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Jonathan Dwight''s ancestry

Jonathan Dwight''s ancestry

Diana Bancroft (View posts)
Posted: 935410272000
I am looking for ancestral information on Jonathan Dwight Sr., born January 29 1741/49, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Married 1766, Springfield, Massachusetts, Margaret Ashley, born September 23, 1745, Westfield, Massachusetts, daughter of Israel Ashley and Margaret Mosely.
Any information about this ancestor of mine will be very welcome
Diana Bancroft

Re: Jonathan Dwight

Jessie (Dwight) Walsh (View posts)
Posted: 938534848000
My dad has an old (reallY old) two volume set of info on the Dwights:
Jonathan, Timothy and all their kids on down the line. I will research it for you if you want. We got the books at Goodspeeds in Boston, maybe they can get a set for you?

Jonathan Dwight

Diana Bancroft (View posts)
Posted: 938543257000
To Jessie Dwight, who answered my original inquiry. I would be very very happy if you could give me his parent's and grandparent's name.
Thanks for your message

Jonathan Dwight''s ancestry

James Manford Dwight (View posts)
Posted: 939291819000

My name is James Manford Dwight and I have been at the San Antonio College Library for 20 years were I have worked and taught. Being in the library, I get to look around in our Genalogy section a lot. As you can tell from my writing; me education is in Electronics and Mathamatics, not in spelling and grammer.

I have been looking for my family for a long time. I do know that Jonathan Dwight''s Sr. ancestry can be traced to John Dwight formly of Dedham, Essex, England and came to and established Dedham, Essex, Mass. who was one of the founders of free education in this country.

There is a book that is no longer in print for the last 1 or 2 hundren years about the Dwight and Strong families. I will try and remember the name and I beleve it was written by Benjamen Dwight (spelling is wrong), also I have other materail somewhere on files that I will send you via E-Mail if you want it and I can find it. My family can be traced to the Dwight families to the Natchez Trail but I lost it some where and could only pick it up again from George Dwight who was born about 1805 in Miss.

Here is something to keep in your records for later use. I do not know what Jessie (Dwight) Walsh sent, so I do not know if what I can send will be reduntant or not, so I will find the other material. If you can tell me what you need, I will look.

George is from Mississippi and it is very possible that he was a son of one of the Dwights that belonged to a party of pioneers that came from Massachusetts and Connecticut to colonize the Mississippi region along the Natchez trail. In the book , "Mississippi as a Province, Territory and a State with Biographical Notices of Eminent Citizens," I found the following information:

The party's journey begun in 1773 when General Lyman's son acquired his father's English Land Grant, which was issued in England. They started the journey by sailing from New England to New Orleans and after procuring barges and open boats, they made their way from New Orleans to the Bayou Pieree and Big Black area where the grant was to be located. Among the party of pioneers; there were family ties with the Lyman, Phelps and Dwight families.

Captain Phelps, in his journal, gave a list of the party, many of whom have descendants now in Mississippi and Louisiana. Among the members of the party of pioneers were Dr. Sereno Dwight, Jonathan Dwight, Harry Dwight, and their three slaves. Captain Phelps does not directly state the names of the wives and children in a direct listing, but further into the journal, he writes the names of some of their families .

They party of men decided to fight a hit and run battle with the Spanish soldiers, but near White Apple Village, they realized that they were going against a well trained and sectioned army, they retreated to the White Cliffs and decided that they were in a no win position and with their families fled from the Army to the nearest British Post, which was 1500 miles away.

George is not listed as one of the children of Jonathan or Dr. Dwight. Both were son's of Major Timothy Dwight, who had other children. Major Dwight tried to set up a colony in the Mississippi region and had died in 1775 with a number of people for an epidemic at Natchez.

Dr. Dwight can be completely ruled out as the father of George. He married Miss. Pomeroy. And he was born Dec. 10, 1754, died Oct. 10, 1783 off the coast of Nova Scotia. They had only one child, a daughter by the name of Martha. Jonathan Edwards Dwight is shown as married ( 1 Aug. 1782). to Miriam Wright, daughter of Aaron Wright of Northampton. I believe Jonathan died in 1800 and leaving issue.

I have not been able to uncover anything about Harry Dwight. I do believe that Harry Dwight could have been a miss-print for Henry Dwight. Whatever the case; George could be a son of his.

And interesting side note was a Land Claim ordered for the survey of 1100 acres by the British Govt. of West Florida for one Henry Dwight . The order went to Elis Durford, Surv. Genl. which was directed and required to measure or cause to be measured and laid out unto Henry Dwight 1100 acres 24 miles up Big Black on the south side thereof in West Florida. However, when the U.S. got possession of Florida and other lands - many claims to lands were rejected by the government. The Land Claim was ordered to the British Govt. in 19 Nov. 1778 and rejected by our government on 27 April 1807.

In 1763, after the British victory in the French and Indian War, France ceded to Great Britain its territories east of the Mississippi, except New Orleans; Great Britain also received Florida from Spain. The British divided these possessions into East Florida and West Florida, in the latter of which was included a portion of the present state of Mississippi.

Although what I have written in the above paragraphs show the path the Dwight Families took to, I at this point, can not find George's parents. I hope someone will follow the leads that I have written down. However, in Texas, the Dwight families own their starting point at Fort Parker. In 1836, this fort was known as Parker's Fort and what follows is what I have found.

Jonathan Dwight

Diana Bancroft (View posts)
Posted: 940332157000
Thank you very much, James Manford Dwight, for your interesting post at the Dwight site.
I really appreciated all your information.
I believe I have found the parents to Jonathan, being Edmund Dwight and Elizabeth Scott. And I hope that is right. I have researched at a lot of various sites.
If anybody has any more information, I would be very glad to find out.
Diana Bancroft

Dwight Family

James Manford Dwight (View posts)
Posted: 942646557000
Dear Diana,

Thank You for replying to my letter. I am slightly confused. This is what I have for now:

Edmund Dwight 1717-1755 was the son of Henry Dwight (1676-1732) and Lydia Hawley (daughter of Joseph Hawley).

Henry's other children were:
Joseph, Seth, Dorathy, Lydia, Annas, Josiah, Simeon, Elisha, and Anna.

I have a GED file that I have compiled a little ove 1000 Dwights. Some are linked and some are not. Alot of them are linked to John Dwight of Dedham, Mass., formly of Dedham, Essex, England. Most of which came from the two books for the Dwight and Strong family and the others for death records form other states and books I have found in this library.

The Ged file was created by Brother's Keeper and the notes are incorped in each person on seperate files that can be extracted. I can send it to you by E-Mail and you can use it or any part of it as you wish. There is a lot of material and it may be a lot of work for anyone who digs into it. But it is yours if you want it.

God Bless and take care,
James Manford Dwight

Dwight Family

James Manford Dwight (View posts)
Posted: 942652025000
Daer Diana,
After sending the last message just an hour agao I went back to this fouram and read the back messages to find out which Jonathan and Timothy Dwight you were talking about, and then I found the Captian Henry Dwight mentioned in the back coraspondance. Everything started to fall in place. Now I know what you were looking for. I also put the new material you gave us into the proper persons files and now I have a better picture. Thank you and the others for that. I stell say that you can have the updated GED file which I beleive you can find alot of material and possable get a bigger picture of the Dwight history and their work in building our country.

Thank you and God Bless,
James Manford Dwight


Crystal (View posts)
Posted: 944587242000
I would be very interested in receiving the GED file that you mentioned. I am a Dwight who is descended from John Dwight of Dedham, Mass.


James Manford Dwight (View posts)
Posted: 944631477000
Dear Crystal,

I have a GED file named John.ged which has only what I have been able to link people to John Dwight of Dedham, Mass. I do beleive you have what is in that file and probably a lot more than I have. However, because I have been working in a library for 20 years; you may find referances that you do not have. I did not add the Strong families but tried just to keek the Dwights in that file.

The second file is named George.GED. This file has all of the Dwight families that are linked to Texas and New Mexico. This file may be of some intrest because I beleive that George E. Dwight is the son or Grandson of one of the Dwights that came down from the Natchez Trail.

The third file named Dwights is a combination of all Dwights both linked and un-linked. It has not been up-dated in some time, but you will find the birth and death records interesting becaues those records can not be easly obtained anywhere unless you can find the book produced as a genealogy book on Dwights. Also, there are address I have obtained from many phone books. The material is at least in computer form and can now be worked to fit the
needs of who ever wants to work with them. It have taken a lot of time.

The reason I have done all this work is because I beleive that the very few
(less than 1 per million) Dwights that are in this country are all descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass. and formly of Dedhan, Essex, England.

I hope you will like this material, but I know it will take you some time.

Also, I have a printed file on John and George. If you wish, I will try to send you them in either RTF or DOC format using Windos Office 97's Word for Windows. The most important point to know is that I have producted these files using Brother's Keeper for Windows. This program will allow
referance and source material to be added as well as addresses. So when importing these files; make sertain that you find away to import them as well.

For now, God Bless and take care,
James Manford Dwight

P.S. I do not know were on this site to attach the files, but Eudora will alow me to do that. Just use may E-Mail address and send me a not to this college and I will do the rest.


Crystal (View posts)
Posted: 944638588000
Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I would be very interested in receiving that information. However, you did not include your e-mail address at the college for me to write to you. My e-mail address is if you would just like to forward the information to me. Thank you again for you help!!!
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