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Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Surnames: Blazic, Capin, Tonkovic, Znavor, Grancic, Picukaric, Milas, Saric, Peric.
Looking for the following family names, all from the Imotski area, centering around Podbablje (Podbabje): Blazic, Capin (Tonkovic), Znavor, Grancic, Picukaric, Milas, Saric, Peric.

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Hello from Croatia, Mark. What exactly you’re looking for? All these surnames you listed still can be found in the village of Podbablje near Imotski.

Roko Strinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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My grandfather, Marko Blazic, immigrated to the U.S. about 1906 and my grandmother Ana Capin immigrated in 1920. They kept in touch with their families back home while they were alive, and received many photographs, which I now have. Some of these photographs don't have names on them, or have writing in Croatian (which I cannot read), and it would be great eventually to identify them. My grandparents spoke often of "the old country," and when I was older I asked my grandfather to tell me about his experience growing up there. I have notes from our conversations, and have sketched out relationships between families that I would like to better understand.

My grandmother died in 1970 and my grandfather died in 1985. I would be interested to correspond with other genealogical researchers who are interested in sharing information on these surnames. In particular, if there are Croatian researchers who speak English and knows these lines, I would like to hear from them. Also, I am very interested in making contact with the descendants of my grandfather's cousin, Petar Blazic, who lived in Chicago.

Mark Harris
University Park, Maryland, USA


First Generation

Marko Blazic was born on 20 Sep 1886 in Podbablje, Dalmacija, Croatia. He died on 27 Jan 1985 in Sacramento, California. He was buried on 30 Jan 1985 in Sacramento, California. He married Ana Capin on 19 Jul 1920 in Podbabje, Dalmatia, Croatia.

Ana Capin was born on 23 Feb 1900 in Podbablje, Dalmacija, Croatia. She was baptized on 27 Feb 1900. She died on 14 Apr 1970 in Sacramento, California. She was buried on 18 Apr 1970 in Sacramento, California.

Second Generation

Ivan Blazic was born about 1860. He died about 1909. He married Ana Znavor.

Ana Znavor was born about 1858. She died about 1897.

Stjepan Capin married Mara Grancic.

Mara Grancic.

Third Generation

Josip Blazic married Domina Milas.

Domina Milas.

Ilija Znavor married Jela Picukaric.

Jela Picukaric.

Petar Capin married Ana Saric.

Ana Saric.

Kristov Grancic married Manda.

Mrs Manda Grancic.


Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Hello again, Mark. I’m not a professional genealogist, but maybe I can help you to get in touch with someone from Podbablje that might help you. Or, if you want, I can help you to get in touch with your relatives that still live there. There are about 15 Blazic’ tel. subscribers in Podbablje today.

Writings on photographs you’d like to be translated you can type (or scan) and send it to me to my email for translation.


Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Hello Mark, US 1930 Census has Peter in Chicago with wife Amelia. 29y., sons Joseph 12y. and John 10y
SS death report: Peter died 1972 in Indiana. Joseph A. died 1993 Hammond Lake IN. John died 1987 in Los Angeles.
Currently US online tel book has 6 BLAZIC subscribers in Indiana and 9 in CA. They could be descendants of the cousin Peter. US online tel book:
Peter came in 1906 from Podbablje to join cousin Jure VUJEVIC in WVa. Currently in Croatian tel book several VUJEVIC around Podbablje in Drum etc.

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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If you are interested in someone getting info from the Imotski region you may want to contact Tom Ninkovich. Tom makes periodic trips to the Dalmatian region and has been successful in helping some folks. Here is Tom's web page

Robert Jerin

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Hi from Croatia, Dalmatia, Zmijavci.
My name is Mate Milas and we are cousins.
Your grandfather Marko is my grandma uncle.
My grandma is told me about his father Ivan and her uncle Marko who was lived in Canada, Sacramento country and his daughter Nina eva.
They wrote to each other.
I've accidentally found this topic.

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Mate, Kako ste. My family is related to Milas in different ways. For example, my grandmother's sister, Zorka, married a Milas. They lived in Zmijavci. What is the name of your father and grandfather? I have many question you can answer maybe.

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Ja sam dobro, Kako ste vi?
My father is Nedjeljko, his mother is Mara, her father is Ivan and Ivan¨s brothers are Ilija and Marko. Marko is your grandfather. Zorka is lived in my neighbourd.
I can answer you on questions.
Zorka is living in my neighborhood. Her house is currently located 100 meters from my. Zorka is the sister of your grandmother.
My grandmother was sending a message to an Sacramento country in Canada. His uncle had seen only in pictures. I'm glad I found you!!!

Check your email!!!

Re: Podbablje (Podbabje), Imotski, Dalmacija

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Charles Ernest Miles, Grandfather
Norbert Charles Miles Father
Norbert Ernest Miles Son
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