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Adam Goodlet Scot>America 1772

Adam Goodlet Scot>America 1772

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Adam Goodlet, son of Rev. John Goodlet and Alison Burton Oliphant Goodlet, educated as a minister, sent to America in 1877 from Sanquhar, Dumfries, SCOT. Will share Scot descendancy with interested persons.
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Yes, I am interested. My mother-in-law is a Goodlet and I have had no luck up to this point with this name. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Goodlet descenfancy

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Dear Amy, Thank you for your inquiry. My great great grandmother was Mary Goodlet, twin daughter of Adam Goodlet who left Scotland in 1877 and the family has no knowledge of where he went in America. He was trained as a minister as was his father so I assume he would pursue that vocation in America. I have all of Mary's descendancy both in Scotland and in the USA but we can not seem to find the elusive Adam. As the Goodlets that we have come across in the USA seem to use the first names of Adam and John quite frequently, we are hopeful of finding him eventually. Mary's twin Janet died before having children in Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland. Truly yours, Dorothy

Goodlet info

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Thanks for your reply.
I don't have much about the Goodlets. My mother in law's maiden name was Mabel Goodlet and she has two brothers: Carl and Charles Goodlet. I also know her father was CHarles Goodlet. That's about all I know. The family is not big on sharing info so it's hard toget much further. Any new iformation you come across would be appreciated! Thanks

Adam Goodlet>America 1722 from Scotland

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Dear Amy. Thanks for your reply again. I will wtach for your family. I answered too quickly and mispelled descendancy and used the wrong year agin. Adam was sent to Scotland in 1772 and his twins were born right after that in Sanquhar, Dumfries Scotland. Mary Goodlet married Christopher anderson and their son Adam is the olne who left us the family notes. He is buried in Roberts, Ford, Il. Mary Goodlet Anderson died in Scotland but her daughter Margaret Anderson Martin named her daughter Mary Goodlet Martin. There were several other members of the family who came to IL also. I will keep your names in my file. Fondly, Dorothy

Robert and Alexander Goodlett circa 1800

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Robert (Alexander) Goodlett Ray had a daughter,
Rebecca Ray born in Union County, KY about 1935
or so. I'm trying to connect with Goodlett line.

Adam Goodlet

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Do you have info about Adam Goodlet's family in Scotland? That is the family I am researching. Is there a connection between the Craik family and Goodlet family of Dumfries? A member of the Adam's family here in the US trained with an uncle, James Craik.

Scottish Goodlets

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Dear Julia, My Scottish knowledge is sparse. Rev. John Goodlet, author of "A Vindication of the Associate Synod", first printed in Edinburgh and reprinted in Philadelphia in 1767, was the minister of the Associate Congregation in Sanquhar, Dumfries until his death in 1775. He and his wife (2nd marriage for her) Allison Burton Oliphant had twins; Adam and Janet. Adam had twin girls, Mary and Janet born 1 July 1772 both of whom remained in Sanquhar. Their mother was Agnes Broadfoot. Adam left for 'America' in 1772 and I do not know where he ended up. He had been trained in the ministry like his father so I assume he might have followed that profession in America. Mrs. Oliphant had a son John but I do not think he took the name of Goodlet after his mother's remarriage. Adam's daughter Mary was my G3grandmother. She married Christopher Anderson and died near Sanquhar 16 Aug 1842. Her twin Janet died in 1796 at age 24. The good Rev. is buried with both granddaughters in the Sanquhar kirkyard. I would love to find the missing Adam probably born circa 1750. I have all the Anderson lines but have not heard of a Craik and I do not know where Adam took his ministerial training. Help me if you can. Thanks. Dorothy

Adam Goodlet

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Dorothy, Are you saying that Rev John Goodlet was married to Allison Burton Oliphant and they had twins, Adam Janet? Then you state that Adam had twins; is this the son of John and Allison? There are 2 Goodlett lines in America - (1)Adam from Kepsick (?) Sanquhar, who entered the colony of VA in the timeframe you mention. He and Alsie Rebecca Balderson began a family in Orange Co VA and then relocated to Culpeper Co Va and then on to Nelson Co KY. In all locations, Adam established a school because he seemed to be an educated man (his school is mentioned in the history of Culpeper Co). One of his sons, Adam G., became a doctor by training with his uncle, Dr. James Craik (from the Dumfries area) who was a friend of George Washington and later a high ranking member of the medical corps. One of his other sons,Ebenezer Erskine, older than Adam G. is the line from which I am descended. Dr. Adam G. Goodlet made a trip back to Scotland after the Rev. War to find that his grandfather (Adam's father) was dead. Letters to the family in KY indicated he had seen the cemetery and the gravestones were in reasonable repair (1815). Where are you located? We lived in Prestwick Scotland in the 1960's, but only my mother who came to visit was doing genealogy at that time. I had 2 small children and could not get to Edinburgh to read records. There is no family Bible as such on this side of the Atlantic; and what records and letters that were in the family were destroyed by fire decades ago. I am living in Nashville where Adam and Rebecca are supposed to have been buried at the Mt Olivet cemetery. Do you know Adam's father's parents? It has always been assumed here in America that Adam and a Robert who came to Philadelphia were brothers, but I guess that is not true. Did Adam's wife, Agnes, die in childbirt or was she still living when he left for America? I have many other questions, but they will have to wait until I hear from you again. Your info has made my day, as they say. Thanks. Julia

Adam Goodlet

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Dorothy, I read this message and discarded it because of the year being too late in time to be the Adam I am researching. I am glad you sent the other message with a different date. I hope the earlier one is the correct one. Thenks. Julia
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