact if I do decide (or eligible) for enrollment (or even if I can)? What type of paperwork (forms and the like or documentation) needs to be done/gathered before a trip to Amherst?

Thank you for your time.

Re: A question about the Monacan Tribe

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Please see the following web address for contact persons in the Monocan Nation at Amherst County VA.

I hope you find it productive. Best wishes with your search.
Joyce in VA

Re: A question about the Monacan Tribe

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Congratulations, Cousin! I also have a lot of Pinn connections in my family tree, though not many Beverlys.

I have not done the legwork yet to connect with the Original Rolls. Do you have any advice for me?

I know that Joyce has already posted about the website, and the Monacan tribe also has a presence on Facebook, if you want to check that out, too.

Good luck!


Re: A question about the Monacan Tribe

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Classification: Query
Hi Elaine,

I'm sorry it took so long to reply. Thank you for the Congrats as well :). I'm still working on stuff of course. Seems every time I pick up the research, I find something completely new. This is both exciting and frustrating.

My advice to you is to keep researching. The legwork is where it’s at! Look outside the box and outside the internet. Speaking of the internet, don’t trust anything if it does not have a reference. You can use it as a jump off point to a line of investigation, but don’t rely on it solely (I am still weeding my tree of the results of a happy click finger :).

The library is a good place if you come prepared (I would suggest spending the first day just ooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing). After that pick a certain section of your tree and work on that. If you bring everything you have you could end up like me, surrounded by a carpet of papers and completely overwhelmed.

One more thing. Take a break from your research. Sometimes when you come back to a project after a time you can see the path clearer. Remember, it is not a race. Take your time and enjoy the twist and turns you find on the ride.

Hope that was helpful.

Take care and will see you on the boards :).

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