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relatives surname SMAL South Africa

relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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Surnames: SMAL
Completeing famalytree and need info on surname Smal from South Africa

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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Surnames: Smal/Small
I want to start a Tree on the Smal/Small family starting in SA and working back to ancestors
ANY info will very much be appreciated.

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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I have hundred of names "smal" so it all depends where you want to start. Basically two different presons came into south africa at two different time's and as far as I could find they were not related!

Let me know what you want!

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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Surnames: Smal
I am interested in the Smal family tree. How do I get hold of ldleew's information

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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If you give me your info and it is on my tree, I will invite you then you can see all listed!

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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I'm Liezl Pretorius (born Small). I have quite a few Smal relatives as well since many of my relatives were so confused they used both Smal and Small.

I am however curious about the second Smal clan father since I know only of Johann Georg Smal (Schmall). Would you be so kind as to help me with the other person?

It is indeed a daunting task to document all Small and Smal people in South Africa because even for Small there are many different clan fathers some of whom came here as late as the early 1900's.

I hope you can aid me in this.



Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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I need to rectify this. After almost a years of direct study, I eventually did find the relation between the two persons, and the were in fact from the same family. The one speeled it Schmal and the other Schmahl. However it was evetually found that the secons person was in fact the son of Johann Goerg Schmal, and therefore the same family!

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa

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Im afraid but that was a year ago. I in the meantime have solved the problem and it turned out to be one of Johann Georg's one children. It was spelt Schmahl. So it appears that the family is united. Obvioulsy there always could be a snag somewhere, but should this be the case, I would need proof of it, as Im quite sure the connection is correct and confirmed by documents.

Re: relatives surname SMAL South Africa -Jacob Smal

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I am approaching you as just maybe you might be able to resolve a problem I have on this Smal family

I will give a short summery and then maybe you know where to link this. If you don’t mind I’ll appreciate any advise, reference/opinion:

You know of Johann Georg Schmal (*1717 Hallas + 1756 Cape) who was married to Johanna van der Schelde (~12/11/1724 CT)

They had 6 children:
Johanna Magdalena (~2/7/1741 Paarl)
Johan Urbanus (~12/5/1743 Paarl)
Jan Georg Christiaan (~18/7/1745)
Jan Godfried Lambertus (~18/7/1745 Paarl)
Johan Bernhard (~5/7/1750 Paarl)
Johan Carel Godfried (13/8/1752 Paarl)

Now Johan Urbanus Smal (above) who was married (14/1/1770 Stellenbosch) to Sara Johanna Brits, had from what I can find 9 children. One of these is Hans Jacob (~6/1/1771 Stellenbosch) who was married (22/8/1790 Stellenbosch) to Henrietta Wilhelmina Vermeulen (*23/8/1772 Stellenbosch). Now their one child was Cornelia Johanna (*15 Jan 1792). She in turn was married to Casparus Johannes Matthee. They had a daughter Cornelia Johanna Matthee (*1811) Now this is all good and proven.

Now the problem I have is the following:

The last mentioned Cornelia Johanna Matthee was married to a Jacob Smal (*18/3/1772 Cape province + 6/1854 Elim Cape province). Now who on earth is this Jacob as I have his descendents but surly he must fit into this family somewhere, but I cannot seem to find where this fit! I do not have any Jacob Smal on file that could fit this person as the only Jacob that is available in the dates before his birth was all Hans Jacob Smal and all of them were married and all had children. It can also not be Johanna Magdalena Smal as in that case his surname would have been Crous and not Smal.

From what I can see, it appears that he must be a child of Jan GeorgSmal, Jan Godfried Lambertus Smal, Johan Bernhard Smal or Johan Carel Godfried Smal. He cannot be from Johan Ubarus Smal as that will mean that he has married his own Mother’s sister, and all these children were in anyway only married about 15-20 years after the birth date of this Jacob Smal.

Is there any light you can throw on this, or maybe you know of someone who I can contact who might know?


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