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Kelnhofer family

Kelnhofer family

Mary Lou Grassel Kelnhofer (View posts)
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All I know is that my father's family is from Germany. His name is David...brothers are Al, Leo, Otto, Teddy, sister was Rose. There were more brothers, but I would have to find the picture with their names. My grandmothers maiden name was Reif.

family origin

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Do not be surprised if you find out that that they come from Bohemia Which was part of the Austrian Empire at the time. My Great Great Grandmother Barbara Kollross Kelnhofer Came over here from there in 1872 with 2 sons Joesph and Engelbert. A couple of yrs. later a couple more son came I think they were Alois and Karl that has to be confirmed yet at this time

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R. Kelnhofer (View posts)
Posted: 1001283225000
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The family you reference comes from the Antigo, WI area. Alfred George was my grandfather. According to my Grandmother, he was born in 1900. He died in 1958.

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Mary Lou Kelnhofer Grassel (View posts)
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Surnames: Kelnhofer

According to my records, Alfred Kelnofer, born Oct 11, 1900, died Nov. 12, 1957...was my father's brother. Seeing I would have been 12 yrs. old then, and we went to visit my grandmother once a year, whom I believe died in 1956....I do remember visiting Al, Ted, Leo, Ed and Rose.

Could it be we are related?

Take care,

Mary Lou

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Rich (View posts)
Posted: 1001733614000
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Yes we are related.

My father would be your first cousin. He was 20 at the time of my Grandfather's death. I would be interested in any history you might have.

Re: Kelnhofer family

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Hi all: I think I'm part of what you are looking for. My father was Ted Kelnhofer; died in 1977 in Phoenix. His brothers were Al, Dave, Otto, Ed, Leo, Daniel (died as a child), others that I can't remember & sister Rose, married to Frank Gelhausen. Ed & Leo died in Antigo, WI. If interested, I can try to recall more but I think my memory is starting to go.

Ted Kelnhofer, born 1939, Antigo, Wisconsin

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I am helping my sister in-law research her moms [Melba Kelnhofer Mears] family history.Melba's grandfathers name was ALOIS/ALOYSIUS KELNHOFER.Could this be the Alois you are talking about?

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Surnames: kelnhofer
Melba Kelnhofer Mears b. 1933[still alive] in Mn. Father was John Joseph Kelnhofer b.1893 in Renville co.Mn. grandfather Alios/Aloysius Kelnhofer [unsure of dates]waiting on church info for more dates.
Could this be your relatives and Could Alois be Barbara's other son you are seeking info on??
sister inlaws family

Re: family origin

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Surnames: Kollross Kelnhoffer
Do you have any information on siblings for Barbara Kollross-Kelnhoffer?

Re: family origin

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I am also researching the Kollross family. From what I have been able to find, Barbara Kollross Kelnhofer's father (Karl), was a brother to my 4g grandmother (Eva).

The Czech Republic has some church records online. Those for Hammern, Bohemia (now Hamry) are at You have to register to use the site, but it is free. Use the link below for helpful instructions as most of what you will see is in Czech or German.

Looking through the records is a tedious process. There is no index, so you basically will need to scroll through the records and look for familiar names. Most of the records I have looked at are in German. Some of the earlier records from the 1700s are in Latin, and I have found some later records in Czech. Other than the language, the handwriting itself can be difficult to decipher. If you are not familiar with German script, look for a site where you can learn about the lettering style.

When searching, you have to be sure to use the current Czech name of the town.

Here are the children of Karl Kollross and Anna Maria Oberhofer that I have found so far, and links to their births on the church records. (Again, you will need to register for the site to be able to see these.)

Susanna Kollross b. 11 Nov 1802

Georg Kollross b. 11 Jul 1805

Anna Maria Kollross b. 14 Sep 1807

Karl Kollross b. 16 Jan 1810

Franz Kollross b. 14 Apr 1812

Barbara Kollross b. 10 Jul 1813

To continue to search other records in Hamry, from the main page click on the drop down arrow next to '...Brno' and select '....Plzni' and then click on 'abbilden". Then go down to 'signatur' and type 'Hamry' in the box and click on 'suchen'. This will bring up Hamry 01 through Hamry 16. They are not all labeled as to which records are in which location, so I will save you a little time and give them to you.

Hamry 01 - Birth 1866 - 1884
Hamry 02 - Birth 1884 - 1909
Hamry 03 - Marriage 1865 - 1921
Hamry 04 - Birth 1799 - 1815
Hamry 05 - Birth 1816 - 1830
Hamry 06 - Birth 1831 - 1840
Hamry 07 - Birth 1841 - 1850
Hamry 08 - Birth 1851 - 1860
Hamry 09 - Birth 1861 - 1870
Hamry 10 - Marriage 1799 - 1830
Hamry 11 - Marriage 1831 - 1850
Hamry 12 - Marriage 1851 - 1870 (don't know why the overlap with Hamry 03)
Hamry 13 - Death 1799 - 1830
Hamry 14 - Death 1831 - 1855
Hamry 15 - Death 1856 - 1870
Hamry 16 - Death 1871 - 1900

Happy Searching!


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