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AFUALO''s, anyone?

AFUALO''s, anyone?

Lydia (View posts)
Posted: 938695848000
My name is Lydia Afualo. I am in Utah. I wanted to see if anyone from western sa was reading this, if they would contact me or if anyone knows of any afualo's there. I know there are some afualo's there, and i would like to get in touch with them. THanks

Hello to Lydia Afualo

Aritas Afualo (View posts)
Posted: 978335943000
Hi Lydia. My name is atisa Patane. I married into the Afualo family. My husband's name is Surran Afualo. His parents are Opapo and Nuuuli Afualo. We live in Murray, utah. Try and get a hold of us here, Ok?

Re: Hello to Lydia Afualo

nick ahloe (View posts)
Posted: 1013237450000
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Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Posted: 1017010373000
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Hi, Lydia. My name is Kosena Fonoimoana. My great, great great, great grandfather's last name was Afualo. He was the chief of the viollage of fagatuli. His oldest son was banned from the village because of listening to Mormon missionaries. Thus he was taken in by named Fonoimoana, who was a very close friend of the chief. Now we have taken this name, but our ancesters are related somehow.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Posted: 1031263851000
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Hi Kosena,

You are right we are closely related to the Fonoimoana family. My mom is an Afualo. In fact, your last name should be Afualo, as well. I believe you live in Hawaii and I know your family. Keep in touch and good luck on your mission.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Sio Afualo (View posts)
Posted: 1041043385000
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Surnames: Afualo
Hey how's it goin? You probably don't know me personally, but my wife happens to be strolling the net the other day and mentions all these 'Afualo' sites.
My mother's name is Palatina Afualo. I have changed my previous surname to 'Afualo'.
My mums brothers live in Sa, and their names are Numia, Lafovale, Misi and a Opapo in Auckland NZ.
I live in Wellington NZ with my wife and mother.
Please contact me if you can...this is so cool.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Posted: 1044922546000
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Hi Sio,

My name is Jillana. My mother is Penina Afualo and she also has a brother named Opapo. Lydia (the person you originally responded to) is my first cousin and we are both in Utah. Who are your grandparents? Maybe we can try to find a connection. Hope to here from you soon.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Fiatagata (View posts)
Posted: 1070875077000
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Surnames: Taualii, Nofutolu, Afualo, Fonoimoana, Fonokimoana
My Great-Grandfather x3 was Fonokimoana Afualo, I believe he lived in Savaii, but my Great-GrandfatherX2 and him had a falling out. His name was Opapo, he was married to Toai. Opapo was a healer and was suppose to take the position of King of Samoa, but refused because he wanted to preach instead. Fonokimoana was furious, so Opapo left and founded Sauniatu, changed his last name to Fonoimoana so that people would not know who his father was. He took his grand-daughter Lalomalave and renamed her "Lemao" and kept her as his own. She learned the medicine from him and eventually passed it on to me. The man she married is from the house of the high priest of Mana, although he practised a christian religion, his name was "Ualifi Tupou Luamanuvai Taulapapa Tauali'i"
My grandmother said that before Opapo left Samoa for Hawaii, Fonokimoana and Opapo did make up and became close before the father passed away. I have a cousin, Pago who is an Afualo. His father followed my Grandfather to Sauniatu and served him. Pago lives around Kahuku Hi now.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

jillana ahloe (View posts)
Posted: 1071011666000
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Hello Fiatagata,

You know what? You are the first person to ever say that Fonokimoana Afualo was Opapo's father. Do you have proof of that? I want evidence of this because it is shocking to me.

Everyone in the family says that Fonoimoana is a made up name stemming from when the family had a "meeting by the sea" or that the name belongs to a family in the Cook Islands who took Opapo in when he was banned for joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No one has ever said that Fonokimoana was Opapo's father's name.

For a long time I've been searching for the exact link between the Afualo's and the Fonoimoana's. Pago Afualo, who lives in Kahuku, is one of my mother's older brothers. I have been searching for the link between Opapo and Luteru (my grandfather, Pago's father).

When I visited Sauniatu years ago with my church youth group, we were orally told the history of Sauniatu. I remember the "tour guide" mentioning Opapo Afualo as one of the founders of the village. The "tour guide" did not say Opapo Fonoimoana. Would you know anything about that? Did Opapo use the Afualo last name during that time because of the Church? Sometimes everything seems so confusing!

Fiatagata, please share any and all information. This is helpful and greatly appreciated. It was sad to hear of your grandmother's passing earlier this year. I would have loved to been able to sit and talk with her about our family history.

Re: AFUALO''s, anyone?

Posted: 1217221669000
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My grandmother taught me our genealogy before she died...
My grandmother was Lemao Fonoimoana born in Lalomalava to Toa Simamao Fonoimoana and Line Faasino Laei. Toa was born to Opapo Fonoimoana (Afualo) and Toai Alema. In those days it was the custom that when parents get older the first born is given to the parents as a child to help out. My Grandmother Lemao was given to Opapo. When she was only 14 she built a fale for her grandparents to live in all by herself. Opapo was so impressed with her efforts that he cried out to the village. My grandmother said that Opapo was the son of Fonotimoana Afualo. Fonotimoana was also know by his title, Salu Maliatoa Maitapaea the King of Samoa at the time. Fonotimoana wanted his son to become King, but Opapo was more interested in healing. He was a Fofo (Samoan Doctor and midwife). He found some Missionaries floundering on the beach, struggling with the language, so he fed them and they taught him english from their books, and he taught them Samoan. Fonotimoana was angry because the Religion of Samoa and Tonga was "Mana". Fonotimoana told the people that the Mormon Missionaries had killed his son Opapo so the people wouldn't listen to what they had to say. Fonoti and Opapo argued and Opapo left to preach the gospel despite what his father wanted. Opapo decided that he wanted the people to think and do for themselves, that they should not worship a man, so he changed his last name so no one would know him and he chose "Fonoimoana" to meet by the sea and he took his followers up to Sauniatu so they wouldn't be bothered.
My Grandmother put this into her genealogy just like she put it into mine. When Opapo died, he told everyone that Lemao was intitled to all his titles and deeds because he loved her so much as his daughter.
Opapo and To'ia are buried in Laie, Hawaii and my Grandmother is buried between them.
later in life, Fonotimoana did listen to Opapo and joined the LDS church.
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