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Descendant of Delacroix?

Descendant of Delacroix?

Joni Decroix (View posts)
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My husband Kevin Edward Decroix is one of 4 children of John Edmund Decroix. They are from missouri and moved to california in the 1950"s.They are desendants of the famous First French impressionist "Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix. The artist born April 26, 1798 at Charenton-saint-maurice in france. He was the fourth child of victoire oeben, the daughter of a famous cabinetmaker for louis XV and Charles Delacroix a minister he never married and left his art and wealth to a house keeper. John Decroix's wife is Nancy lee light from missouri as well. We live in Rancho cordova California and kevin's Parents live in Pollock Pines California. Any information Please email


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Joni Decroix, how are you? My name is leslie Croo. I too am searching to see if I am a descendent of Decroix. There is no doubt that I am. I do not know about Delacroix. the name Delacroix seems to be more of a Canadian name. Don't know for sure. Anyways, I have a family tree going back to 1700 sent to me by one of my cousins. It shows that in 1700 in Bikschote, Belgium a Jacob Decroix was born. All the generations after him went from DeCroix to Decroo to Croo, which is my name. I confirmed a lot of these facts using, which actually produced some results. It seems that my searching has been in not the right places. The name Decroix, Decroo, Decroe, DuCroo, and possiby Delacroix originate more in Belgium/Flanders area than France.


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Well, I was wrong. Delacroix on comes up with a lot of French origin. Maybe Delacroix is more French and Decroix is more Belgium oriented. I know it gets confused. Could Decroix be a descendent of Delacroix? Yes, definitely. It may have very well been prior to 1730, according to my tree. There ar Decroix's but no Delacroixs. Tell me what you know. I would be more than happy to share in this research and send you the family tree. There are many names on it.

Leslie Croo (Decroix, Decroo)


Joni DeCroix (View posts)
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I talked with my father in law John Edward DeCroix born in Michigan By Jean Edmund Decroix who was born in enterbeck belgium and married annie louise hilton born in scotland but her family was from england after they married they immigrated to america to michigan and then john moved to missouri and married my mother in law nancy lee light and they later moved to california he is a retired firechief...But I am still working on how they went from france from delacroix to belgium DeCroix...I have alot of information from my side of family from germany (Gerdes)I went back to 1600's but my husbands side is slow.

Decendent of DeCroix

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Lesley, Hello, I also am a DeCroix. My Father was Edward Polite DeCroix from Springfield, Illinois. We have a partial history dating back to 1840 in the Commune of Bruay,canton of Houdain,district of Bethum
somewhere in France. Our family migrated to Spfld,from Centralia,Illinois. If you think there is a connection let me know.
My father, when young worked the coal mines.
My e-mail is

Ancestry DeCroix

Philippe De Croix (View posts)
Posted: 975384436000
I've found the first mentioning of a DeCroix in 1530. Count d'Anjou De Croix. The family reappears in what was then South Flanders (now France, department : Nord -Pas de Calais) The Decroix or DeCroix are not numerous in either France or Belgium. So there must be a link. Thanks for any help.

DeCroix History

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I am a DeCroix, the oldest I can go back is to 1795, to the parents of my They were Louis Francois DelForge,born 1795, and Charlotte Joseph Villain, born 1795. Their daughter Hortense Honorine DelForge, married Henri Joseph DeCroix, born 1834, she was born 1832.
This marriage took place in the commune of Bruay.Canton of Houdain,district of Bethum.
This is when the Bans were posted requesting permission for the marriage. Both parties were widowed. The first bans were posted March 13,1840, at 8:00 A.M. the first celebration was on April 26, 1840, and the second on May 3, 1840. at 12:00 Then they were united in marriage.
I do have a lot of details, but this is the jest of the document.
Hope it is of some help.
Jan DeCroix Doebler. Hortense was the daughter from the first marriage.

DeCroix Branch

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Joni, I'm a DeCroix, My father was Edward P. DeCroix. His family migrated from Canada? we think. Obvioulsy, France, Canada then to Illinois, Mo. etc. I have been told, they settled first in the centralia area of Illinois, near the coal mines. My grandfather was a miner, as was my father for a short time. His father was Hippolyte, and he had several brothers, and sisters that i'm aware of. My grandfather married an Irish lady, Elizabeth Crowley. Her side is going very slow. I do believe there is a connection with us all.
Jan DeCroix, Doebler.,

ancestry De Croix name

Philippe De croix (View posts)
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Thanks for your quick reply. I will look in my files whether I come across Henri Joseph DeCroix. My grandfather was also named Joseph but lived a long time later. nevertheless many people we named after relatives in these days. Who knows, we may be related. Any way, I'm related to an old noble family stem. During the Ancien Regime (before the French Revolution)the De Croix were Lords of Dadizele in flanders. I still live in that village. The parish chrch contains the tombs of several Comtes de Croix de Mauwe, Bleu Tour, ... Lords of Dadizele, Moorslede, Comines... It is so fascinating to dig this up. The family banner is a blue cross over a white panel. Now still the flag of Moorslede.
I'm working on a full family history. I'm sure we're bound to be 'connected' somewhere in history.
Keep me posted. Philippe

DeCroix history

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Philippe, I failed to list my gr gr grandfather and gr gr grandmother. He was Desire' DeCroix, and she was Obline Petit.
He died in 1853, I have no dates of her. I'm sure they lived close to the area where their parents lived in France.
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