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Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

William Jeter (View posts)
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Seeking the descendants of Bennett BROOKS, b. abt 1790, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. son of Thomas BROOKS (1769-1835) and his first wife, Anna DICK, b. abt 1767. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Bennett Brooks, Oglethorpe Cty Ga

Maysel Brooks (View posts)
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I might have some info for you on Bennett. I'm at the library now; will look this weekend. I come from some of the Brooks who left northern Georgia and went to Hardin County Tennessee. I think Bennett was part of that move. Thomas and his second wife Elizabeth went to Maury, Wayne or Hardman County Tennessee. Will let you know what I find.


Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe, Ga.

William Jeter (View posts)
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I'm interested in corresponding directly with anyone, who has information on Bennett BROOKS, Ogelthorpe, Ga. I can be reached at Will gladly exchange other BROOKS info. No attachments please.

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe, Ga.

maysel brooks (View posts)
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Thanks much for your reply and info. Will get my Bailey info together this weekend and send it.
You forgot to let me know if you still want the info I have on Bennet Brooks. Let me know by email.
thanks, maysel

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

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Thomas Brooks (1769-1835) did not marry Anna Dick(s). That was Thomas Brooke who was originally from Maryland, the son of Thomas Brooke and wife, Elizabeth. Thomas Brooke died 5/7/1790. His widow, Ann Brook, returned a citation of the estate of Thomas Brook Decd. on 2 August 1790 in Winton (now Barnwell) S.C. Barnwell is just across the line from Richmond Co., GA where Thomas and Ann Dicks married.

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

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There were a great many Thomas Brooks,. This Thomas, son of William Wilson Brooks and Mary Gilliam was reported to have married Anna Dick. A quote from The Brooks of Virginia by Bruce Montgomery Edwards: ""He married Anna Dick in 1786—where, we do not know. She died within a few years. Thomas went to GA and married Elizabeth Hardman in Oglethorpe Co., GA on 12 Jan. 1801.( pg 122)

Re: Bennett Brooks, Oglethorpe Cty Ga

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""The Brooks' were well-known residents of the county [Hardin Co., TN]. It's unsure how long they had been around, but it's known that their appearance predated 1830. Bailey Sr. and Jr., BENNETT, Browder, William, and Thomas were just a few of this large family. A rough and ready group, they had never shrunk from a fight." (from Hardin Co. [TN] History 1818-1930, by Tony Hays)

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

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Yes, there were several Thomas Brooks, and I am familiar with the information you quote from the Brooks of Virginia by Bruce Edwards however it is incorrect; unfortunately it has been copied and repeated many times. A descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth Hardman (Mr. Glenn Smith…I have a copy of his work) purchased the book by Mr. Edwards to determine if it was his Brooks family. He found there were no sources given in the book for the entry concerning Thomas Brooks (p.122). He wrote to Mr. Edwards who informed him he had not done the research, but just published the information sent to him by another individual. He gave Mr. Smith the name of the contributor who sent in the material about Thomas Brook. Mr. Smith contacted this individual who told him that she had no proof concerning the information she sent. She had found the name Thomas and made an assumption they were the same. She further stated that she was not even a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth Hardman Brooks. There are records proving the material she submitted is incorrect.

The Thomas Brooks (the name is spelled interchangeably in documents) who married Ann Dicks was really Thomas Brooke, son of Thomas Brooke and his wife, Elizabeth, of Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. This Thomas left a will in Maryland. (Maryland Genealogies, Vol. 1, p. 120-121). Among the sons were Thomas and another son, Clement. I have an email from a descendant of this Thomas. He came from Maryland and settled along the Savannah River near Augusta (Richmond Co., GA) or across the river in SC in Winton Co., (later Barnwell County). They were married in 1786 in Richmond Co., GA. Thomas died in 1790 leaving Ann with a young son, also named Thomas. After the death of Thomas, Ann filed affidavits to the court concerning her marriage to Thomas. According to the descendant, Ann kept copies of her affidavits and they have been passed down through the family for generations. Winton Co., no longer exists and many records were lost, but there is a record dated 2 August 1790 of Ann Brook returning a citation of the estate of Thomas Brook in the Winton (Barnwell) County, SC records confirming the information I had received. Ann married 2) Littleberry Stone and 3) Etheldred Owens. The descendant of Thomas has copies of letters written by Clement Brooks. One to his brother, Thomas, in SC describing the death of their father, and the second to Thomas to Littleberry Stone inquiring about the welfare of his nephew after the death of Thomas.

The lady who gave the information to Mr. Edwards probably found the genealogies that state Thomas Brooks who married Elizabeth Hardman was the son of William Wilson Brooks and Mary Gilliam. According to some of these genealogies, William Wilson had sons Thomas, Robert and Wilson. In my research I have found that William Wilson did have a son, Thomas, as well as sons Robert, Wilson and William Jr. They were all located in Greene Co., GA beginning with a tax digest listing William in Melton District, in 1797. Deed and tax records follow the family on thru 1850. Thomas was shown along with William Sr., and William Jr., next door to each other beginning in 1809. Son, Wilson, moved to Oglethorpe Co., GA sometime between 1806-1810. Thomas was on the tax digests in Greene Co., with his family from 1809-1815 (son Robert also on tax digest in 1815 and in other records)…..the same time that the Thomas Brooks who married Elizabeth Hardman was in the Franklin Co., GA tax digests and deed records.

This Thomas who married Hardman was obviously another Thomas Brooks. When all the records are taken into consideration, it seems apparent there were two Thomas Brooks in Georgia about the same time. The Thomas who married Hardman appears in Wilkes Co., GA in the same tax district beginning in 1790 with Richard, Middleton, Benjamin and Bailey Brooks. Several of the Hardman family were also there. In 1798 Thomas, Middleton, Bailey and Richard are shown in the Oglethorpe Co., tax digests in Brooks District which was formed from Wilkes Co., GA. William Hardman, the father of Elizabeth, was also in the same district. Thomas and Elizabeth Hardman married there in 1801. There are many other records there. Bailey and Thomas later moved to Franklin Co., GA (borders Oglethorpe) and later Tennessee.

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

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Well that kind of makes sense. I am a Thomas Brooks descendant, through his son Thomas Hardman Brooks, b 1819 in TN. But then who is Bennett Brooks? How does he fit in? His name does pop up in records from GA and I think maybe also TN?

Re: Bennett BROOKS, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

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From the records I have seen, I think Bennett was probably the son of Bailey Brooks. He is seen with Bailey and several men who seem to be sons of Bailey continuously in Hardin Co., TN. Of interest is that he did not move to Wayne Co., TN with Thomas and Elizabeth Hardman. I haven’t seen any records of him in Georgia, except the erroneous genealogies already discussed. If he was Bailey’s son, he would have been born in Georgia since Bailey didn’t move to TN until around 1811-12.

I feel another incorrect connection/assumption about Bennett was made by Edgar Byler in publications he compiled on Hardin and Wayne County. Mr. Byler had apparently seen the Brooks of Virginia book by Bruce Edwards or one of the DAR publications so when he came across the documents noting that Bennett Brooks was the administrator of the estate of Thomas Brooks in Wayne, Co., he made the assumption that Bennett was the son of Thomas. Without any other document or event, the fact that Bennett was the administrator, does not offer compelling evidence to name him as a son of Thomas. He was most likely the husband of Thomas and Elizabeth’s oldest child, Maria. It was very common at that time to name a son-in-law as executor or administrator of an estate. This would seem to be confirmed when John Downing, the husband of Thomas and Elizabeth’s next oldest living child, daughter, Ally, was named administrator of the estate after the death of Bennett.

There is, however, compelling evidence that would seem to indicate Bennett was the child of Bailey Brooks:

1. The first record found for Bennett was in 1819 – Hardin Co., TN – Petition to create Wayne Co., from Hardin; among the signers were #55 Thomas Brooks, #56 Baily Brooks, #57 Bennett Brooks and #32 Isaac (?) [“?” Is from the transcriber] Brooks. Interestingly, #33 was William Stricklin and Bennett’s daughter is noted to have married William Strickland. The question in this petition is whether Thomas was the son of Bailey or was he the Thomas who married Hardman and moved to Wayne Co., by 1825? Probably the elder Thomas since he apparently was interested in Wayne Co., being established. If the younger Thomas was one of the 2 males, age 10-15 in the 1820 census of Hardin Co., with Bailey he would only have been about 15 years old at the time. Bennett was probably the oldest male shown with Bailey, age 16-25, bc 1794-1804.

2. In 1823 and 1824, Bennett bought land adjoining Bailey on White’s Creek in Hardin Co. This land adjoining Bailey Brooks was listed in Bennett’s probate in 1850 and 1851.

3. Bennett is living next to, or very near, Bailey, Isaac, Thomas, Terrill, Tolliver and Browder Brooks in the 1830 and 1840 census. Based on the ages of the other men, they were probably other sons of Bailey.

4. Bennett and Terrel Brooks had land surveyed on the same day along the E. Tennesse River in 1837. In the 1840 census Bennett was living next door to Terrill Brooks and next door to Terrill was Sarah Brooks. On the page before was Bailey Brooks and next door to him Thomas Brooks. Sarah may have been the widow of William Brooks.

5. He was appointed administrator of the estate of William Brooks in 1842 indicating he was probably the brother of William, who was the son of Bailey and Charity David Brooks. In this probate it is mentioned that William was named in the will of Isaac David (father of Charity David who married Bailey Brooks) as being appointed to take care of the monies Charity received from her father’s estate. Also of interest in the possible connection of Bennett to Bailey and Charity is that Bennett named one of his daughters, Charity….possibly named for his mother.

6. When Bennett died in 1845, James M. (Madison?) Brooks was appointed administrator of his estate. James was probably the brother of Bennett.

Since Bailey Brooks and Thomas Brooks were seen together in many records in Georgia, first in Wilkes Co., then Oglethorpe Co., (formed from Wilkes) and later in Franklin Co., then later moving near or at the same time to Tennessee, it would appear they were brothers, or at least closely related in some way.
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