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Rouette changed for Wheel

Rouette changed for Wheel

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My GrandMother's name is Marie-Jeanne Rouette so I have a lot of Rouette in my database. Ed told that he have a Olivier Rouette who had a son Pierre and I have searched him in my database. I have Olivier Rouette maried in 1814 to Angèle Gauthier. Their children was: Émerance b: 1815, Henriette b: 1828, Joseph b: 1821, Olivier b:1817 and Pierre b: 1819. The father of Olivier was Joseph Pierre Rouette b: about 1760. The father of Joseph Pierre was Joseph Pierre Rouette dit Vive l'amour and his father was Pierre Raymond Rouet dit Vive l'amour first ancestor of Rouette family in Canada. He was borned in Saint-Nicolas de Cambra, Flandres, France. My Grand-mother came from Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec where Joseph Pierre have lived. I will search for official paper to confirm that your Olivier is the one that I have in my database and add some wheel in it.

Thank you for those precious informations about wheel


Re: Rouette

Margo (View posts)
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You seem to have much info on the Rouette family, so I'm hoping you can help me. My husband's grandparents were Donat and Alma (Forand) Rouette from Manville, RI. Donat's parents were Arthur and Georgina (Boucher) Rouette. Donat had siblings Arthur, Wilfred and Rose Alma.

Of course, Arthur's family was from Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec, and they apparently moved back and forth between and U.S. and Quebec. I found records indicating that Eusebe and Thomine(?) Rouette traveled back to Canada in 1901, just as Arthur and Georgina. By any chance do you have these Rouettes in your database? Any help is appreciated.

Re: Rouette changed for Wheel

Barbara Gebo (View posts)
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Surnames: Wheel, Rouette,Roulette
My husbands ggf was James Wheel(Rouette or Roulette)he married a Louise Gero(Geroux,Gerou). They lived in upstate NY somewhere in Clinton County as far as we know. In the 1900 census James was listed as being born in NY and his parents place of birth was unknown. His wife was born in Canada and so were her parents. They had several children, a son Peter, daughters, Anges, Emilia and Rose. Would you have anything in your Rouette database on these Wheels. I found them living in Rouses Point Village, NY since 1900 through 1930 but can not find anything on them prior to 1900.
Thank you for any help that you could give us.

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About Arthur and Eusèbe, I think I have them in my database. Do you have any dates for Donat Arthur and Eusèbe, it will help me to know if it's good one. Athur maried in USA or Canada? I don't have marriage of Arthur and Georgiana Boucher in Quebec but it have a lot of Boucher in Pointe-du-Lac Region. I will wait more informations and give you what I have for them. Those peoples have all the name of Rouette in USA or also Wheel?

Re: Rouette changed for Wheel

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Do you have marriage date for James And Louise Gero(I think that her parents are probably Giroux in Canada). I don't want to give you bad information and I have more than one James Rouette in my database. It's funny that they changed Rouette for Wheel. You probably know that Roue in french=Wheel in english. Some of them also have the name of Wheeler. Do you have the name of James's parents?

Re: Rouette changed for Wheel

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Surnames: Boucher/Bushey, Gebo, Lussier/Lucia
Hi Barbara,
I know that I am somehow related to the Gebo and possibly the Gero from Clinton County, N.Y. Some have moved to the MA areas.

My grandparents were, Joseph Lussier/Lucia & Melissa Bushey/ Boucher. They are both buried in Holy Angel Cemetery of Altona, N.Y.
Melissa`s parents were, Antoine Boucher & Angelique Wheel(er) also I`ve seen it as Angele Rouet(te).

Re: Rouette dit vive l'amour

Sophie Rouette (View posts)
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Je veux vous dire que mes grands-parents sont de Pointe-du-lac au Quebec, mon grand pere est Joseph Rouette qui etait
marier a Aurore Camirand maintenant deceder les deux.
Mon pere est le plus jeune des enfants de Joseph Rouette
et il est toujours vivant.

Au plaisirs

Re: Rouette dit vive l'amour

Caroline Schiltz (View posts)
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Bonjour Sophie,

Je suis très heureuse d'entendre parler des familles Rouette de Pointe-du-Lac. Je suis originaire de Trois-Rivières et le père et la mère de mon père sont originaire de Pointe-du-Lac. J'ai effectivement Joseph Philippe Rouette marié à Aurore Camiran dans ma base de données. Il serait né le 3 décembre 1872 à Pointe-du-Lac et aurait marié Aurore Camiran le 20 octobre 1908. Est-ce exact? Le lien de parenté est loingtain mais si je remonte quelques générations, nous avons le même ancêtre à Pointe-du-Lac.Si vous désirez échanger des informations sur les Rouette, cela me ferait plaisir.

Merci pour votre message


Re: Rouette dit vive l'amour

benjamin (View posts)
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Surnames: Benjamin Rouette
salut, je demeure à Pointe Du Lac. Mon ancètre est Pierre Raymond Rouette dit vive l'amour (né en 1700 à St-Nicolas en France).

SVP, communiquez avec moi au 8o1o9o6o8o9o0o2o0o4

Re: Rouette changed for Wheel

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Surnames: Rouette/Laware (Lawere)???
Hi, I'm looking for information about Levi Rouette that was married to a Laware in Plattsburgh, Glens falls Ny

Could you look and see if you have any information for me about any Rouette's and Laware's.

Thank you
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