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Trying to establish a Polish Connection

Trying to establish a Polish Connection

Erica Vojtek (View posts)
Posted: 937915200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kania, Kuchavzewski, Hilenski
I'm researching Suzena Kania, born in the former province of Rzeszow, Poland on Feb. 20,1891. She married a Jozek Hilenski but I'm not sure if the marriage took place in Poland or the U.S. Her parents are Joseph Kania and Agnes Kuchavzewski Kania. Thank you for your consideration.


Raymond Kania (View posts)
Posted: 938606400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: KANIA
Hello Erica,
It seems we are both searching the same surname of KANIA.
Since you mentioned Rzeszow, I thought I'd contact you . I plan on spending a week or so in that area next year trying to research both sides of my family. My main interest will be around Jarsloslaw and Lviv Ukraine, since this was the Galicia area in those days and it ran from Poznan to east of Lviv ,Ukraine. My Dad was born in 1892 and I know he hada brother and some sisters . If I find out anything more on the Kania Name I'll let you know. Ray


Elizabeth Parton (View posts)
Posted: 969883200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kanuck, Keinick, Kaniak, Kinnik
Hello Ray:

I have been reading through the many messages that are on this list, and have found some of the them really fascinating!! I note that you had sent a message to a lady regarding KANIA in the Rzeszow area of Polant (Galicia) and that this message was in September of 1999. It is now September of 2000, and I do not see any more messages from you regarding this area. I also see that you had planned to go to this area to see what you could find about your family. Was just wondering what kind of luck you had, as I am looking for relatives in Sokolow Malopolski which is approximately 14 miles NW of Rzeszow. Through the years, the name I am looking for is KEINICK, but suggestions from several of my siblings, and a very helpful note from Fred Hoffman some time ago, lead me to look for any variation of the name that 'pops' up. The time period I am looking for would start aroung 1880 (the year my grandparents were born) and after that. They, (Stephan and Maria Keinick) emmigrated to Canada in 1907. Anyways, was just curious how much luck you had.

Liz Parton
Posted: 988545600000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1021132415000
Surnames: Kania
There are 10+ Kania's listed in the 1998 telephone book for Rzezow 35-001: They are listed as follows:

Zydik Beata @ Cicha #7, Jozef @ Zielna #11, Maria @ Hetmanska #15, Marta @ Krola Augusta #8, Mieczyslaw @ Pola #8, Natalia @ Krakowska #1, Stawomir @ Popieluszki #20, Stefania @ Wikacego #3, Wieslawa @ Grodzisko #5, Wladyslaw @ Podchorazych #3, Wladyslawa @ Grodzisko #5, Zbigniew @ Kosynierow #23 and Zofia @ Podwislocze # 26.

Good luck in your search.

Re: Trying to establish a Polish Connection

Stanley Jarmiolowski (View posts)
Posted: 1004659582000
Classification: Query
I am the grandson of Susan and Joseph Hilenski. Her maiden name was Kania. To my knowledge they were married here and not Poland. I can get you in contact with some of my siblings who still live in the Northeast and have more information. I believe my Aunt Wanda, her daughter is still alive.

Stanley Jarmiolowski
Human Resources, Inc.
4610 200th Street SW, Suite K
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Fax 425-776-6511
Cellular 206-650-0735

Re: Rzeszow

Marilyn Krzus (View posts)
Posted: 1095262165000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Krzus
How did you get hold of a phone book for Rzeszow? I, too, would like to find out whether my father-in-law's uncles left anyone behind in the city. Thank you.

Re: Rzeszow

wendy b (View posts)
Posted: 1095286745000
Classification: Query
What surname are you looking for? What village?

Re: Rzeszow

Marilyn Krzus (View posts)
Posted: 1095303793000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Krutak, Krzus, Siecka, Zyrek
The names I'm looking for in Rzeszow are Krzus, Zyrek, Siecka, and Krutak, and the towns are Rzeszow and Jaroslaw. Can you help me? Thank you.

Krzus, Krutak, Siecka and Zyrek

Wendy b. (View posts)
Posted: 1095306971000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Krzos, Sieczka, Sieczek
I do not have a telephone book for Jaroslaw. In Rzeszow, ther are not an Krzus, but there are 3 Krzos, Anna, Boguslawa and Ryszard. I could not find any Krutak's, Siecka's or Zyrek's. I did find 2 Sieczka's a Genowefa and Maria and 2 Sieczek's, a Dorota and Stanislaw.

I hope this helps! If any of these interest you let me know which ones I can give you the telephone numbers.

I know of a researcher in this area if you are interested. He lives about 80 K from Rzeszow.

Re: Krzus, Krutak, Siecka and Zyrek

Marilyn Krzus (View posts)
Posted: 1095338014000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Krzus, Krutak, Sieczka, Zyrek
I'm sorry--I misspelled Siecka--it actually SHOULD be Sieczka! Would you be able to send me the address for the Sieczkas? Thank you soooo much. Also, yes, I would love the e-mail address for the researcher in Rzeszow. I had a researcher in Grajewo, and he was so wonderful, finding so many documents on my husband's mother's family, that we are fine friends now. I went up to see him at The Dells last summer, and my parents are going to try to see him in Warsaw today or tomorrow. Do you know whether this researcher is respected? In other words, may I trust him? Yes, please do send me his/her e-mail address, if you have it. Thank you so very, very much for this data.
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