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Ferdinand Markgraf

Ferdinand Markgraf

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Does anyone know anything about Ferdinand Markgraf born August 16, 1825 in Prussia and Wilhelmina Borchert born 1826 in Prussia?
We know they came to the Afton area of Minnesota in or around 1861. They had many children that remained in Washington County and some that went to Yellow Medicine County.Their children were: Wilhelm, Augusta,Charles, Maria, Ferdinand, Emilee, August, Friedrich, Heinrick, Franz. My great grandfather August Markgraf died at 102 years old in Hudson, Wisconsin and was buried in Woodlake, Minnesota. He had two sons Harvey and Edward and a daughter Frances (Rubbert?) that lived in Woodlake. August brother Heinrick Johann Markgraf married Clara Lindeman they lived in Posen, Minnesota with their many children.
The Markgraf family had many family gathering which my grandmother Alma (who is 104) remembers. She said they would go to Woodlake at least twice a year and the families from Woodlake would come to Woodbury, Lake Elmo, or Afton at least twice a year. The Markgraf still get together once a year.
We have not been able to get any information on Ferdinand and Wilhelmina other than church records from St Peter's Lutheran Church.
If anyone has any information on Ferdinand sometimes called John or Fred and Wilhelmina "Mina" please let me know.

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Wendy Naaktgeboren Carlson (View posts)
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Surnames: Markgrafs in MN
I know we have talked before, but my computer broke down.
I have alot from the MN Markgraf's. My grandparents names were Marvin and Cecil Markgraf. Marvin's parents were Henery and Clara (Lindeman). They had 15 childeren. All are gone now except one. If you want or need more on them please let me know.


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Thanks for the reply...

Henry Markgraf was brother to my great grandfather August. Clara Lindemann's mother (Caroline Porth) was sister to my great grandmother Marie Porth. August and Marie have a daughter Alma who is 105 years old, who is my grandmother.

I am interested in anything you have and are willing to share.


Re: Ferdinand Markgraf

Wendy Naaktgeboren Carlson (View posts)
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Surnames: Markgraf
This is what I have.
Henery Markgraf
B: Febuary 22,1866
D: August 10, 1949

Married Clara Lindemann on July 4 1893.

They had 15 children.
1. Anthony B: May 27,1894 in Afton MN
2. Alfred B: 1895 in Wood Lake MN
3. Arnold B: July 4, 1894 in Wood Lake MN
4. Flora B: May 13,1898 in Wood Lake MN
5. Reuben B: September 18, 1899 in Wood Lake MN
6. Wilbert B: January 13, 1902 in Wood Lake MN
7. Ellen B: April 20, 1903 in Wood Lake MN
8. Edith B: September 20, 1904 in Wood Lake MN
9. Walter B: May 9, 1906 In Wood Lake MN
10. Irene B: January 21, 1908 in Wood Lake MN
11. Marvin B: March 15, 1909 in Wood Lake MN
12. Ervin B: July 11, 1910 in Wood Lake MN
13. Orville B: August 26, 1912 in Wood Lake MN
14. Baby Girl lived one day
15. Gladys is still living I don't have her dates.

All are buried in the Saint Johns Luthern Church cemetery.
That is just north of Wood Lake. I have been there several times. When my grandfather Marvin passed I was talking with the Pastor and he said I could come and look at the old church records any time. So we are planning a trip this summer. I have a little more I'll write again! Please tell Alma
Congratulations! Get every story every memory on tape, I wish I could meet her!


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We have been going through some of my grandmothers papers and came across a letter written in 1971 from Anne Markgraf Ward, Galesburg, Illinois.
The letter states that she had corresponded with Rev. Orville Markgraf (grand son of Ferdinand, son of Henry and Clara) of Renton, Washington. He was also doing family research. The letter also states that Anne received information from Teckla Markgraf (Ferdinand's grand daughter) that she received a letter from a relative near Calgary, Canada this person remembers her mother talking about her grandfather (Ferdinand) being the second son of the Baron Von Markgraf. (probably take that with a grain of salt)

Anne Markgraf Ward wrote that her grandparents (Albert And Emilie) have been remember saying that the family, while in Germany, received and extra ration of sugar because of there family name. Growing up I remember being told this also I am sure many families have these kinds of stories. Just thought I would give you this information from the letter.

Anne Markgraf Ward stated that Ferdinand Johann Markgraf was the older brother to Albert Markgraf. Alberts Father was Christian Markgraf born about 1800, his mother was Christine Ellman (Chrisitans second wife). Ferdinand's mother was Anna Sophia Behm born 1802 died 1846.
I have a list of Ferdinands siblings if interested.

My grandfathers (August) two sons moved to Wood Lake and opened a farm implement dealership. They were Edmund Markgraf who married Cora Guetshoff and Harvey Markgraf who married Lena Schrupp. My grandfather was also buried in Woodl Lake.

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Surnames: Markgraf
Obituary from the "Enterprise" of White Salmon, Washington dated 25 Aug 1950, page 5:
Ferdinand Markgraf of Glenwood Passes Away
Ferdinand Markgraf was born on September 16, 1882 in Stillwater, Minnesota. In 1889 the family moved to Omaha, Nebraska, farmed a few years there, and in 1891 the family moved west by wagon train to Klickitat County when he was nine and a half years old. His father and mother homesteaded on the Hill where they built their first log cabin in the West. He was baptized in the Lutheran faith, went to the county school, grew to manhood, was a woodsman and farmer by choice. He was a hard worker, honest and kind to every one. He believed in doing the right and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. He was a Pioneer and Silver Star member of the local lodge No. 94. He passed away August 14, 1950 and leaves to mourn a wife Nelda C. Markgraf, three children by a former marriage, Mildred Moll, Frances Traynor, and Emery Markgraf; nine grandchildren, one great grandchild; three brothers, Charles, Will and Fred; one sister, Rose Brown, and a host of nephews and nieces and many friends.
Card of thanks
We want to express our gratitude to our many friends and relatives, the Pioneer Association, Glenwood Grange, Ladies Aid, for the beautiful floral pieces and kind expressions of sympathy in our recent bereavement of Ferdinand, our beloved husband and father.
Nelda C. Markgraf
Mildred Moll
Frances Traynor
Emery Markgraf

Obituary from the "Goldendale Sentinel," Goldendale, Washington dated 7 Sep 1950, pages 5 and 6:
Ferdinand Markgraf was born on September 16, 1882 in Stillwater, Minn. In 1889 the family moved to Omaha, Nebraska where they operated a farm a few years and in 1891 came west by wagon train to Klickitat County when he was nine and a half years old. His parents homesteaded on the hill where they built their first log cabin in the west near Glenwood. He was baptized in the Lutheran faith. He received his education in county schools. In later years he was a woodsman and farmer by choice. He was a hard worker, honest and kind to every one. He believed in doing the right and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. He was a pioneer and silver star member of Glenwood Grange No. 94. He passed away August 14, and leaves to mourn his life his wife Nelda C. Markgraf, three children by a former marriage: Mildred Moll, Frances Traynor and Emery Markgraf; nine grandchildren; one great grandchild; three brothers, Charles, Will and Fred; one sister, Rose Brown and a host of nephews, nieces and friends.
Those attending the funeral of Ferdinand Markgraf were his daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Aloise Moll and family of Vancouver; daughter Mrs. Frances Tarynor, Vancouver; son Emery Markgraf, Everett; brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Will Markgraf of Carson; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Markgraf, Redding, Cal.; two sister-in-laws, Mrs. Hattie Markgraf of North Bonneville; Mrs. Ludell Markgraf of White Salmon; nephews and families; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Warner, Carson; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Markgraf, Carson; Mr. and Mrs. August Dapkus of North Bonneville, Mary Markgraf and son of Stevenson; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Akerill, Glenwood; Mr. and Mrs. Vance Guthrie, Glenwood; nephews, Rev. Carl Markgraf, Seattle who conducted the services at the Glenwood Church. The Glenwood Grange assisted at the cemetery. Pallbearers were Elwood Williams, Stan Surface, Clarence Lewis, John DeVries, Jack McGrath and Jake Pierce. Honorary pallbearers were Jerry Hansen, Sr., Clarence Babcock, Paul Kuhnhausen and Parley Akerill. Those assisted in the singing were Mrs. John DeVries, Mrs. Ty Bolt and Mrs. Clarence Lewis.

Obituary from the "Mt. Adams Sun" of Bingen, Washington dated 18 Aug 1950, page 1:
Ferdinand Markgraf was born September 16, 1882 at Stillwater, Minnesota and died August 14, following an illness that had extended over the past year and a half.
He lived in the Glenwood valley for a period of 58 years.
Services were held yesterday at the Glenwood church at 2 p.m. with burial following in the Glenwood cemetery.
He is survived by his wife, Nelda C.
[source for all of the above:]

Both Ferdinand Markgraf and his wife Nelda are buried in Mt. Adams Cemetery in Glenwood, Klickitat County, Washington

Article from the "Goldendale Sentinel" of Goldendale, Washington dated 26 Apr 1945, page 7:
Glenwood Woman Celebratres 90th Birthday;
Tells of Experiences
On Sunday, April 15th, Adeline Howe, of Glenwood, celebrated her 90th birthday. She is a pioneer of this county, having lived here since July 3, 1885.
An open house and potluck party was given in her honor when 45 guests came to help her celebrate the occasion and to extend congratulations. Mrs. Howe, is still active and enjoys good health. She is a member of the Glenwood Ladies Aid.
Mrs. Howe is a staunch Grange member, being a silver star member of Glenwood Orange No. 94, having joined in 1903. She has held various offices, her favorite being Lady Assistant Steward for seven years. At this time she holds the office of Ceres. Mrs. Howe is also a member of the 7th degree of the National Grange.
In telling of her life adventures, Mrs. Howe said: "I left Germany at the age of 16 years with my parents in the spring of 1872. At Bramahafen [Bremerhaven] we boarded a sail ship for America. We sailed on the Atlantic ocean for six weeks. An epidemic of smallpox broke out and many passengers died, their bodies were wrapped in sail cloth and burial made at sea. I did not contract the disease. One night our ship sprung a leak. All men were called out of bed to help pump water out in order that the ship may be repaired, Women and children were left asleep, not knowing the peril our ship was in.
"We came to Chicago on May 19, 1872, the next spring following the big Chicago fire. Places were still smoking in the ruins of ashes and charred buildings. I lived in Chicago for 13 years and married Herman Schultz in 1812. When the government opened up homestead lands in the west a lot of our friends were coming west and we followed suit, my husband coming first with Charley Feller Sr. to Washington Territory. Our homestead was taken on the Outlet in Camas Prairie. I came in July of the same year. My husband was busy building a small log cabin. It had a native rock fireplace, the ground for a floor and a few pieces of home-made furniture. We lived there until a bigger and better log house could be built.
"Hundreds of Indians and their horses in colorful parades passed our home every summer going to and from the huckleberry fields in the mountains, often stopping in to beg for something to eat or trade. They were hearty eaters and cleaned my table more than once and would demand more. At one time a couple of Bucks tried to trade me an old overcoat for the only sack of flour we had. It took a lot of talking to keep my sack of flour. Another time they insisted on taking my husbands gun and leaving an old Indian blanket in trade, but I hung onto the gun.
"I had the experience of getting lost, I took a short rut through the woods to Glenwood. I finally came out by the old McCumber farm.
"We always traveled on foot. Times were hard, especially for city folks to make a living In the country, so one or the other of us would go to Portland, Oregon, and work out to make a few dollars to live on.
"I also recall seeing the first automobile that came to Portland. It was owned by the late Henry Weimmer, who boarded in the place where I was housekeeping. He owned the big tent and awning establishment in Portland. I still own a dress in Gipsy costume he gave me, made out of the colorful awnings from his shop. At that time I lived on Taylor and 7th street, now called Broadway, across where now stands the Y. W. C. A.
In 1892 my only child, a daughter, was born in the new log house. We named her Thusnelda Corneila. Everyone knows her as just Nelda now. Her father passed on in 1915.
I married Jacob Howe in 1904. He died in 1921. My home is now with my daughter and her husband, Ferdinand Markgraf and my hobby is to play a good game of pinochle occasionally and keep up with world events on the radio."

Extract from Mount Adams Cemetery in Glenwood, Washington:
Markgraf Albert W. Apr 21 1850 Dec 10 1930 Hood River, Oregon
Markgraf Amelia Jan 13 1850 Mar 17 1926 Glenwood, Washington
Markgraf Carl E. Jun 8 1918 May 23 1920 Portland, Oregon
Markgraf Edna Laura May 17 1891 Mar 21 1961 White Salmon, Washington
Markgraf Ferdinand Sep 16 1882 Aug 14 1950 Klickitat Co., Washington
Markgraf Gustav Carl Jan 4 1874 Jul 3 1948 N. Bonneville, Washington
Markgraf Gustav Karl May 25 1910 Oct 17 1980 Alameda County, California
Markgraf Hannah Isabel Dec 26 1883 Aug 3 1974 Oakland, California
Markgraf Hiram Albert Jan 2 1910 Sep 25 1989 Vancouver, Washington
Markgraf Lela Louise Oct 20 1887 Oct 20 1937 Glenwood, Washington
Markgraf Mary Etta Oct 5 1914 May 19 2001 Appleton, Washington
MARKGRAF NELDA CARNELIA Dec 30 1892 Feb 17 1952 Goldendale, Washington
Markgraf Peter Henry Sep 24 1923 Aug 17 1938 Hood River, Oregon
Markgraf Shirley Lavonne Apr 14 1935 Nov 15 1948 Hood River, Oregon
Markgraf William F. Jun 26 1884 Sep 29 1957 Vancouver, Washington

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Hi Wendy,

It has been a while sent I least emailed you. The Markgraf family of Woodbury, Minnesota will be hosting a family reunion sometime this August 2004. We are attempting to get intouch with all Markgraf family that is related to Ferdinand Friedrick Johann Markgraf born August 16, 1825, and Wilhelmina Borchardt (Borchert) born January 28, 1826. The children of these two were:

Carl August Wilhelm Markgraf married Emillie Moll
Auguste Anna Sophie Markgraf married Johnn C B L Meissner
Charles Christian Markgraf married Henrietta and Anna Unknown
Marie Elizabeth Markgraf married Fredrick W Bahnemann
Ferdinand August Johannes Markgraf married Anna Louise F Porth
Bertha Emillie Markgraf
Amelia Christine Markgraf married August Bahnemann
August Carl Markgraf married Marie Louise C S Porth
Heinrick Ferdinand J Markgraf married Clara Lindemann
Franz Friedrich Markfgraf married Lydia Richert
Charlotte Wilhelmine
Friedrich August
Lydia Emillie Markgraf
Ferdinand Johannes Markgraf married Etta Hoover

We are extending this invitation to all families related to the above people as these were the families of so many reunions in the Woodlake (Yellow Medicine County) and Woodbury (Washington County).

Also included in the reunion is families related to: Charles Friedrich Christoph Porth born October 25, 1830, and Fredricke Martha Werth born November 6, 1831. Their children:
Caroline Porth married Franz J Lindemann
Wilhelmine Louise Porth married Albert Dornfeld
August Friedrick Carl Porth married Augusta Dorthea Hellert
Augusta Martha Sophia Porth married August Goerss
Mathilde Fredericke Christine Porth married Henry Goerss
Anna Louise Florence Porth married Ferdinand August J Markgraf
Bertha Emille Helene Porth
Wilhelm August Charles Porth married Wilhelmina Rubbert
Charles Porth
Maria Louise Caroline Sophia Porth married August Carl Markgraf
Ida Maria Friederica Porth married Samuel Dornfeld

We are in the process of getting the location and as many addresses as possible. Because of the short notice alot will be handled by word of mouth or email.

At this reunion we are requesting people bring photo's of past reunions and family members, old stories and new stories.The old reunions were so important to these families. I am hopeful this will be something that will only get bigger and better for future generations.

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