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Niels Hansen

Niels Hansen

Mollissa Grinder (View posts)
Posted: 925071759000
I am looking for information about Niels Hansen. He was born 10 Apr. 1815 in Bolovstrod, Frederiksborg. Denmark. He married Lisbeth Jensen 28 may 1843 in bolvstrod, Frederiksborg, Denmark he died 25 may 1893 in Dayton Franklin ID. Lisbeth died 20 Nov. 1879 at Hyde Park, Cache UT.

neils hansen

allison silva (View posts)
Posted: 940410352000
i have a relative by neils peder (sp) hansen. any relation? if so please reply asap.

Niels Frederick Hansen

Allen W. Little (View posts)
Posted: 946799930000
I have just started in genealogy and only know that records show that my grandfater was a Niels Frederick Hansen. He was living near Greenville, Michigan. Had 7 living children at that time. Any information you may have would be appreciated.

Niels Hansen Karen ( Carrie) Mary(Maria) Jacobsen

Posted: 953258883000
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My great grandfather Niels Hansen came to Greenville, Michigan around 1882 by the Copenhagen Police Records (Danish Demographics). He was 29 at the time. He was born April 2, 1853 or 1858. We thought his wife came with him, but I am now finding he may have married in Dec. 28, 1887 in Montcalm County. His wife was born September 1865. They eventually moved to Savannah New York. My grandfather was Otto Hanson. He had a brother Alfred, another child that died. This is all I know now.

Neils married Ellen (Larsen) had PETE Hans

.Katie Hansen . . . (View posts)
Posted: 967637970000


Katie Hansen-HAYNES

Here's some news right up your alley--fromKatie

Katie HansEn-H (View posts)
Posted: 968793420000
Here's some news right up your alley--

Bibliophilos Magazine has purchased my article "Walk
into My Danish Past" which is a story of the research
I did in Denmark. They are also going to print "The
Hansen Family in Denmark," an explanation of who is
who and other details about the family. They want a
better map than the one I sent... oh well. There is
also a picture of the Lutheran Church in Tyvelse, the
town where a lot of our ancestors lived.
by MY brother T L Hansen


Re: Niels Frederick Hansen

Posted: 999460277000
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Hi, My great gradnfather Niels Hansen came to Greenville in 1882 and married Karen Marie Jacobsen in 1887 also from Denmark. There are many Niels Hansens that came to greenville, and I keep running into road blocks of others that were not my great grandfather. Tell me what you know and maybe I can be of some help. I have been working on this for almost 3 years. Sandee

Re: Niels Frederick Hansen

Allen W. Little (View posts)
Posted: 1000415760000
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Sandee: I lost your e-mail to me. Had computer problems. Just wanted you to know that I have done quite a lot of research on Niels Frederik Kristian Hansen. Among the stuff that I have collected, is a CD-Rom From Copenhagen, Denmark "Police Records of Emigration, 1868 - 1903." As you probably know, all persons leaving Denmark permanently were (and maybe still are) rquired to register with the Copenhagen Police Department. I am able to copy a CD-Rom and if you would like me to make you a ccopy and get it to you, just let me know. Don't know if any of my research would be of any use to you but would be glad to share.
Let's hear from you. Sincerely, Al Little.

Re: Niels Frederick Hansen

Posted: 1000425304000
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Hi my ggrandfather Niels Hansen came to Greenville Michigan in 1882 and lived there until the early 1900's when he moved to Savannah, NY. I think you need to give more specific information, for example what years or decade did he come. The state of Michigan has records of naturalization for a lot of Niels Hansens. The cemetaries are also on the web sites for Michigan, where you will find free where some of the Niels Hansens are buried. Did the individual get married in Michigan or in Denmark? You can get the listings also free of that on the Michigan web sites. If I can be of any help please e-mail me direct, not through this site as I had a hard time getting into this site. Please bear with me in my replies. I live 25 miles from New York City and our city has been crushed. Today an employee was crying when she learned that her daughters father was on the flight that crashed in Pittsburgh by the Hijacker. The Town I work in, the Junior High School have 7 % of their parents work on Wall Street and the World Trade Center. Today we learned that a Kindergardens ( 6 year old) mom has not come home. So please pray for these people. I look forward to be of any assistance that I can. Sandee

Re: Niels Frederick Hansen

Posted: 1000425911000
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Thank you for your offer with the Copenhagen police records. That information is free on the internet through DDD. The sight is All the census information is in there for the counties and parishes that have it etc.

Did you check the Michigan Sight for Cemetaries with the people buried. I think I mentioned there are several Niel Hansens, also Niels Frederick Hansen.

Did you try the Danish sites? You can also be a subscriber to the free and learn a lot, people who can direct you and answer questions.

Please send any mail directly. I had trouble getting into here. As a matter of fact I went into the wrong e-mail, an old one from you. Sorry. I decided to read my e-mails as I live so close to NYC ( 25 miles) and I am now learning of people affected and it is really hard to deal with. So I am limiting my TV coverage and trying to live a normal life if that is even possible. Let me know what else you have done so I can try to help, even through I am not the expert. SAndee
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