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Surnames: Herig, Reh, Eisenach, Kuhn
Seeking any info on any of the following names:
Clarence Edward Herig, b 4/9/1895 d 12/13/1957
Louis Herig, b 6/7/1857 d 9/8/1920 spouse:Wilhelmina Reh
John Ludwig Herig b 1821 d 12/30/1918 spouse:Caroline Eisenach
Christian Herig b? d? spouse:Helen Kuhn

Obviously some German births...but most buried here in U.S.

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I read your posting of 17 Jul 2003 while looking for the family name of Reh. I noticed that your Gr.Grandfather had married my Grandfather's sister( Wilhelmina Reh ).

I had been doing a lot of research on that side of the family and have found quite a lot of info from Louis C. Herig onward.

In brief, Louis C. Herig married Wilhelmina( Mina) Reh in Canada on 28 Jun 1892. It was her second marriage( the first was to Gustav Fanslaw on 15 Nov. 1882). Mina and Gustav had four children- Emma Bertha, Muriel, Anna Jane and Marie Augusta.

Mina and Louis Herig had six children.
*Niemond(Raymond) F. Herig. b: 12 Jun 1893
d: 18 Dec. 1968
(for some reason I havn't found out yet, he changed his last name to Fanslaw).
*Clarence E. Herig. b: 9 Apr 1895
d: 13 Dec. 1957
(Clarence had a twin brother that died at birth.)
*Clara Augusta Herig b: 13 Feb 1897
d: ?
*Arther William Herig b: 27 Nov 1898
d: 28 Jul 1958
*Helen Mary Herig b: 10 May 1902
d: 7 Dec. 1976

I also have info. on the children of all the above but there is so little space here. If you like, I can e-mail the listing to you.
I also know the cemeteries where the above are laid to rest.

My information shows Louis C. Herig in Elmwood cemetery, not Evergreen. Wilhelmina Reh Fanslaw Herig is in Evergreen with her sister Maria Reh and three daughters from Fanslaw.

While searching through the censuses, the only spelling I've seen is Herig. If you have proof that it was changed earlier, could you send it to me for my files?
By the way,since you're a decendant of Clarence, He's in Acacia Park Cemetery, Birmingham, Michigan. He married Florence Yates and had one boy (Donald L.) b:29 Nov 1927.
Donald married Dorothy Brownfield. Their children were Craig, Kimberly and Kelly. (Or , that's what my records show.)

I hope I've been a help to you and your search.

Guy Foremski

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Surnames: Reh/Yates/Herrick/Brownfield/Eisenach
Sorry, I haven't been on in a while to check back on info. Life just gets away from you at times.

Your info was both helpful and interesting. I'm sure we are both on the right track with this family.

I will say that info that I have is sketchy at best due to several factors. One, I'm not sure that my father (Donald L. Herrick) ever knew the true story behind his family. This is a family is a hard one to follow. And two, the info I have is handwritten by my father's second wife, who claims she/and my dad got it from his mother before she died while staying with them. (That would be Florence Yates Herrick Buckert that you have listed.) I myself, think there are some confusions only because she was married to Clarence Edward Herrick for about 11 years..and I don't think that was actually 11 living together years. ANYWAY, before I get ahead of myself in the family gossip, I'll tell you what I had gotten in written story form...and then what I could track down.

I knew that Mina was married to Louis...but I thought it was only his second marriage...not also hers.

I have that Louis was b: 6/7/1857 d: 9/8/1920
1st marriage to Elizabeth ????? b: 2/1/1858 d: 4/18/1888 w/ her being buried in Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery also.
They had two children :"Goldie" b: 7/16/1884 d: 1/1/1920 also in Elmwood Cemetery.
And Theodore ...but supposedly he ran away from home and was never heard of again when Louis married Mina.

With his marriage to Mina I only had a daughter named Muriel...and I know that her last name was Fanslaw...but I was under the impression that maybe that was Muriel's married name. But I see you have Muriel as one of Mina's first marriage kids. That makes sense.

I knew that my grandfather had a twin that had died. I was under the impression again..that he died early in life..not at birth. But I'm ok with that error. I also knew personally, my great Aunt Helen...she married a Moran (as in the car dealership people in Detroit area).
I also at one point (like when I was in high school) had a family tree that showed me the other siblings...but can't find it..and my father's second wife didn't have their names on the paper. But as soon as I saw Helen and Clara...those I remembered. Arther (though I want to think it was Arthur) was married to Aunt Julia (lol..sorry, but that's what I remember) and they had one daughter, Jane...who in turn married Glen Best and had Patricia and Gwen....those "cousins" are the only family from my father's side, besides Aunt Helen, that we as kids ever saw.

Now...there's so much to sort through...let's see......

I know Clarence is in Acacia Park. I see him when I go back to MI to visit my mother who is buried next to him. (Weird having your daughter in law there, but not your son). Clarence died of what at the time was the worst case of lung cancer they had seen in MI. He lasted less than a month.

Clarence as far as my grandmother and father knew...claimed that he had changed his name to Herrick in like 1926. And the story goes he did it cause the siblings had a falling out. Very questionable. Well, funny how that is the same year that he and Florence married. She would have been just 20 at their marriage. My dad, Donald being born the next November ('27)..........but I found out where (as the story went) not only did they have a son before my dad who died after six hours (Robert)...but since he was born 1/4/1926...and they didn't get married till 5/25/1926...he was born out of wedlock.
BUT, that's not the juiciest part. At my grandfather, Clarence's funeral...a woman showed up claiming to be his first wife (by account story of my mother and father who she introduced herself to). She claimed she lived in the Lansing area and had two sons. I have NEVER found any info to I'm doubting. But perhaps that's why he changed it to Herrick....again. And I say again because........

Found 1880 U.S. Federal Census for:
John L. Herrick age: 46 Painter Parents birth: Germany and his
Caroline Herrick age: 45 MI birth but parents: Germany
Louis Herrick age: 23 MI birth (Painter)
Edward Herrick age: 21 MI birth (Confectioner)
William Herrick age: 11 MI birth
Henry Herrick age: 8 MI birth
Frank Herrick age:4 MI birth

Now on those same records if you look at neighbors...there are two households with Eisenach...which was Caroline's maiden name...and ages match/birth locations/ I'm assuming Caroline's brothers/family since a lot of families lived in housing groups back then. Caroline's parents were a Henry Eisenach and a Anna Gerthrude (she is buried somewhere in MI).

John's a bit different. The family handwritten notes have him as John Ludwig Herig...born 1821 (though I found too many times a date of 1834) to match the death of 12/30/1918. Born in Heidelberg, Germany and again..he's supposed to be buried in Elmwood Cemetery. (Now see...why didn't my father ever, ever go seek out these graves...even of his brother???) I will hunt them down when I visit MI.
Also Caroline is supposedly buried there.

They noted John's parents were a Christian Herig and a Helen Kuhn (know as Nillie)...but I have not confirmed that. I can find Christian's back in Germany records...but none married to a Helen Kuhn.

I had (again from them) Mina's parents as a Christian Reh who died before 1899 in Germany. Married to a Caroline Argur or Agur. Born ?? Died in 1906 in Germany. BUT, I have no idea if any of that is true cause again, I have not found anything.

So that gives you the info I had...and like I said's all so sketchy to me cause my father was always sooooo tight lipped..yet I'm not sure how much he really knew from fact or fiction.

Brings you to my father, Donald Leigh Herrick.
B: 11/29/1927 Detroit, MI (at home birth)
D: 06/18/2003 Macomb County, MI (heart problems)
Married Dorothy Jeanne Brownfield 09/16/1930 they divorced in '84/'85 (not sure when it was "official") due to my mother being admitted to a nursing home w/ advance MS.
Dorothy died 6/25/1989 at age 58.

They had:
Craig Leigh Herrick b: 7/6/1953
Kimberly Jeanne Herrick b: 12/23/1955
and Me: Kelley Anne Herrick b: 10/14/1957

So except for our marriages and children...that should bring you up to date on what info I had on Louis.


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I have some info I am Rae Allen Herig Son of Edward Alfred Herig Sr. The son of Clarence Edward Herig.

Edward Alfred Herig was born in 1915. His brother is Rae Cecil Herig
I am not sure about Louis Herig but I rember my father telling stories about him, Rae and Louis doing things.

I can be reached at

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Rae Herig (View posts)
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Makes sense to why Clarence changed his name. My father Edward Alfred Herig Sr once told me about the last time he seen his father. He said his father took him over to some young womans house. I can only guess that it might be Florence that he met. But he said that was the last day he ever seen him. I know that he never knew what had happen to his father after that. He told me that he thought his father did something in the Electrical field. But I can confirm this. I think he may have tried to find him a couple times but couldn't because of the name change. Maybe he knew a little bit more than he let on because he also mentioned the name Herrick.

I wish I knew more but for some reason our parent never mentioned somethings. The Detroit stuff makes sense because I also rember the talk about Detroit.

I can tell you this for sure Edward Alfred Herig was married 7 times. His oldest son is Edward Alfred Herig Jr. His mother died at birth. At some point he remarried a woman named adonnes, they then had a daughter anitia and my father adopted her son Terry.
They got divorced and my father married my mother at some point Diane Christy. They then had two son, Douglas Edward Herig 1964 and myself Rae Allen Herig 1966. They was a large age difference between my parents of 25 years. My mother was 25 and my father was 50. Dad was set in his ways and bull headed till he passed away. But they divorced in must be 1969 or 1970 I was three. In 1976 Mary Jane Herig that was married to my uncle Rae Cecil Herig came to live with us. That being Edward A Herig Sr, Douglas, myself and Jane. She help my father raise us kids for 6 to 7 years before they split. My father passed when he was 85 and is burried in Grand Ledge next to his mother. He also got Mary Jane a plot there and she is as of last year.

I know that My uncle Rae Cecil Herig passed of Cancer also. I am kind of sadden by the fact that I never knew any of our relatives or grand parents. I do know Jen, her brothers and mother and father.
But that would be the only relatives that I know.

It seem like to me that there is a woman maybe here name is goldie also and she has a daughter but I don't know how they are related just have seen a christmas time.

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