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Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith

LaVelda Faull (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
I am searching for information on a Spencer Smith, Revolutionary War pensioner, who died in the 1840's in Wayne County, Tennessee. He was living in Accomack Co., Virginia when he enlisted. He had a son named Elijah Smith who married Ester___ and died in Giles Co., TN. There children were probably Solomon B. Smith, Allan Smith, and Capel/Capril Bird Smith. Both Solombon B. Smith and Allan Smith had sons named Brittin Capril Smith. Any help would be appreciated.

Spencer Smith

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Surnames: Bayly
I do not know if this is the right Spencer Smith but below is some information on one of them.
Valentine Smith married Elizabeth Bayly. They obtained land (300 acres) off Messongo creek (around Saxis and Hallwood) in Accomack County VA in 1725. They had a son named Bayly Smith. Valentine Smith died in 1731.

Bayly Smith married Elizabeth. They had as Children;

Spencer b1741

Ralph b 1743

Anne b 1745

Valentine b 1747

Nancy b 1750

Spencer moved from VA to South Carolina about 1800. I think he ended up in Tenn. Spencer married a Peggy. Their children were; Easter, Elijah(1783), Nancy (1785), Spencer,Jr(1787).

If any of this sounds like the person you are looking for please let me know.

Howard L. Dickerson

Spencer SmithJr. (b1787)

William T. Smith (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Accommac County, VA

Did Spencer Smith Jr. (b 1787, Onancock, Accommac County, have any children? Is there any historical evidence of their residence their on the eastern shores?


Dollie Gibbs (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Hi, Do you know if the Valentine Smith ,son of Bayly and
Elizabeth left Accomac Co. or if he may have had another
Valentine who lived in Tyrell Co N.C.
My ggggrandfather was a Valentine Smith born 1818 in N.C.
I have no clue where or who his parents are, saw you respones about Valentine Smith and was hopeing you may be of some help. Thanks

Re: Spencer Smith

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Surnames: Smith,Wilson,Prater,Brewer,
I have info on spencer smith sr. all the way down to his g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g grandchildren ! I am looking for more info on Bayly,Valentine #1, and Valentine #2. I would appreciate all I could get, will swap info, or just be forever in your debt which ever you would like !

Re: Spencer Smith

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Since posting the query I have found some information on Spencer Smith but would always like more. Contact me at

Below is some data on Bayly-Smith
In 1673 Richard Bayly II purchased 500 acres from Ambose White on the Great Matomkin (A70). John Cole had 600 acres on Messongo Creek (A150). In 1681 Richard Bayly and John Cole swapped land. [1] Richard Bayly broke the land into two 300 acre parcels. In 1712 Richard Bayly sold 300 acres to Thomas Fletcher. The Eastern 300 acres he sold to Elizabeth and Valentine Smith. [1] Elizabeth Smith has generally been considered a daughter of Richard Bayly. No true proof of this exists nor is there any proof it is not true. Until research proves or proves otherwise Elizabeth Smith will be considered a daughter of Richard Bayly.

In 1724 Richard Bayly II sold within a month of one another, two pieces of land. The first was 306 acres sold to Scarburgh West for 100 pounds current Money. This was on the Great Manokin.(A93) The second land was 300 acres on Messongo Creek (A150) to Elizabeth and Valentine Smith for 100 pounds current money. The relationship of Scarburgh West and Elizabeth Smith is unclear. Scarburgh West is mentioned in Richard Bayly’s will as receiving 3 acres of land. [71] Elizabeth is not mentioned. The deed to the land clearly indicates Richard is selling to Elizabeth and Valentine is just the husband of Elizabeth. The deed also has an item where Richard can continue to graze cattle on the land and Valentine will care for them. This all points to Elizabeth being a daughter or a relative. Scarburgh West was the son of Alexander West [1] and no relationship of him to Richard Bayly has been established. Elizabeth also named her first son Bayly which was a traditional Eastern Shore method of relating families. It would strenghten this argument even more to know her other sons or daughters carried Bayly as a middle name.
Her name is Elizabeth and Richard Bayly wife was named Elizabeth, however the name Elizabeth was given to about every third female in this time period so that is not a strong argument.

The land is situated on the Northeast side of Messonga Creek. It has been various described as being next to Hallwood, Virginia which is quite a distance from the main part of todays Messongo Creek. We know the creeks and Rivers on the Eastern Shore have filled in quite a bit over the years. As a matter of clarification a creek on the Eastern Shore of Virginia is not trickling stream but a wide, shallow, tidal estuary. Messonga Creek at it entrances to the Chesapeake Bay is about a half mile wide. [39]

The original Valentine Smith from Gloucester County was first referenced in 1662[5]. The Valentine Smith that came to the Eastern Shore appears to be a son of the original Valentine. It is my understanding that other Brothers and sisters of Valentine Smith (2) have had children that they also named Valentine and they reside in Western Virginia. This information and information pertaining to Spencer Smith comes from a book called “The Smith Ancestors of Sarah Olivia Smith of Wayne County Tennessee” by Earl F. Arnett.

Accomack Court Orders 1724 to 1731 page 18a[10]
Feb 3, 1724 “This day Maj. Rich. Bayly presented to this court a deed of sale of land made by him to Elizabeth & Valentine Smith & acknowledged the same in open court to be his deed admitted to record.”

Valentine Smith and Elizabeth had a son named Bayly Smith.[1]
Valentine Smith died 1731. [1]

After Valentine died Elizabeth married Roger Miles (son of William and Esther Miles) Roger Miles died in 1744. Elizabeth and Roger had as children William Miles, Parker Miles, Keziah Miles, and Mary Miles.[1],[22],[20]

Bayly Smith , d1797 son of Valentine, married an Elizabeth Taylor. Their children were Spencer b1741, Ralph b1743, Anne b 1745, Valentine b 1747, and Nancy b1750.[5] [18]

In Bayly Smith will he refers to his daughters as Anne Smith and Nancy Smith so they must not have been married at this time.

Will of Teakle Taylor died July 10, 1769. [17] In it he refers to his brother in law Bayly Smith and his cousin Spencer Smith. So Elizabeth of Bayly Smith may have been a Taylor as well as the Elizabeth of Spencer Smith, his son.

Accomack County Court Orders Oct 30, 1797 [12]
“An inventory and audit of the estate of Bayly Smith decd being returned are ordered to be recorded.”

Anne Smith (bc1745)(dau of Bayly Smith) married Henry Trader. Henry was the brother of Staten Trader that Nancy Smith married. [23]

Accomack Orders Book 1796-1798 [12]
“A deed from Henry Trader and Anne his wife to Spencer Smith was acknowledged by his said Henry Trader as his act & deed and together with a (can’t make out) anneted and certificate of the execution thereof being returned are ordered to be recorded”

In Henry Trader will of Oct 10, 1801 he mentions his wife Anne, three sons; Abot Trader, William Trader and Parker Trader. Also mentioned is his daughters Sally Trader and youngest daughter Anne Trader. In Henry smith’s will he speaks “of being weak of body”, however he did not died until 1815 and he produced one more son not mentioned in his will; Henry. [23]

Abot Trader married Molly Bayly in 1812. He had a second wife named Ann. He died in 1827. Abot and Molly had one child Hetty Davis. [23] [8]

William Trader married first Comphrate Walker in 1815 and second Comfort Hudson in 1829. William died in 1845. Their children Henry born 1816, Edmond born 1820 died 1887, Elizabeth Byrd born 1823 died 1885, Nancy. [23] [8]

Henry Trader married Critty Hutson in 1829 [8]
1860 Census Accomack
#102-100 Henry C. Trader age 55
Comfort age 50
James H. age 16
Henrietta age 16
Parker age 15

In the 1850 Accomack Census
Henry Trader of H age 45
Critty age 40
Delilah age 29
Rebecca age 17
Lucilla age 15
Mary age 12
James H age 4
Henry age 4
Elizabeth A age 2

Parker Trader married Nancy Hutson in 1823 [8]. Nancy was the daughter of William and the sister of Critty.. Parker died in 1843.They had as children; Thomas C. born 1837 died 1916 wife Sarah Jane Marshall, John S. A. born 1842 no issue, Sarah Poulson born 1835, Jane Hall born 1831, Emaline K. Percar, William H P born 1825 wife Mary Ann., Raymond R born 1827 Wife Eliz. Chase.[23]

Ann Trader married George Hargis in 1833 [23] [8]

Sally Trader appears to have remained unmarried.

Nancy Smith (bc 1750 dau of Bayly Smith) married Staten Trader 21 Apr 1791.[35] Staten Trader died in 1842. Staten Trader was a brother of Henry. Their father was William. The last name was originally Armitrader but by 1825 had shorten to Trader. Some land documents still refer to Staten and Henry as Armitrader. [23]

Their children are; Valentine Trader (bc 1803) married Jane Chase August 7, 1823.,[8] Gillett Teakle Trader bc 1794 died 1868 wife Nancy Powell, Ishmael Trader married in 1821 [8] wife Polly Miles died 1857, Whittington Trader died 1845 wife 1 was Polly Howard (Dau of Thomas Howard a midshipman in the Virginia Navy in the revolutionary war [41] ) who he married in 1816 [8] , wife 2 Rachel, Elizabeth (married James Chesser Aug 16, 1822). Staten Trader had a Will of Aug 29, 1842 which in addition to the above people he mentioned a grandson Alfred Trader. [23] [15] [8]

In Ishmael Trader will of May 20, 1854 [ 16] he mentions his daughters Adeline Northam, Hetty Trader and sons John T. Trader, James W. Trader.

1850 Accomack Census [32]
HH#1069 Ishmael Trader age 60
Hetty Trader age 30
John Trader Laborer age 16
Adeline Trader age 21

1850 Accomack Census [32]
HH#1066 Valentine Trader farmer age 47
Jane Trader age 51
Henry of W. Trader Laborer age 34

1860 Accomack Census [33]
Alfred Trader age 30
Eliza age 40
Emory J age 8
Eliz T age 6
Milla ann age 3

1860 Accomack Census [33]
Gillett Trader age 63
Nancy age 63
Alfred A. Rew age 34
Emeline Rew age 25
John Rew age 8
Teakle Rew age 7

Ralph Smith (bc1743) (son of Bayly Smith) married Scarburg Whealton on 29 Jun 1787, Valentine Smith was witness. At present there is little data collected on Ralph but he seems to have stayed in the area and will probably be the biggest source of family tree data. [8]

In his will of Mar 31, 1829 he mentions his wife Scarborough and sons Valentine, Ralph, Richard, William, Charles and Thomas. [15]

Accomack County Court Orders Feb 27, 1797 [12]
“A deed from Staton Trader and Nancy his wife to Ralph Smith was acknowledged by the said Staton and Nancy as their act and deed the said Nancy being first privately examined as the law directs did voluntarily consent and ordered to be recorded.”

From “John Kelly of Muddy Creek” [27]
Page 15 William Kelly born 1752 died 1832 in his will mentions Nancy Smith, wife of Ralph Smith. Since he was 80 years old she was probably his granddaughter. When Nancy Kelly was married in 1826 to Ralph Smith she was referred to as “daughter of William Kelly deceased” (MLB 1806-1832 p119)

Albert F. Smith 24 Farmer s/o Ralph & Nancy to Mary Jane Lewis 21 d/o Danil & Eliz on 9 Jul 1863 by ES Grant [8]

Valentine Smith (bc1804) married Elizabeth Stants (of JMS) 29 Dec 1834. Henry White and Ralph Smith Witness. [8]

From “Revival’s Children by Kirk Mariner [9]
“1844 James Hargis and Valentine Smith, the (Methodist) Accomack Circuit preachers that year, became the first paid preachers from the mainland to supply the island (Tangier, VA) with regular preaching”

1850 Accomack Census [32]
HH #1023 Valentine Smith farmer age 46
Elizabeth Smith age 34
Charlotte A. Smith age 12
Letitia R. Smith age 10
Elizabeth W. Smith age 6
Sewell Smith age 7
Sarah J. Smith age 4
George age 2/12

In Valentine Smith Will of Dec 29, 1877 he leaves everything to his nephew James T Rew who is the son of his neice Emaline S. Rew [16]

.Marriages of Valentine Smith Family [7]
Charles D. Stant 25 Sailor s/o William and Sarah to Harriet Smith 25 d/o Valentine and Elizth on 25 Dec 1865

J. W. Wessells 45 S oysterman s/o Walter and Polly to Elizabeth Smith 27 d/o Valentine and Elizth on 11 Jan 1881 nr Pocomoke.

Lewis Bayly 26 Sailor s/o Arfaxey and Polly to Leticha Smith 16 d/o Valentine on 31 July 1855

Robert Bull 20 Farmer s/o James and Sarah to Sarah J. Smith 18 d/o Valentine and Sally on 15 Jan 1865

Re: Smith

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I know this post is old, but if you are still receiving messages, please reply. I believe I am also a descendant of Valentine Smith of the 1850 Tyrrell census, and can't find any definite info.

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