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Geneology- Update

Geneology- Update

Chrysso Sarkos Sarris (View posts)
Posted: 928843200000
Classification: Query
Since my last message (28 April 99), I have received some additional information to modify my search request. ATHERINOU m. PETALAS/PETELIS (Kalymnos), PETALIS/PETELIS m. ZERVOS (Kalymnos to Egypt to USA and Australia), KOUVELIS m. SARKOS, SARKOS m. TANARAS (Eatea in mainland Greece near Delphi to USA), SARRIS m. KAFANTARIS (Chios to Constantinople to USA). Note I am guessing on the spelling of some of the surnames so if your surname is close, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Any information about these relatives or about searching in general (eg tips on locating relatives in Greece and locating Greek passenger ship lists)is greatly appreciated. Also, I would love to hear from relatives.



Posted: 929707200000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: petelis
i am lookin for any information on the Petelis family.When they came to the United States and the like. I know my Great grandfather lived in Delaware. That is really all i know. Now most of the family lives in California I think. But where I dont know.


chrysso sarkos sarris (View posts)
Posted: 929966400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: PETELIS

Thanks for your response. Do you know what part of Greece your great grandfather came from? My Petelis relatives are originally from the island of Kalymnos (in the Dodecanese islands of Greece) but later lived in Egypt. They arrived in the US in the 1920s. My grandmother was a Petelis and was one of 11 children I think.

Please let me know if you think there might be a connection.

Best regards
Chrysso Sarkos Sarris

patellis family

Posted: 930312000000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1038185031000
I have recieved more information regarding my Patellis relatives. My father says they camef rom the southwest of Greece and were fisher men. Not sure of exact location.The came into the country at Ellis island.Later settling in Harrisburg Pennslyvania. They went into the dry cleaning buisness. My grandfathers name was Nomikos dont know my great granfathers name. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know.

surname match?

Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 954244800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kountourogiannis, Kountouris, Kouvelas
I have Kouvelas in my tree, this is close to your Kouvelis, mine are from Kalamata, Greece. Could we have a connection?
Please email me at
Thanks Cheryl


agne colettis elliott (View posts)
Posted: 954417600000
Classification: Query
Surnames: zervos
i came from a town called campbell,oh there were a few familes there by the name of zervos, from the island of kalymnos. Also in the same city, the naem kafantaris could be found. In your search also try the Tarpin Springs area of Florida. My surname Kolettis, also has family links to the zervos family, he was a doctor, and his sons also became doctors in the United states. have fun in your search.

zervos family tree

mary Zervos Petrantoni (View posts)
Posted: 958046400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: zervos
hello, my name is Mary Zervos Petrantoni, and as i browsed
through the internet, i noticed your response to inquieries
of the Zervos family. My father was John Anthony Zervos,
from Kalymnos and lived in the Bahamas...........we are also related to Dr. Skevos Zervos both of Kalymnos and of
Ohio. Would love to hear from any of our relatives and meet them...I now live in the Tarpon Springs, Fl., area.
Sincerely, Mary Zervos Petrantoni.


Chrysso Sarkos Sarris (View posts)
Posted: 970056000000
Classification: Query

Thanks for your message. I am sorry for the delayed reply but I have moved and have not checked this site in a while.

I am very curious about the connection between the Zervos and Kolettis families as I do not think I have heard this name before. Can you provide me with any information?

I will send a message to your e-mail address as well.

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.

Chrysso Sarkos Sarris

Greek Name

Marea Petrelles (View posts)
Posted: 976536000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Petelis, Patelis, Petrelis, Petrellis
Hello, I have read a few submissions in the Greece page and
I am submitting my changed name 'Petrelles' to you.

My Grandfather's name was Dimitri Petrelis, maybe two 'l's',
and he changed it a couple of times. Once to Petrell and then my father used Petrelles. It was originally pronounced as Pet-trel-lis. My Grandfather changed his given name to James and was a businessman. He had a Used Car lot in Long Island, NY, ana a Bakery and later a Club or two in Washington, DC and restaurants in North Carolina and later in Richmond, Virginia. In fact he died May 1972 and his wife, Harriet Baganakis runs two of the restaurants with relatives.

If anybody knows of any relatives to my Grandfather who came over about 1920 give or take a couple years, I'd love to hear from you.

My Grandfather was from Smyrna, Greece, it has been renamed to Izmir. It is next to Turkey.

Thank you - Marea


Pamela Wright (View posts)
Posted: 980164800000
Classification: Query
I have lots of information about the James Petrell family (I married Harriet Baganakis Petrell's grandson and we live here in the same house with her and she is a wealth of family information). Let me know what information you need. Pam
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