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Malia history- Scranton

Malia history- Scranton

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I am researching my branch of the Malia family and have the following information that comes from the 1900 census:
Grandfather Peter Stephen
Grandmother Katherine McHugh
Children Delia
Mary (Mame)
Peter A. (my father)
Katherine (who died as an infant)
Some of the family moved away from the Scranton area and settled, that I know of, in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California. I also think that some settled in the mid west somewhere.
Peter S., GF, was born August 1858 in England and my GM was born November 1862.
If any one has any information or you think that we may have relations in common get in touch with me at my email address

Malia's in Scranton

Jackie Piro (View posts)
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I don't know if there is any connection, but my maternal grandmother's maiden name was Malia, and she was from Scranton PA. I have mislaid my copy of my mom's birth certificate, and am trying to find it. There is a lot of confusion about her family. She did not raise my mother but put her in a catholic orphanage and she and other relatives visited her and her brother there. Her name was Julia Malia and she married twice. The two sisters she had that we know of were Kitty and Margaret. But my mom says her mom told her she was one of 15 children! A lot of them were "drunks" she told my mother, in any case, they were not exactly a tight-nit family if this is true. We have contacted the son of Margaret, and he is equally mystified about there being 15 Malia siblings. I know this doesn't help you but I'm just throwing this out there, hoping someone can solve the mystery. I know one thing that I remember my grandmother telling me--they were VERY poor.


Tony Sullivan (View posts)
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Hi Jackie,
My Grandmother Sullivan (Malia) was from Pittsburgh
Later she moved to Danora, PA. were she passed away
around 1943.My Grandfather remarried. My grandmother
had two brothers one sister that I know of. Their
names were Pat, Tommy Ann. Ann married an O'Hara.
All lived in Danora for some time. Tommy moved away,
I believe to Pittsburgh or Philly. He (Tommy) was a song
who wrote quite a number of songs. I have had no luck
in finding anything about my grandmother. If any of
this helps you, let me know.

Malias of Scanton

Peter J. Malia (View posts)
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I read your message and must say that secrecy must be a Malia trait. My family also originates from Scranton, PA, named Malia. My father is Donald Joseph, his father, brothers, and sister were Peter J., and Charles, and Mary Malia Burke )still living in her late 90s). Don't rally know much else of the family. Believe my great-great grandfather's name was Patrick. All were coal miners, who migrated from Ireland via Newcastle, England, where there still are Malias. My father is 83, son of Peter and Mary Reilly Malia of new Haven, CT.

Malia in Scranton

Michael F. Moran, Jr. (View posts)
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Mt graet grabtparents were Michael and Margaret (Malia) Moran. The married in Scranton in the late 1800's. Was the Margaret you speak of married to a Moran?

Malia in Scranton

Jackie Piro (View posts)
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No, she married a Hubbell. Boy this is like searching for a needle in a haystack! - Jackie

Reply to Peter Malia

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Dear Peter,
You are very right about the Malia's being an
illusive lot. I believe my ancestors came from
Mayo to Scranton via Newcastle too. They also
were miners. My grandfather, David Malia died
at a very young age of black lung disease in
Scranton Pa. There must be some connection
between our families. If I find it I'll let
you know. Joann

Malias of Scranton

Peter J. Malia (View posts)
Posted: 970690074000
Hello Joann!

In straightening out my late father's affairs, I came across a letter written to him by his aunt Mary Rose Malia Thomas about the Malias. She noted that her father, Matthew Malia, Jr. was from Mayo, the only son with four or five sisters, Kate, Ann, Margaret and Mary. Margaret was a twin. Matthew, Jr. went to Newcastle at a young age and never returned to Ireland. He married Mary Lowry of Galway, and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1890s, taking up residence in Scranton. He was a day labor and later a foreman while she was a silk worker.

Following Matthew, Sr's (1842 - 1898)death from liver cancer, it appears his wife, Mary Cavanaugh (1845 - 1924), immigrated to Scrantion, where her son, Matthew, Jr. (1868 - 1917) had already relocated. While in Ireland, the Malias were known as O'Malley, which did not change until he went to England.

Matthew Malia, Jr. and Mary Lowry had seven children:

Mary Rose (known as Mame) (1887 - 1959)
Ann (1896 - 1990)
Madeline (? - 1924)
John (? - 1945) a war hero in the Spanish American War.
Charles E. (1899 - 1971)
William H. (1889 - 1963)
Peter J. (1893 - 1973) -- my grandfather, who served in WWI in the Navy and the army. Part of the "Lost Generation," he left his young wife in New Haven, named Mary Reilly, and their son Donald J. Malia, Sr.(1917 - 2000. He married two others, served as a border guard in AZ for a time, then joined the uniformed secret service in Washington, D.C. He is buried in Arlington.

Mary Cavanaugh was the aunt of the Archdeacon of Knock Church at the time of the apparation in 1879. Knock is now a national shrine.

Concerning the Malias in Newcastle, there are many still there, as my father corresponded with a Patrick Malia. His father's name was Michael (1889 - 1956) and came from Clare Island, where the family still runs a hotel at The Quay. Michael married Ellen Miller (1893 - 1979) and had two sons, Patrick (1924 - ) and Michael (1926 - 1991).

Patrick was named after his grandfather Patrick ( ? - 1942), who married Mary O'Grady ( ? - 1929). They had Michael, Austin, Norah, Bridget, and Mary.

Mayo-Newcastle-Scranton Malia's

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Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for the information.
As I continue my search I will keep it
in mind. I think I will redirect my
research to Newcastle as I have come to a
dead end in both Mayo and Scranton. Again it
has been a pleasure communicating with you.

Patrick Malia

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I was very interested in your info on the Scranton Malias. My grandfather was Charlie Malia (1872-1950)who used to live in the Byker area of Newcastle, he was the son of John Malia, I haven't found out who his mother was as yet. He married Teresa Jane Lambton on the 20th June 1896. They had seven children of whom my mother was the youngest. The witnesses to the wedding were Patrick Malia and Mary Ann Malia. Does this tie in with your research. More info if needed and any info welcome.
John Elliott
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