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Stocktons & Dawsons

Stocktons & Dawsons

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Surnames: Stockton, Keene, Cureton
Need copy of obits for William Hayden & Elizabeth Keene Stockton, and for Thomas L. & Etta Cureton Stockton, if possible from the Raton newspaper. Wm. H. & Thos. L. apparently died in or near Silver City, Grant Co, NM in 1890 & 1902 respectively, and wives either died there, too, or in Colfax Co while the families were living there. If someone, while checking the old newspapers in Raton, would keep a eye out for these obits, I would be most grateful. Thanks for anything anyone can do for me. (Hi, Nancy)
Sharon Cunningham

Re: Stocktons & Dawsons

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Surnames: Stockton
In an unsigned article in the 1 Nov 1985 Springer News Bulletin: "The coming of the railroad in 1878 was bad news for Clifton House. The country was getting too crowded for Tom and his father. They loaded the families and their belongings into a freight car this time and moved to Arizona, just across the border from Silver City. Both men are buried there."

Re: Maxwell Land Grant

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There are no homestead or Public Land Records for the Beaubien and Miranda [Maxwell] Mexican Land Grant which was not U. S. Public Land.

Re: Poll Tax, 1872 & 1873

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1872 Colfax: G.M. Chase, C.C. and Joseph Coleman, John and Will Dawson, J. B. McCullough, Thos Stockton.

1873 Colfax Poll Tax: Pct 2, J. Coleman. Pct 3, Geo. Bushnell, J. D. Dacey, J. B. McCullough, Frank Springer. Pct 5, W. Colbert, Tom Stockton, Lorenzo Stout.

Re: School Tax

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The Tax Assessment contains a column for the School Tax.
1871: Joseph Coleman, Joel W. Curtis, M. M. Chase, J. B. Dawson, S. A. Sayre, Wilburn & Stockton.

1872: Joel W. Curtis, M. M. Chase, J. B. Dawson, S. A. Sayre, W. H. Stockton, wilburn & Stockton.

1873: Pct 3, R. C. Allison, J. W. Curtis. Pct 5, J. B. Dawson, Fine Ernest, S. A. Sayre, M. B. and W. H. Stockton.

1879: Oct. 6, Marzie A., M. M. B. and W. H. Stockton. Pct. 13, John and Monroe Allison, John B. and Thos. H. Dawson, Lacy & Coleman.

Re: More Deeds

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More Colfax County Deeds

Beaubien & Miranda, Deeds A: 321-340. Christopher Carson Deposition: 337, 28 July 1859. Diseño: 325. file No. 48, Reported No. 15, 21 June 1860.

Coleman, Joseph, from L. B. Maxwell, 8 E-town lots, 1868-28 May 1869. Deeds A: 235.
Coleman, Joseph to Henry Lambert, lot 7, block 3, E-town, Deed, Mora: 209, 25 Dec 1868.
Sheriff’s sale 1872.

Stockton, Thomas L. et ux, from L. B. Maxwell, Stockton Ranch, 2 miles square, 7 Jan 1869, Mora Deed: 120, also Colfax Deed A: 221.
To L. B. Maxwell, Mtg. Deed A: 64, 25-60 Ac, Red River Station, 18 Mar 1871.
To Wm H. Stockton, Clifton or Stockton Ranch on Red River, Deed A: 223, 2 Aug 1871.
William Hayden Stockton to Marzie E. Stockton, Deed of Life Estate, land on Red River also “Stockton Hotel,” Deed A: 350, 11 Jul 1873.
William Hayden Stockton to Thos L. Stockton, Deed of Remainder, 1 mile square tract of land between Trinidad and Cimarron, Deed A: 351, 12 Jul 1873.
Marzie E. Stockton and husband, to NM Southern Pacific RR Co., Right of Way, Deed B: 176, 5 Feb 1879.

Wilburn & Stockton, Una de Gato Creek, Notice, Water Rights, Misc A: 183, 29 Jan 1871.

To Stockton & Wilburn, from Jasper N. DeGraffenreid, ranch on Vermejo now known as Lacey ranch, Deed A: 219, 29 Apr 1871.
From Thomas L. Stockton and F. W. Wilburn, to Wm H. Stockton, farm lands on Vermejo below Dawson’s, Deed A: 285, 2 Aug 1871.
From Wm. H. Stockton To Lacy, Irwin W. and Coleman, Lewis G. [Lacy & Coleman], property on Vermejo River, Deeds A: 348, 10 Jan 1873. This is the Coleman of Lacy & Coleman.
Lacy, Sarah to H. K. Halloway for use of Trinidad National Bank, land on the Vermejo, Mtg Deed D: 486, 30 Dec 1890.
Lacy, Sarah C et al, Lucy F., Irwin W. Coleman, to Helen P. Dane, Land on the Vermejo, Deeds N: 172, 23 Mar 1893.

To Wm. H. Stockton, from G. E. Miller, via R. A. Stephens, 640 ac on both sides of Red river, Deeds A: 374, 6 June 1873.
To Alexander C. Hunt et al, G. A. Miller tract, 1 mile adjoining T. S. Stockton, Deed B: 106, 18 June 1877.
Marzie E. Stockton to A. A. Robinson, G. E. Miller tract on Red River, Deed B: 181, 598 Ac, 5 Feb 1879.

Coleman, James A. 320 Ac, Vermejo. Public Lands Loc, Misc A: 398. 15 Sep 1873.

Re: Correction

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Irwin W. Lacy signed a Vermejo deed, as did his mother, Sarah C. and sister, Lucy F. Lacy.

Re: Correction

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Classification: Query
This deed information pertains to my family, the Lacy's. Does anyone know a way to turn these deed numbers into geographical locations? I can read from the descriptions that it's along the Vermejo River, but is there a way to get a little more specific?

How would I go about seeing the actual deed documents, do they exsist?

Also, the Lacys and Stocktons are cousins.

Re: Lacys and Stocktons

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Classification: Query
Hi, Colleen -

Thanks for finding my original post re the above Colfax Countians! I've been researching the families, plus Clay Allison and John B. Dawson, for several years. NOT family, but I'm very interested in those early New Mexicans because Allison and the Stocktons were originally from back here....Tennessee and Kentucky.

I don't have an early plat map for the deeds Nancy Robertson has written about, but hopefully she will see your latest post and let both you AND me know where to go to learn the whereabouts of the ranches. Nancy has lived in Raton and worked in the Colfax County Historical scene for many years, and knows all about the history of the county.

Please note my new contact info above, changed since 2001 when I first posted. If you should want to email me, my address is now:

Thanks again for finding this thread and for posting!

Sharon Cunningham

Re: Lacys and Stocktons

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Oh, I hope someone knows something! I wasn't expecting such a quick reply since it's been so long! I think I updated my tree on Ancestry to show the Stockton/Lacy connection. There is also a connection with Luke Short through Irwin/Irvin Lacy's wife, Sarah Brumley.

Irwin Lacy was born Kentucky abt 1837, but I can't find a family connection, there are several Lacy families in Kentucky at that time, and I have narrowed it down to a handful based on ages in the 1850 census, but I am not sure how to get further with that. Lacy lived in Texas abt 1860-70, where he married Sarah, then they moved to Colfax NM, and their children lived in Trinidad Co.

I did speak with someone at the Vermejo Park Ranch, and he said it sounds from the description in the deed that this land is now part of the their ranch, but still no way to narrow it down further, they don't have the records.

I am also very interested to find a photo of the Lacy family, Irwin in particular.

Good to meet you!

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