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Draggoo Lineage Clarification

Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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Surnames: Dragoo/Draggoo
Recently I read a lengthy article, on the internet, showing the descendants of Pierre Dragaud Sr. It listed Frederick Draggoo as the son of Belteshazzar and Martha Butler Dragoo. I have him listed as the son of Peter DragooV and Margaret McCafferty. Could someone please help me out on this one. I am the great, great, great granddaughter of Frederick and Martha Angel Draggoo. Thanks much! Jean

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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Hi Jean.

Dragoo's are my wifes line. Have done a lot of research
on it for her. Without dates it is difficult to be specific,
especially since names get repeated throughout the

However, here is what I have:

Belteshazzer was born on October 14, 1751 on Staten Island, New York and died in Brown County, April 28, 1836.
"He came from Hagerstown, Maryland and had a family consisting of 12 children. He was a Shaker in his religion. He was also a Revolutionary War soldier. He and his wife Martha Butler built the first log cabin in Brown County. This family was compelled to endure severe privations, and often escaped the dreaded tomahawk and scalping-knife of the merciless Indians."

Child: 1. William Dragoo
Child: 2. Peter Dragoo
Child: 3. Jacob Dragoo

Child: abt 1773 4. Frederick Dragoo Berks PA
Child: 1779 5. John Dragoo
Child: Sep 1780 12. Daniel Dragoo
Child: 8 Apr 1782 6. Andrew Dragoo
Child: 1784 7. Belteshazzer Dragoo
Child: 17 Nov 1792 8. Martha Dragoo
Child: 7 Mar 1793 9. Benjamine Franklin Dragoo
Child: 5 Jan 1795 10. Hetty Dragoo
Child: 1 Jun 1797 11. Margaret Dragoo
Death: 28 Aug 1836 Shaker Colony, Lebanon, Warren Co, Ohio

Paul of San Diego

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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Frederick Dragoo b. 1773 was my gt. gt. gt. grandfather. he was the son of Peter and Margaret McCafferty Dragoo (Draggoo). Please do not keep this mis-information going as it is very hard on those of us who are trying to keep the record correct. Through the Dragoo family Association, we have filled in all the gaps in Belts line and there is no room for Frederick. Also, I have a letter from the lady who made this suggestion over 30 years ago and she recants her suggestion and says that Frederick is son of Peter and Margaret. Thank you,.

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

Paul (View posts)
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Sorry if you misunderstood...I never said what I said
was gospel, only that it was what I have...and, if
you go to the following site, you will find
that other people have it...

Many of the names in our Dragoo lines are
repeated over and over again. My intention is
never to mislead anybody, simply to help.

Have a great weekend.


Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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I was just at the site earlier today and contacted De and he is going to change the information. he got it from Gene Watson and Gene has changed his information to correct the father of Frederick as Peter.

Since it is not gospel, please change this as we who know the truth feel very frustrated when we see the wrong information on our family. I have the letters from Marge Poole who originally suggested this connection and show the explaination and retraction. This was given to Carl Thompson and he wrote it in a book and from that, it was figured to be gospel. Many of these people have just copied the information without questioning it and it goes on and on. Please help me in getting this corrected.

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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There was only one Frederick Dragoo (Draggoo) who was born April 3, 1773 and he was our direct ancestor. He was the son of Peter and Margaret McCafferty Dragoo. His son John was named for Margaret's father, John McCafferty and the son Peter was named for Frederick's father, Peter, whose wife was Mary.

Belteshazzar's full line of descendants has since been filled so there is no room in that family for our Frederick anyway. I have been working with others on this for the last 30 years and we have by process of elimination been able to place Frederick.

Also, I have a copy of a message from Amy Edity Dragoo to E.B. Wall stating that her aunt, Harriet Dragoo Link stated that her grandfather's father was either Peter or John. Harriet was a granddaughter of Frederick. Also, I have the original letter from Marge Poole to Alice Duncan stating that she was very upset that her suggestion was passed on by someone to Carl Thompson and he wrote it in his book that Frederick was the son of Belt. Thompson did not verify and there were a number of errors found when we went through the book.

I had contacted the person that Paul got the information from earler this year and again today about the mis-information. De is in the service and is not able to get home to correct the information in his database and on the site.

The Dragoo Family Association or the MyFamily Dragoo site can assist you further. However, I have been working on Frederick's line since 1973 and have most all his lines through the assistance of his descendants. The big problem is that the internet is easy to find material, but a lot of it has not been researched and is just copied over and over, and that also goes for the errors.

I tried to add the attachment of the two items that I have from Marge Poole's collection, but they were too large of J-peg files and the message crashed. would be happy to send them direct to you, however, I had hoped that they would be here for everyone's benefit.

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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Surnames: (Crossman, Lemon, Nichols, Oakes)
Sure will.

It's my wifes line and a Frederick is still
in it...just not the one which you and others
were searching for. Went to both
and GenCircles and found both Frederick's

Good luck on your continuing research...and
the correcter we get the better we are, huh?

Thanks for the quick response.

Paul of San Diego..

Re: Draggoo Lineage Clarification

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Hi Paul, I realize you copied you information from several sources, but those go back to days before new information came to the Dragoo Family Association or the Dragoo MyFamily site, which is being always worked on daily. Either the DFA and their quarterly newsletter or the Dragoo My Family private site will assist you with free queries and help you put your family history together with a lot of friendly assistance and fellowship. There are reunions and all kinds of benefits to being involved with either or both. I will at the present give you a brief outline, but I think you will see where I am coming from when I told you that the information you have has been updated.

Belteshazzar b.15 Oct 1751 / Martha Hannah Butler
1. Andrew M. Dragoo b. 18 Apr 1782 md. (1) Mary Hardesty
(2) Elizabeth Parker
2. William Belteshazzar b. 1784 md. Rebecca Austin
3 John Dragoo b. 1779 / md. Mary Harrington
4. Peter Dragoo b. 1776 md. Unk Geoler
5. Daniel Dragoo b. 1780 md. Susannah Ann Bayne
6 Mary Dragoo b. 1786 md Philip Bowman
7 Martha "Patsy" b. Nov 17, 1792
8 Margaret "Peggy" B. 1 Jun 1797
9 Benjamin Franklin b. 7 Mar 1799 md. Elizabeth Compton
(2) Isabella Davis Powers (3) Mary F. Frazier
10 Betty b. 5 Jan 1795
11 Anna b. 27 Dec 1791
12 Jacob md. Delina MNU

These are the result of many of Belt's descendants coming together and working on their lines and sharing what they had found. After much time saying that Fred was not of this family, finally the names filled in and there was no place for Fred to be included. It took many years, but thanks to the DFA, enough of Belts descendants took an interest and solved the problem once and for all.

There are still mysteries surrounding Frederick, his life with the Indians, the War 1812, did he have siblings other than Indian Pete who married an Indian and raised sons with French names. For many years I was the collection point for Frederick before the age of computers so I have a lot of old documents and correspondence prior to 1973. A lot of is is still good, but I have to be careful, myself, as a lot of good information is available when it comes to census and archives. I don't put a lot of stock in the trees that are circulating because many just recycle with the old errors. It is a lot harder even now, because this goes around so fast, it is impossible to keep track of who got what.

Please contact me at my regular e-mail address:
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