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Where Patel's came from...

Where Patel's came from...

Cameron (View posts)
Posted: 925817096000
The ancestrey of the last name Patel can be traced back thousands of years... The Hindu lord Rama had two sons: Luv & Kush - All Patel's are thought to be descendent from these sons. Thus leading to two seperate "groups" of Patel's : Those descendent from Luv are called Leuva Patel's and those from Kush are called Kadwa Patel's ( pardon the spelling errors please )...This is thought to be the lineage of Patel's... = )


Feanil (View posts)
Posted: 959097678000
Thanks for the info. Where did you find it?
Please reply to

Patel research

Jigar Patel (View posts)
Posted: 967490854000
Hey Cam. Thankx for that insight. I had no clue that it went back that far. Can U tell me where U found that Info. Its funny though, I'm Leuva and my Fiance is kadwa. Our kids r gonna b both. Thankx again


lisa (View posts)
Posted: 978337055000
thanks for the info. Where did you find it ? bye lis

Re: Where Patel's came from...

A.Patel (View posts)
Posted: 1009173200000
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I was reading your message. It seems like you have not done enogh homework before writing. Let me try to explain the origin of word"Patel"
In the Buddhist literature around 2000 years ago, it is mentioned that the largest "samudaya" in the society was made up of "Kutumbin". It is believed that they were Kshtriyas, working as farmer in peaceful time. The land were granted by state.The word "Kutumbin" seems like taking care of "Kutumb" or family.
So basically the "Kutumbin" were independent land owener working on their farms and not landlords.
The word later on correpted to "Kudubi" "kanbi" "kadvi" finally to "Kadva". I tried to find the origin of word "Leuwa". No luck. Now come to word "patel" The "Dhatu"or the main element in the word patel is "Patta". The leterary meaning of "Patt" is (1) strip of land (2) main or favorite. The words "Pattlik" "Pattan" "Pattsisya" "patta of Nadi" "Pattidar" etc contain the dhatu patt. How about the word "Pet" in english means fauvorite?
Now the word "Patel" is derived from "Pattalik".The head of the village was called "Pattalik". After the muslim or iranian invasion the farmers were called "Pattidar". "Dar" word is persian origin means owner. Like "dukan-dar" "Makan-dar" etc. Now the word "Pattlik" was correpted "patel". And now "Pattidar"s were calling each "patel" as respect and honor.
I tried.

Re: Where Patel's came from...

binta (View posts)
Posted: 1047146681000
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Surnames: Patels
From my experience A.Patel's thoery is right too! However I've heard your thoery too! I mean when it comes to marriage, one has to find a man which is patel, then he has to be in a certain gam, and then he has to be of a certain class, because in the gam there are classes. Ofcourse one cannot marry a relative (even though they are all patels) and one can only marry if seven generations have been passes if they were related at one point! O der what is teh point! I think i shall put your and A.Patels' theory together...that was I can look at it all through one whole prospective! argh!

Re: Where Patel's came from...

Posted: 1229589675000
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it seems this patel at least do know something
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