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My Father's birthplace

My Father's birthplace

Joanne DiIorio Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 953672334000
My father's name was Antonio DiIorio.
All I know is he was from Provice D'Aquila.
I don't know the name of the town. Where was your
father from? His only brother spelled the last
name DiOrio. I'm not even sure which is the
correct spelling.

Antonio DiIorio

Gino DiIorio (View posts)
Posted: 954830122000
Joanne, There is a province in central Italy called L'Aquila. It is one of four provinces that make up the region called Abruzzo.The capital city of the province is also called L`Aquila. Another major city in the province is Sulmona. Sulmona is where my father is from. The only Antonio I know of is my father's brother who came to the Rochester, N.Y. area and did farming. As far as I know he had no children. My guess is that even though my uncle is probably not directly related to you, that because L'Aquila is relatively small and "DiIorio" is not all that common, we probably are related somehow, perhaps generations ago. If you would like to talk more, you can contact me at Gino

Antonio DiOrio

Kimberly DiOrio Smith (View posts)
Posted: 965593555000
I am new to this. I just saw a posting from several months ago about an Antonio DiIorio. My grandfather is Antonio DiOrio. He used to spell the name DiIorio but changed it legally to DiOrio. I am unsure the town he is from. He was in the Merchant Marine and eventually resided in Jersey City, NJ. His birthday is 4/4/1912. If you have any idea of any possible connections please e-mail me at
Posted: 986312653000
Edited: 997455129000
my great grandfather was fortunato born in mount muletta italy, came here in 1902 when i checked his marriage licsence at st lucy's church the correct spelling was di iorio he lived in newark nj the i was dropped and selled diorio his wifes name was gelsimino goia, if you have any info please email me and i will work with you

does anybody know the meanig of the name DI'Iorio

DI'Iorio (View posts)
Posted: 987296919000
Does anybody know the meaning of DI'Iorio?

Meaning of DiIorio

Joanne DiIorio Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 987397481000
DiIorio means house of gold.


Joanne DiIorio Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 987398240000
Hi Mark,
I don't think there is a connection with me, unless
it's much further back than my grandfather.
My grandfather came to the U.S. and lived in Canada and
then later on moved to Toledo,Ohio for awhile
until he came to Detroit. I know very little
about his arrival here in the States. Without
a few facts, I keep hitting a dead-end. I did
get email from a Gino DiIorio who says the name
DiIorio is very regional and most of us who are
so named are probably related somehow.
Hope you find your answers. Joanne


Joseph DiIorio (View posts)
Posted: 987537245000
Thank you Joanne. Where did you find out? I looked all over the internet and couldn't find anything. So thanks once again.

Meaning of DiIorio

Joseph DiIorio (View posts)
Posted: 987574163000
Hi Joseph,
My father or maybe my grandmother must have told
me years ago about the meaning of our name.
Orio means gold and Di, or D' means,
"belonging to the house of",. I don't speak much
Italian, but this is what I've been told over
the years. The thing
that kinda confuses me is the double iI after D
What is that about??? Oh well, I think we have
a beautiful name and even though I've been married
for a long time and had to give up my beautiful
name, I will always be a DiIorio. Have a great
day!! Joanne

Re: reply

Amber (View posts)
Posted: 1054288024000
Classification: Query
Well my husbands family is Gelsimino(surname) later changed to Jessamine. I've never heard of a lady being named gelsimino before, are you sure her first name was'nt goia? That seems much more natural also spelled gioia. But we are the last I believe of the original gelsimino's, from new jersey, and p-burg. There was benedetto, anna maria, joseph, ardevino, leonardo,yolanda,stanley,leonard,peter, from them came joseph john, david stanley and stanley jr., donny, faith, jason , lindsay, kaden, killian, jaxon,and several others named david and stanley and joseph. Plus yolando had 2 boys bobbi and brian. They are all gelsimino/jessamine's...pure italians, from naples and sicily areas......
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