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Land deed search

Land deed search

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Anyone able to search Fayette County records for a land deed between 1865 (purchase possibly later) and 1869 (sold). All I have to go on is general area where lived, name titled in and the years mentioned. Finding a sale in 1869 is likely easier than when purchased. I would like to find the location of this farm and get a few photos and possibly visit the area some time.

Re: Land deed search

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If you post the name, I will be glad to do a quick newspaper search to see if there is a Real Estate Property Transfer published, which would give you the date, so you can contact the county recorder's office to do a search.

Re: Land deed search

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I really appreciate your response.

The name would have been Jan Jansson Haglund or perhaps he changed his name to John by then. John Jansson Haglund They moved from Fayette County, Iowa in June 1869 to Crawford County, Iowa. They lived between Eldorado and Clermont, Iowa. Unsure of township. Arrived in Fayette County around April-may 1865

Jan HAGLUND / Fayette County land deed search 1865-1869

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No matches come up in the early newspapers, but that's not too surprising.

Have you browsed the 1868 plat maps at:

No variant of the HAGLUND surname comes up on the name lists for Dover or Clermont townships at the above site.

Do you have material that indicates that Jan Haglund OWNED the Fayette County property from which he moved in June 1869?

Have you already contacted the Fayette County Recorder's office to see what sort of indexes might exist to their maps and other resources?

Also, a library in that area (West Union, for example), might maintain a surname file/index or other materials.

For guidance, or perhaps to locate someone who search records for you locally, contact:
Historical Society of Fayette County

Re: Jan HAGLUND / Fayette County land deed search 1865-1869

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I really appreciate your efforts and suggestions.

I didn't know about the 1868 plat maps. A son recorded that his father bought and sold land and the prices for each. The son would have been nearly 9 when the land sold. No, I am not positive the land was owned, I only have the sons comment on that.

I have not contacted the Recorders office for an index of land transfers. I can followup on that.

I am reasonably sure the name spelling remains the same up to the move in 1869 to Crawford County.

The only other information I have about the land is there are caves nearby or on the property and it is close to the Turkey River and there was supposedly lime on the land that was burnt and prepared for fertilizer.

I have not put much effort into this search because it would require others to to the searching for me and I have been reluctant asking others to put to much effort into something that is not a sure thing (definitely owned land)

Allen S. Hoaglund
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