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Colee family

Colee family

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I am a descendent of Raymond Colee from St. Augusting Florida !!!
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I am a descendant of George Colee Tryphenia Riz of St Aug. and Picolata. If I can be of any help please contact me.

Re: Colee family

R.A. Whitecar (View posts)
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Surnames: Colee & Minorcan familys of St. Augustine Fl.i
As a descendant of Raymond Colee you would be a cousin and there are several of the Coleee Cousins trying to put the family back together again. I am beginning to think it would be easier with humpty Dumpty but as it may. Ethel Miriam Colee who married Robert L. Chastain Jr. in Tampa was my grandmother. Would be interested in exchanging information.
Best to all

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My grandfather and great grandfathers are both named Raymond Colee, and both from St. Augustine! I never met my grandfather, because he was killed in a car accident before my birth. My father's name is Robert Raymond Colee, and his sister is Lydia...does any of this sound familiar?
Hope to hear from you!
Tanya Colee

Re: Colee family

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Hi! Good to hear from a possible relative!

See if you can figure out where you fit in this:

George Colee Sr. (1805 - 1885) came here from France

He had 3 sons: George Colee Jr, William , & James Louis

Supposedly George Jr. didnt marry, I dont have any info on Williams children; but his wife is Lenora Pacetti.

But James Louis had at least 2 boys: William and Raymond J. I have nothing on this william. But Raymond J. (1870 - ?) married Florence Andreu. He is my great grandfather. He had 6 kids. One was Raymond Frances - My grandfather. He had 3 kids - one is my mother Florence Luidmilla.

Does this help?

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Woah! Somehow this may fit...Here's what I know...
My grandfather's name is Raymond Francis Colee, born June 7th, possibly 1921,died June 13, 1969....He was married to my grandmother Marilyn Varn.
My father told me this:
Raymond Colee, my GGfather (and Raymond Francis's father), had also a son Newton. Newton's Sisters are Mildred and Catherine of Raymond Colee's second wife, Ludmilla of Russia.
My father told me that my GGmother's name is Lydia maybe you are a product of the second marriage, and I am from the first? Do you think that there is a connection? This is very fascinating! :)
I know that my family began in St. Augustine. That is where most were born, including my father. from what I understand, we are all related somehow...Thanks for your reply, and I hope to hear back from you soon! :)
Your possible cousin,

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Laura (View posts)
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Yes, we are related. Your Grandfather Ray Jr. was my mothers half brother. My family is a descendent of Raymonds 2nd wife Luidmilla McCully. You are of his first wife Lydia Wilson.

My mother is Frances Loudmilla Colee (everyone calls her Millie). Her brother is Newt, sister is Cathy. Her father was Raymond Frances Colee (12/8/1897 - 2/79).

I just talked to my mom, she remembers your grandfather - she called him Ray Jr. She remembers when he died in the car accident. Is this correct - he was married to Marilyn, they had 2 children - Robert and Lydia. (Mom said they called him Bobbie). And Bobbie is your father ?

p.s. Where do you live ? My mom and I both live in Atlanta.

1/2 cousin

Re: Colee family

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Hello cousin!!!!
"Bobby" IS my father! Gramma (Marilyn) and Lydia call him Bob, but everyone else I know of call him Robert. Gramma remarried in 1975, to Larry King. He is the grandfather I have grown up with. Gramma goes by Marilyn V. King, and is the president of the Daughters of the Confederacy in Fla. She and Grampa live in Bunnell Fla, and Aunt Lydia and uncle Larry (Filzen) live in Orange county, Fla. Lydia and Larry have one daughter, Jenny...she lives in California, and just married recently. shes in her 30's.
My father has been married 3 times, and has a son from the first marriage, I believe. He is my 1/2 brother Sean. The second marriage didn't produce any children. Then he married my mother, Anne, in 1986. This is after they had had me and my younger brother, Micah. Micah still lives with them.

I always wanted to know more about my grandfather. He was an artist, as you must know...and I am too...I believe that I inherited my artistic skills from him and I decided to pursue a career in art. I currently live in Savannah, I attend Savannah College of Art and Design. I was raised in Atlanta, and in fact my father still lives there. They are in Gwinnett county...and if you know the place, I graduated from Berkmar, class of 99'.
Wow! so now I know a bit more about the family around my grandfather! :) Does your mother remember alot about the car accident? Dad told me that a drunk driver struck them and Gramma suffered a broken arm. I never condone anyone drinking and driving because of that. I have seen some of his paintings and his sketches, he was quite talented! What does your mother remember about that? Well thanks for your posts! If you want to reach me, my email is
My father's email is If you all want to reach him, he would love you hear from anyone of you all.
Your 1/2 cousin,

Re: Colee family

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Surnames: Filzen,Schuman,Cole,Johnson,Sanderson
Hi Tanya, I was thrilled to find somone who mentioned the name Filzen in their post. I am also a niece to Aunt Lydia and Unlce Larry who live in Fla. I currently live in Ga. as my husband is stationed at WRAFB. Larry is my dads brother.

Aunt Lydia and Uncle Larry will be here at my house on April 9, 10 and 11th. If you are close by maybe you can stop by.

Please email me at and I will give you my address and phone number rather than post them here.

Donna Schuman/Filzen

PS. Have you read Lydia's book yet? I haven't. I hope to get a copy before she arrives so she can sign it for me.
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