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Book by Brian Podoll

Podoll's Book

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Surnames: BECZKALA
I have my own copy of this book and can help. What you are reading is decifered like this:

Mary BECZKALA married Adalbertus KREMPA at Berlin, Wisconsin on February, 3, 1891 as found in Vol 6 of the marriage books for Green Lake County this is the book with marriages (1893-1897) and the record should be on page 42.

Podoll compiled records he could determine to be immigrants to a three county area, Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara for a specific period of time. There are sections for marriages, death, and immigrations - not complete but a good overall study. He transcribed the information directly from the records. So you should be able to obtain the record. I have found the spelling was way off from what I know to be correct having grown up in that area. What I mean is that Podoll did not make a mistake, the names on the records may not have been spelled correctly and many people of the immigrant population could not read or write English therefore did not know if their name was correct or not. About these people: It is possible that they lived in another county, just went Berlin to be married near family and friends. Looks like this Mary is either a widow and remarried or BECZKALA is her maiden name and this is her first marriage. You won't know until you see the record.

Book by Brian Podoll

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Surnames: Betchkal, Beczkala, Bachkal, Betchka, Betchkaw, Beczka
I have been researching the Betchkal Family name in Green Lake County Wisconsin Records and have had a fairly sucessfull time doing so but have run into a little bit of a jam. I requested an interlibrary loan for Brian Podell's book: "Prussian Netzelanders and other German Immigrants in Green Lake, Marquette and Waushare Counties, Wisconsin". Unfortunately they could only send a photo copy of the page that read the important information. Can anybody tell me what I am reading?

The entry states:

Immigrants (Polish Catholics) from "Prussian Poland" , "Polish Prussia", and other variants for Province Posen:

4.) Beczkala, Mary- b. "Prussian Poland", marr. Adalbertus Krempa- b."Prussian Poland"; at Berlin 27 July 1891/ Vol. 6 (1893-1897), p42.

The family member I am researching is Mary and Adam Beczkala . I would guess Adam is "Americanized" form of Adalbertus but what does Krempa mean or stand for? To the best of my knowledge Adam Beczkala passed away between 1886 and 1895 as the last mention of his name was in the 1885 State Census Record for GLC. The last piece of knowledge I have on Mary is in the 1900 Federal Census. I cannot find any death certificates for either one.(I have found 5 different spellings of the Surname listed above.) I have checked Oakwood, St Stans, and St Micheals records in Berlin and have found no graves. The family did appear to go St. Stans as later Family member's records are there but not Adam or Mary's.

I thought Podoll's book would led me something but I don't know how to use the information?

Can anyone help?

Peter Betchkal

I am a Podoll from Wisconsin Dells and I like snomobiling

Mike Podoll (View posts)
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anyone around there?

Re: Book by Brian Podoll

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I am the author of the book and of my own 1989 Podoll family
book. The Mary Beczkala listed in the book is a maiden name,
not a married name. She became Mrs. Krempa in that record.
She may very well have been related to you, but this particular
Mary became Mrs. Krempa.
The structure of the book listed women, who gave their hometown
or region, in her case, "Prussian Poland," but when they are listed, it is by their maiden name. The exception could be a remarried widow, and those few instances are usually cited.
As was advised by another, you'd really have to review the record
yourself, to learn this Mary's parents and still have a possible link.
I hope this belatedly helps.

Re: Book by Brian Podoll

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Surnames: Rohde, Schlueter, podoll
what have you in the way of some help for henry podoll or lena podoll? passed on possbly the same month? 1972. their sons names are Norman and Russel ,they lived in wautoma, WI. thanks in advance for answering or help. her name was schlueter.

Re: Podoll's Book

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Surnames: Freiheit, Schultz
Is there mention of the Freiheit family in your book? They immigrated in 1866 from W. Prussia to Green Lake Co. Soon after they migrated west to MN, with the exception of John Gottlieb & Wilhelmina (Schultz) Freiheit and their large family, who stayed in Marquette, Princeton & Markesan areas.
Thank you
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