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Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Rodrigo Mendoza (View posts)
Posted: 1060200212000
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Surnames: Fierro, Garza
Hello, I work in the " Cia Minera General Rodolfo Fierro" Mr. Florencio Garza have a photo collection for Gral. Rodolfo Fierro; He is a relative. I hope this information help you.!! Regards

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indio (View posts)
Posted: 1063088135000
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Surnames: Fierro
As most Fierros hear about Fierro in the revolution we are all related, or so we wish.... Is there any hard record as to his bloodline? Be it Mother-Father, Brother-Sister etc.....? I would appreciate any info. My Father was born in New Mexico. His parents in Chihuahua, which is probably the connect.... Write to either "" or "quiahuitl6@

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antonio perales fierro (View posts)
Posted: 1076889403000
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Surnames: Fierro, Hierro, Del Hierro
Greetings: my family is from Chihuahua and we are Hierro, del Hierro and Fierro. Luz Corral Fierro was my tia abuela. I want very much to know more about Rodolfo Fierro. Fierro is the oldest spelling of our family/clan name , before SOME of us started to use Hierro. And of course some were entitulados to become del Hierro.I would like to acquire more information and fotos to add to the information I have researched. Antonio Perales Fierro.

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Rocky Chavez (View posts)
Posted: 1099888665000
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Surnames: Fierro, Villa, Zapata

I am also researching on Rodulfo Fierro. As I picked up a book on Villa and Zapata. Well my mother mentioned that Gen. Fierro is her greatgrander father's cousin. So I wanted to research. My mothers maiden name is Fierro and she is from Chihuahua.

Rocky Chavez

Re: Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Barbara Azevedo (View posts)
Posted: 1101244565000
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Surnames: Fierro, Azevedo, Castanon, Maturino, Jimenez
I have been researching the Fierro name for a couple of years. I would like to "click" with someone else, but everyone seems to have been related to so many other people (e.g. grandmother, aunt, cousin,...). I wonder if any of us will ever find a common thread?

We have an Azevedo Family Website in which I try to post all new research and information. I have posted information based on conversations a cousin had with a 90 someting old Fierro woman who lives in Mexico:

My grandmother, Narcissa Fierro Castanon, has 2 surviving daughters: Our mother, Eleanor Fierro Castanon Azevedo, and our aunt, Theresa Fierro Castanon Maturino. Tia Theresa lives in Gonzales, California.

Our Tia Frances Fierro Castanon Gonzales lived for many years in Fresno. She was married to "Grande" (Ismael) Gonzales, and they had a large family on South Elm Avenue. Our cousin, Margie and her family live in the home now since both our aunt and uncle have passed away.

Based on stories I have heard about Narcissa Fierro, and based on how our mother and aunt relate to life, I absolutely believe that the Fierros are stoic, and very strong people!

Here is some information from our website:

I recently spoke with our cousin Gloria (Tia Theresa's daughter) and she gave me more information about the Fierros in Old Mexico. She and Tia Theresa have gone to Mexico and visited with 94-year- old Maria Jesus Fierro.

Maria Jesus Fierro was a small girl of about 5 years old in the time of Pancho Villa. She recalls sitting on Pancho Villa's lap. She also recalls our mom's mom--Narcissa Fierro Castanon. She knew her very well--she knew her when Narcissa had her first child--Tia Cuca (the mother of the Jimenez family from Delano, Cal.)

According to Maria Jesus Fierro, Narcissa was a "tough-tough woman who rode horses and carried guns and rode with the men who fought during the Mexican Revolution". (Mom has told us stories about her mom being a Soldadera).

Apparently in the old, old days the Fierro Family was large and rich with a huge hacienda near/in Durango Mexico. It seems the family wanted to keep its riches and land within the family, so Fierros would marry within the family (that would explain some of the strange behavior for some of us now???--Just kidding!!!!)

But he President of Mexico did not appreciate the Fierros' support of Pancho Villa. Pancho Villa held meetings at the Fierro hacienda. So the President started breaking up the Fierro land and forcefully taking it from the family.

Because of this some of the Fierros escaped to the United States. Our Tio Fierro (the man we knew from Yuba City while we grew up in Colusa) came with Narcissa to the U.S. They set up a labor/boarding camp in Gilroy, California. Tio Fierro used to bus the laborers around. The walls of the original house in Gilroy are still standing.

According to cousin Gloria, Maria Jesus Fierro told her that Narcissa's parents were Ignacio and Petra. Petra died of a shock at being told that one of her sons had been killed. But he actually had not been killed.

Apparently there was a lot of killing going on during that time in Mexico. So, many of the young men did not live long enough to have families.

Finally, I have it straight (I think). Narcissa Fierro's father, Ignacio, and the father of Pancho Villa's General Rodolfo Fierro, were brothers. So, our famous relative, Rodolfo, was Narcissa's Cousin.

The story of Rodolfo Fierro dying in quicksand because he was horseback with a bunch of gold/money is true and the lake (laguna) where he died is name "Laguna Fierro". According to cousin Gloria there is a statue of Rodolfo Fierro near this lake.

Boy, it is hard to get all of the facts about what happened in Old Mexico! There was so much killing, destruction, and raping.

But this little bit is something--that is why it is so important to get information from our elders before they pass through our lives!

Like, the Azevedos older brothers and sisters have memories of both Narcissa Fierro and Pablita Azevedo. Unfortunately, we younger ones do not.

Hopefully, we can continue to collect and share our family background!

Barbara Azevedo

Re: Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Rocky Chavez (View posts)
Posted: 1101602693000
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Surnames: Villa, Zapata, Fierro, Chavez

Thank You for the info. It is interesting about these lives that we can only read about now. I am investigating the family tree. See I picked up a book at the college to read and it was called Villa and Zapata . I let my mother know about this new book I was reading and she told me that she was told, that her greatgrandfathers' cousin was Rodolfo Fierro. My Mothers name is Manuela Fierro Chavez. My Grandpa ( her dad) is Manuel Fierro. So I do not talk this side of my family often. Since they live in El Paso, TX. I am in OKC. I will try to keep in contact and as soon as I find more info. I update you.

Re: Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Antonio Perales Fierro (View posts)
Posted: 1114804047000
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Surnames: Fierro
Rocky Chavez: It is an honor to meet someone related to Rodolfo Fierro.Last year I spotted a geneology website which gave a detailed family tree for Rodolfo Fierro. I did not print any of it that I can recall, I will look over my documents. It seems that Carranzas government gave Rodolfos family a very bad time, assaulting them and probably killing some of his relatives. So it was natural that he joined Villa. I will try to find the site again.

Re: Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Antonio Perales Fierro (View posts)
Posted: 1114804537000
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Surnames: Fierro, Castanon
Barbara: thanks for the detailed information on Rodolfo Fierro. I will keep the Castanon connection in mind. I lived in Fresno and I know Elm Ave. What a small world. I dont know that we are related,and I am related to Villas wife Luz Corral Fierro. She was born in San Andres Chihuahua where Villa met her. I will watch for your postings.

Re: Rodolfo Fierro, parents and siblings of

Rocky Chavez (View posts)
Posted: 1114965004000
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Thank you. I trying to find more on the Fierro line.

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Luis Carlos Fierro (View posts)
Posted: 1127435722000
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Surnames: Fierro
Dear Mrs. Barbara:I read with a great deal of interest, what you wrote.Congratulations for your interest in Gral. Rodolfo Fierro.
I am currently writing an essay about Gral Fierro, and would like very much to know if you have the full names of his parents.
I thank you for your time.
Please accept my best regards.

Luis Carlos Fierro
mailing address:P.O. Box 31293
El Paso, Texas
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