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Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Shirley (View posts)
Posted: 1102762609000
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My relative, Frank Hodson LAW died 19 August 1940 Essondale, British Columbia.
The death/funeral/obituary notice could prove most helpful; unfortunately I have been unable to locate Essondale, British Columbia on any map.
Anyone out there know exactly where it is, and which newspaper I would need to access.
Many thanks

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Heather (View posts)
Posted: 1102787453000
Classification: Query
Essondale is/was the Forensic Psychiatric clinic for the Province of BC so if he died in Essondale , he had been committed for mental problems. If the death was far enough back you can apply for and receive his papers using the Freeom of information Act

Here is a directory for the location

PS I can not remember know but will look, the Clinic used one funeral home so that will be the place to look

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

shirley (View posts)
Posted: 1102806361000
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Many thanks Heather for your time and effort

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Posted: 1102882796000
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Surnames: LAW
Good Morning Shirley,
Essondale [Now Riverview Hospital] is in Coquitlam British Columbia. I cannot access info on my old computer - for the correct reference - but if you contact the following - they will be able to help. Records have been transferred to the Provincial Archive - The hospital can give you reference #'s etc.Then Contact the Provincial Archive for the Hospital Records - excellent information.

General Inquiries
Riverview Hospital
2601 Lougheed Highway
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3C 4J2
Tel (604) 524 7000
Fax(604) 524 7016

The following from the Provincial Archive of British Columbia Vital Events Index.-Deaths;
Name: Frank Hodson LAW
Event Date: 1940 8 19 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 62
Gender: male
Event Place: Essondale
Reg. Number: 1940-09-575469
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13168
GSU Microfilm Number: 1953628

The filmed Death Registration can be viewed at the Provincial Archive in Victoria B.C., Some Public and University Libraries, The Latter Day Saints Family History Centres.
There are also Volunteers at the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness site:
Any who offer Lookups of Public Record - can view, transcribe or copy the information found.
Some Volunteers also offer search for Obituary - others offer Cemetery Photo's.
Many of the Registrations - where the informant is an official of an institution - hold little personal information - although the information is possibly in their files. Most Registrations will show Place of Death. Name and Address. Date and Place of birth. Name and Address of Informant - Relationship to deceased. Time in Place of Death, Time inProvince, Time in Canada. Occupation. Marital Status. Spouse.
Date of Death. Burial or Cremation. Cause of Death.
Name and Address of Funeral Home. Name and Address of Cemetery. Name and Address of Physician.

An obituary would probably be pubished in the area where Frank Hodson Law had lived - had family - rather than in the Coquitlam area where he had been hospitalized.

Wishing you much luck with your search.
Happy Holidays,
Cheers, Stella

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Posted: 1102918661000
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This topic caught my eye as I am very interested in getting the papers for my grandaunt who died there also after living there for the last 15 years of her life (as per her death registration).

You mentioned getting the papers through the Freedom of Information Act, how, where and what would I do to get her papers?

I know my uncle has been wanting to know for several decades what happened to her as well as my curiosity is peaked. This is so exciting to find out that there is a possibilty of possibly receiving her papers and learning more about her.

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Posted: 1102919520000
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I forgot to mention, my grandaunt was in Essondale 1951-1966. Hopefully that won't be too recent to allow the records to be accessed?

Getting Essondale Papers

Heather (View posts)
Posted: 1102948776000
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Here is a note from a lady telling how to get the records - as far as the Freedom of Information form , you get those from your local federal government office.

If you have any problems just get back to me offline and we will sort it out

Re: Getting Essondale Papers

Posted: 1102949965000
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Thank you very much for replying. I'll trying out, this great :-)

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Posted: 1103263807000
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I'm not sure that anyone answered your question as to which newspaper might contain an obituary for someone who died at Essondale, which was in Coquitlam. The Vancouver daily newspapers would be the most likely.

However, having looked up many, many, many newspaper obituaries as a volunteer for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, and more than a few for individuals who died at Essondale, I have to tell you that the odds are that the family didn't have an obituary published.

It's definitely still worth a look though.

Re: Where is Essondale, British Columbia?

Posted: 1110045436000
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The death record you are looking for is located on bc archives. Mr. Law died at 62 years in essondale, BC. When I am up at the libary in the next month I shall search out the record for you and obtain a copy.

LB - Vancouver
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