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My former name is Hertzig

My former name is Hertzig

Joan Long (View posts)
Posted: 952421042000
My grandfathers name was hertzig which before they left swisserland it was herzig.
my family left there country in 1798. my
grandpas name was Charles B. Hertzig. His fathers name was Gottelueb. I can be contacted at

HERZIG Family #2

LAURA HERZIG (View posts)
Posted: 952536753000
My uncle's name was Charles B. Herzig. He just passed away in Nov 1999. His father was Frank Herzig. Frank's father was Charles H. Herzig who, I just learned 5 minutes ago, was born in Cleaveland, Ohio.

Laura Herzig

Posted: 954278599000
Edited: 1010530831000
I don't think we are talking about the same Charles B. Hertzig my grandfather died in 1969 in alameda, ca. He was swiss and his family came here in 1798. He had a brother named fred Hertzig. They changed there name it was Herzig.


Patrick M. Hertzig (View posts)
Posted: 973556139000
I am a Hertzig knowing most all my family of NY,Ohio,Ca,and Fl.,Ky,and back to Switzerland
Jaberg,Bern And Johannes Herzig who father was Christian and Magdelena Steiner of Wichtrach,Ober Deissach daughter of Zacharia
of Fahrni 1811


Laura (View posts)
Posted: 974810442000
Thanks for answering my query. I sure hope my great-grandfather is in your list of family members His name was Charles HERZIG, born in Ohio around 1870's/1880's. I found him in the 1900 or 1910 Arizona Federal Census as a Miner. I also found that while in Cochise Co. Arizona, he married the daughter of a wealthy family from Palouse City, WA. Her name was Tessie POWERS. I've always been told our family name was HERTZIG and when they came to America, it changed to HERZIG. But now I think some of the family kept HERTZIG. If you think we have a match, please e-mail me at
Again, thanks for the info.

HERZIG, Anna Mary

Posted: 976361860000
Edited: 993491295000
I am looking for Anna Mary Herzig. She married George Ed Palmer and had at least one child, Homer Weston Palmer, born abt 1890. We have no other info on her or her family. Homer wound up in Iowa working for the railroad and died at the age of 26. I don't even know where to starting looking for Anna or her family. Just wondered if you happened to have an Anna Mary in your family tree. Thank you, Sandi

anna mary Herzig

sandyWhitty (View posts)
Posted: 977266547000
My Anna Marie Herzig from Switzerland to Ohio 1863

Herzig, Anna Mary

Posted: 977278720000
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I don't know where my Anna Mary Herzig came from. How old was your Anna Marie Herzig when she came from Switzerland. I am looking for an Anna who could have had a Palmer son about 1990. Thank you.

Re: Herzig(Hertzig)Family

Anonymous (View posts)
Posted: 993353687000
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Hertzig/Herzig in process. I am at the Family History Library in SLC, working on extending the family line via the parish registers (here on microfilm). It is slow going, since the fancy German lettering makes the reading difficult (compounded by the old-style, formal German language). The line I am working on is my grandfather's. He was Jacob Herzig, born 21 May 1858 in Jaberg, Bern, Switzerland; the family immigrated to Tuscarawas County, NE Ohio.

By the way, the minutes of the Family reunion in 1917 note that the descendants of Johann and Magdalena (Jacob's parents) voted to change the spelling of the name from Herzig to Hertzig. Apparently, they had gotten tired of correcting everyone who heard the Swiss hard "z" and insisted on spelling the name Her-T-zig.

Re: HERZIG Family #2

Posted: 993744556000
My husbands cousins in Cleveland, Ohio, were Morris and Meyer. They were brothers who married sisters. Morris married Tillie, or Tova(Jewish name) Susskind. Meyer married Rose Susskind. They had a son, Howard, Dau Bernice and Dau Shirley.Morris had 2 sons, Marvin and David. I these names are familiar to you, and you want more info, I have names of their descendants, but no addresses. Shirley
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