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Grecian's Of Sunderland, England

Grecian's Of Sunderland, England

Anthony Laing (View posts)
Posted: 986818731000
My 5x great Grandmother was Margaret Grecian. She was born in Sunderland and baptised in Sunderland 23 May 1779. She married Thomas Lewis from Haverford West, Wales (a mariner) at Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland 12 March 1800. They had at least 3 sons, Thomas, William James Grecian Lewis. Margaret's parents were Dorothy William Grecian.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many Thanks

Anthony Laing. Sunderland, England

Grecians - Sunderland

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Hi Anthony,
I've come accross your Grecians in my research & have some information on them; one item from a Northumberland & Durham family history journal over 10 years ago tells of a Grecian surgeon who studied under a surgeon who did research on bodies supplied by grave robbers of the time! which makes fascinating reading; if you would like a copy I'd have to post it to you snailmail if you would like to email me with your address.
Hope this will be of interest, I also have a bit of a family chart worked out from the I.G.I. & possibly some censuses also,
Regards Yvonne

Grecian's Of Sunderland

Anthony Laing (View posts)
Posted: 986907290000
The Grecian's seem to pretty rare as I haven't come across any others during my research.
I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of that article about the grave robbers and any other information you may have.

My address is: 6, Ullswater Grove, Fulwell, Sunderland, Tyne Wear, SR5 1RF.

Many thanks
Anthony Laing.

Grecians of Sunderland

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Hi Anthony!
Nice name - it's also my husband's name,
Thanks for your address, I will try to get the information copied & in the post today, but the Easter break will delay it somewhat. William Grecian (the Surgeon) was the son of Thomas & Mary (Moor) sic, & Thomas c.1775 possibly the son of your William & Dorothy (Taylor), but they were married in 1778 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, this William possibly the son of George Grecian & Margaret (Jobson) who married 1737 Alnwick.
Thomas's sister Mary married John Craig (surgeon) who is the one who tutored his nephew William; William the surgeon married Catherine Rand in 1829; I am copying old written charts for this line that I have compiled from the I.G.I. & some Census information, so lines not proven but something to work on; I haven't put them into my F.T.M. computer files as I haven't proved a connection to this line so far.
I'm also including my charts for you to keep for referance in case you come accross any of my lot in your research. I've tried to enter the name Grecian on <>; but they won't make a message board for it unless there's more demand, so maybe you could also make a request for the name also, I'm trying to get as many as I can to spread the word, it's the only way we will get more contacts.
Hope this will be of help tracing your line, but it still needs to be proven,
Best Wishes Yvonne.


Anthony Laing (View posts)
Posted: 987158343000
Thanks very much Yvonne, I look forward to receiving this information in the post!

This seems to add up! You say that William Grecian & Dorothy Taylor (I didn't know her maiden name up until now) were married in 1778 in Newcastle. I've found that their eldest child was Margaret Grecian, born in 1778/1779 (my 5x great grandmother) so that seems about right.

William Grecian's parents were married in Alnwick you say, and his mother was Margaret Jobson. This adds up also! Obviously my 5x great grandmother was named after her, and in 1792 William & Dorothy had a son called Jobson.

However, I am still struggling to find evidence that Margaret Grecian and her husband Thomas Lewis were the parents of my 4x great grandfather William Lewis.

I'll have to keep looking and dig a bit deeper!

Many thanks again Yvonne
Best Wishes
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Hi Anthony,
That's great that the information ties in with your details; I think there was another chap in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.) researching the same ancestors as yours, but when I wrote a few years ago he didn't reply, must have thought I wasn't closely related & didn't bother; I'll try to look his address up again for you,
Happy hunting, Yvonne.

Grecian Information

Anthony Laing (View posts)
Posted: 988253665000
Hi Yvonne,
Thank you very much for the information that you sent to me about the Grecians. I received it on Monday, (I didn't realise you were in Australia!) and I meant to send you this message earlier in the week but I have been very busy at university. The information about the surgeon was fascinating! If I come across any more information I will let you know. Also, I meant to ask how are you related to the Grecian family? Must go now because I have to go to a lecture.
Best Wishes and thanks again

Grecian - Sunderland

Posted: 988308052000
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Hi Anthony,
Glad the charts arrived O.K., yes the story about the Surgeon is fascinating reading & a good addition to the Family History.
My grandmother on Dad's side was Amy Marion Grecian, her grandfather George came to Australia with brother Thomas in 1844 from Ilderton, Nbl. & spent some time on the Victorian Goldfields; he later worked for Geelong Council & also built himself a two-storey bluestone cottage which is now classified by the National Trust.
His ancestors were in Ingram, Wooler, Ilderton & earlier in Alnwick, Edlingham & Lesbury, Nbl.; I've traced them back from parents George & Alice (Hill) to James & Eleanor (Steele), then George & Ann (Henderson) & possibly a Ralph & Jane.
Have also found another descendant from the same line in Australia, but no-one in England as yet.
Will keep in touch,

Re: Grecian Information

Yvonne Foster (View posts)
Posted: 996584759000
Surnames: Grecian
Hello again Anthony,
I just found another connection to your 'Grecian Surgeon' line on ''s new Grecian forum! a B. Clift, if you go to the site you can contact him there,
Good Luck, Yvonne.

Re: Grecian Information

brian clift (View posts)
Posted: 996610187000
I've just set up a Grecian message board on genealogy. com and thanks to a message from Yvonne I've now found this site.
My wife's mother is a grecian one of a family of nine from sunderland though with six of them girls and two batchelors it is a struggle to keep the name going. I have quite a bit of information regarding the family going back to william grecian and dorothy taylor including the reseach on william the surgeon which was done by my wife's cousin bill neil.
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