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Ancestors postings

Ancestors postings

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Dear All:

Please start a separate sub-thread for each Clan ancestor.

The thread on this board (and the mailing list) is intended for
comments, hints on how to locate, and discussions
on those distant ancestors ( sometimes brick walls) that are
very hard to locate. Anyone with knowledge of the
Clan Ancestors or searching for ancestors and especially
the Clan Genealogist are especially encouraged to post
their finding on the Clan ancestors.

Please do not use this board for merely looking for
recent descendants. That function is better in the
Surname message boards and mailing lists.

Use the standard procedure in the subject header of
inserting your family ancestor information in the following format
NAME > location > dates

Best Wishes and Happy Hunting to All

John A Hansen
Board Admin

Arwalker Johnston(e)>1718>Ulster,Ireland>Dumbriesshire,Scotland

Pamela Johnson Dille (View posts)
Posted: 1008136192000
Classification: Query
I am looking for the parents of Benjamin Johnston, born, circa 1759, location unknown. The closest lead to a parent is Arwalker Johnston, born 26 Aug 1718, Ulster plantation, Ireland. The history I have says his ancestors migrated there in the 1600's from Annandale, Dumb(f)riesshire. This was said to be a border clan originating during the 13th century whose chieftan was John. John is said to have bought land from the center of the district from the Earl of Annandale, who was also the grandfather of Robert Bruce. My question is there a record of Johnston(e)s migrating from Scotland to Ireland in the 1600's?

Re: Arwalker Johnston(e)>1718>Ulster,Ireland>Dumbriesshire,Scotland

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Could Benjamin be the son of Benjamin born in 1701, the son of William born in 1703? Benjamin 1701 seems to be the Uncle of Arwalker born in 1718. Arwalker had other siblings: William, Silas, Ezekiel, John, James. Arwalker had children named William, Robert, Arwalker, Samuel, Mary, Silas, and James.

Re: Arwalker Johnston(e)>1718>Ulster,Ireland>Dumbriesshire,Scotland

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Surnames: Johnstone
I am interested in this as well> My father Douglas Howison Johnstone was a keen historian and said that our family was steeped in history with links in the 1600 period back to Scotland and were said to be important in the border wars and moved to Ireland around this period. I have traced my family tree so far to Andrew Johnstone to Longford and the family were according to my father to have been land owners.

Any information would be appreciated.

Councillor Richard Howison Johnstone

Admin Note re Genealogical Posts to the Clan Johnstone Board & List

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Classification: Query
Admin Note re Genealogical Posts to the Clan Johnstone Board & List

Dear Clan Johnstone Posters:

Please bear in mind that the genealogical portion of the Clan Johnstone list and board should keep within the time frame of the Clan System being active in Scotland. This would be up through 1745-47 as it was quashed following the Jacobite Wars.

Should you post genealogical queries to the Board and find them "deleted", take a look to the Johnstone Surname Board as I likely have moved them to the surname board where they are more appropriate to the topic. [If you have a varient spelling used in your post, they may be moved to a board that shares that spelling,if it exists, otherwise they will go to Johnstone .]

This is not to say that the Clan Johnstone list and board are not for genealogical queries and posts. This is to provide a reminder that they are CLAN specific and not general in time and place. Period circa 1000 through 1747 and Scotland, Ireland, Europe in geographic nature. Think of those under the Clan system and where they would have been, as such. Where and when their Chiefs resided, origins of the name and time frame/locations descended from.

Remember that clan lists and boards are more inclusive than strictly Genealogy and History, but that there are guidelines as posted by John Hansen when he created the Boards.

If you are looking for general genealogy of the Johnstone
Family, then the Johnstone surname list and board is where to find it.

If you are looking to find out more about Clan Johnstone
then this is the board and list for you. They are clan specfic, not genealogy specific. Genealogy on this board and list is focused on that of the Clan era... up through circa 1747 and only in the areas of the Scottish clans... Scotland, Ireland and a bit of Europe. Not the USA, Canada or Australia, etc.

To subscribe to any list at Rootsweb, send a message to where "listname" is substituted for the name of the list.

Yours Aye,

Lauren M. Boyd, FSA Scot
Clan Johnstone List and Board Admin
Rootsweb Volunteer since 1996

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