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Ferguson NY WI MN

Ferguson NY WI MN

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Surnames: Ferguson, Cunningham, Anderson, Rasnick, Hook
Looking for descendants of Charles or Seneca David Ferguson originally of NY, county unknown. Arrived by 1848 in Washington Co, WI and moved to Kandiyohi, Meeker and Crow Wing Co. MN from 1870 onward. Charles and Catharine Ferguson had children, James, Henry, Otis and Chauncey that are known. Henry Ferguson married Dinah Fredericka Hook of Germany in WI in 1860, place unknown. I have info on quite a few, but would like to know what county they originated out of in NY, as well as anyone who is related. Thanks. Rita

Charles and David

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Thanks! I have lots of places to look now. I'll check out all your leads.

Charles & David Ferguson

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Surnames: Ferguson
Unable to find any Charles & or David that may be yours. There are some Ferguson's that were not covered in my Dutchess Co. info. Frank Doherty is in process of compiling and publishing a series of books on the Settlers of Beekman Patent in Dutchess Co., NY. If you have not checked the Columbia or Dutchess Co. boards, go into roots web, search Ferguson--use surname helper. They are listed under #'s 1134/1135. Frank checks the boards from time to time. Know he had several comments back in April, not sure of any other dates. If you respond to one of his comments, he may possibly have seen some info since, as he is constantly adding same. His most recent vol #5 had the Ferguson info.
Probably Charles & David were in the Monroe Co. area. It's possible that their father or grandfather received lands in western NY (at that time western NY was anywhere north or west of Albany) for service in the Revolution. My own Ferguson ancestor married a Vail - the land they received was in Saratoga Co., NY. Good Hunting.

Seneca David Ferguson

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Seneca David was born in 1852. His lists his father as both David and Seneca David. Charles was born about 1803. These two brothers may have also had a brother or cousin named Otis. This names repeat in later generations too, but this older Otis was a pioneer in Kandiyohi Co., MN and says he came from Tomkins Co., NY, but I've not found them there. I agree that the name Seneca is unusual. These families all helped to establish the town of Gennessee in Kandiyohi Co. That town was named for the river in New York where many of these pioneers originate from. That is a long river so it's a guess as to which county?

Seneca David Ferguson

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Surnames: Ferguson
Do you have any birth date for Charles or Seneca David.
There was a Seneca who lived in Columbia Co. NY. Also a number of Charles & David's appear in Dutchess Co., NY.
Since the given name of Semeca very rare there may be a connection with the Ferguson's of Dutchess Co., NY.

Onieda Co./Ferguson

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I discovered the marriage license for Henry Ferguson, and it gives his birthplace as Oneida Co, NY. There is a Charles Ferguson on the 1840 C for that county so that my be the line that is ours. Would like to hear from anyone researching Fergusons from there. Thanks.

Re: Ferguson NY WI MN

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In my family tree the family came from NY to WI and then some did travel to MN so there is a possible there is a connection. There is a Peter Ferguson who was born in NY who did come to WI and he had a son named Charles Ferguson b 26 Jun 1830. They did move to a Washington County but it is unsure if it was IA or WI. It was thought it was IA with a chance of being the one in WI, but I believe it is more likely it was the one in WI because it would be close to where he lived last. Some uncles as well as some cousins also came to WI at this time before moving on to MN. Some did stay too, and thats the line that I come from. Here is what I know about the NY to WI to MN

Ambrose Ferguson bc 1770 Saratoga Co., NY dc 1850 St. Lawrence Co., NY (lived also in Oneida Co., NY near Boonville)
I. Polly Ferguson b say 1790 m ----Scouten
II. Jacob Ferguson (1793-1860) m Phebe Tubbs
A. William Ferguson (1819-1885) m Roxcena Kingsbury; lived in Oneida Co., NY
B. Nancy Ferguson (1820-1863) m John Burrows; lived in Oneida Co., NY
C. Isaac T Ferguson (1822-1909) m Wealthy Lints; lived in Oneida Co., NY
D. Amy Ferguson (1824-1863) m George VanVoorhis; lived in Oneida Co., NY
E. Betsey Ferguson (1826-1878) m Francis Hurlbut; lived in Oneida Co., NY
F. Ira Ferguson (1828-1865); lived in Meriden, CT, and Oneida Co., NY; looking for descendants of his son George Dean Ferguson b 1 Nov 1855 in Meriden, CT and who m. Pierpont sisters.
G. Pheobe Ferguson (1831-1903); lived in Oneida Co., NY
H. Mary Adaline Ferguson (1833-1908); lived in Oneida Co., NY
III. Peter Ferguson (1796-1870) m Luvina Kingsbury; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Washington Co., (unknown if it was IA or WI), and died Omro, Winnebago Co., WI
A. Roxena Ferguson b 23 Jun 1819
B. Zina Ferguson b 9 May 1820
C. Ambrose Ferguson b 6 Mar 1822
D. Loisa Ferguson b 4 Oct 1824
E. Joanna Ferguson b 4 Nov 1827
F. Charles Ferguson b 26 Jun 1830
G. Cynthia Ferguson b 2 Apr 1833
H. Ziba Ferguson b 3 Oct 1836
IV. Isaac Ferguson (1798-1808) m Lena Bellinger; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Coopersville, Ottawa Co., MI. A. Isaac Miller Ferguson (1830-1902)m Sybil Sprague and Harriet Root; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Coopersville, Ottawa Co., MI.
B. Israel Ferguson (1831-1900) m Jane Carpenter; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY
C. John Ferguson (c1833-1880) m Jane Thurston; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY
D. George W. Ferguson (1835-1863) m Mary Jones; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; McCook, Red Willow Co., NE
E. Milo Ferguson (1839-1891) m Sarah Wood; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. LAwrence Co., NY
F. Lany or Lena Ferguson (1840-bef 1891)
G. Henry Ferguson (1843-1932) m Sarah Root; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Linden, Genessee Co., MI; Coopersville, Ottawa Co., MI
H. Elizabeth Ferguson (1845-1861) lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY
I. Roxy Ferguson (1847-aft 1891) m Charles Currier; living in 1891 in Kinross, Keokuck Co., IA
J. Edwin Ferguson (1849-?) whereabouts said to be unknown in 1891
V. Joanna Ferguson b say 1800; lived in Oneida Co., NY. Might have married George Kingsbury of Boonville, Oneida Co., NY
VI. Betsey Ferguson (c1803-1859) m Cyrus Kingsbury and John Abel; lived in Oneida Co., NY; Kingsbury descendants moved to CA; Abel descendants moved to midwest (NE?)
VII. Temperance Ferguson b say 1805 m "Shulcol" Parker
A. Levi Parker
VIII. Henry Ferguson (c1808-c1885) m Lovina Winchell and Margaret --- lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Grand Marsh, Adams Co. WI; buried in Royalton, Morrison Co., MN.
A. Nelson Ferguson Born: 1831 Married to Christina Morse Married to Lightbody (name is not verified yet) Married to Margaret Died: 8 JUN 1909 and is buried in Iron River City Cemetary, Iron River, WI
1. Ellen Ferguson bc 1857
2. Mary Ferguson bc 1858
3. Alice Ferguson (married a Rogers)
4. Lester Ulysses Ferguson Born: 22 FEB 1865 Married 1 JAN 1889 to Laura A. Culbertson, daughter of Daniel B. Culbertson and Mary Abigail Mason. Died: 8 MAR 1932
a. Minnie Edith Ferguson Born: 18 OCT 1889 Married 10 MAR 1911 to John Benjamine Ashpole
Died: 5 OCT 1965
b. Nina May Ferguson Born: 17 MAY 1891 Married 10 MAR 1909 to Alfred J. Jackson Died: 5 NOV 1962
c. Suzanne Dell Ferguson Born: 30 JUL 1893 Married 17 MAR 1914 to Peter M. Micklesen Died: DEC 1920
d. William Henry Nelson Ferguson Born: 19 JAN 1896 Married to Rose Marry Zimmerman
Married 22 MAR 1927 to Jessie Mae Bain Died: 3 JUL 1941
e. Chester Dewy Edwin Ferguson Born: 29 JAN 1899 Married 15 MAR 1921 to Clara W. Diesing
Died: 29 MAY 1949
f. Roy Robert Ferguson Born: 24 SEP 1901 Married 23 SEP 1928 to Margaret Died: 13 FEB 1989
g. Walter Irving Ferguson Born: 23 APR 1904 Married to Mabel Died: 11 MAR 1956
h. Estella Viola Ferguson Born: 10 AUG 1905 Married 29 May 1928 to Carl Christian Jurgensen Died: 1990
i. Ida Rose Ferguson Born: 27 MAY 1908 Married to Paul Hanson Died: 1971
j. Thomas Clayton Ferguson Born: 19 DEC 1910 Married 6 APR 1935 to Ethel Maude Johns Died: 15 OCT 1952
k. Harold Woodrow Ferguson Born: 9 DEC 1912 Married 27 FEB 1936 to Frances Marie Dawson
As far as I know he is stil alive and living near Wild Rose, WI
5. Clinton Ferguson born 10 October 1866 in Iron River, Bayfield County, Wisconsin. He died 16 February 1930 in Duluth
a. Clarence Arthur b. Feb 1886
b. Lori (Lura) Ann b. Jan 1890
c. Ella Orilla b. 9 Dec 1893
d. Clinton Walter b. 29 Nov 1897
e. Robert William b. 9 Nov 1899
f. John Lemley b. 12 Sep 1902
g. Charles Harold b. 25 Dec 1904
h. Josephine Marie b. 21 Aug 1906
i. Joseph b. 21 Aug 1906
6. Henry Ferguson
7. Orrin Ferguson
B. William Ferguson (c1834-?) m Mary Ann Stiles and Sally Chamberlain; lived in Oneida CO., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Warren and Plainfield, Waushara Co., WI
C. John Ferguson (c1836-?)lived in Oneida Co., NY and St. Lawrence Co., NY, Grand Marsh, Adams Co., WI
D. Amarilla Ferguson (c 1837-?) lived in Oneida Co., NY and St. Lawrence Co., NY, Grand Marsh, Adams Co., WI
E. Robert Ferguson (c 1839-1864) lived in Oneida Co., NY and St. Lawrence Co., NY, Grand Marsh, Adams Co., WI; died in Civil War
F. George Ferguson (c 1842-?) m Charlotte Davidson; lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY and Plainfield, Waushara CO., WI, Grand Marsh, Adams Co., WI
G. Mary Ann Ferguson (1845-1922) m Andrew Jackson Morse; lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY; Grand Marsh, Adams Co., WI; Minneapolis, MN
IX. Levi Ferguson (1811-1902) m Barbary Nestle and Lizzie McCormick; lived near Boonville, Oneida Co., NY; near Hermon, St. Lawrence Co., NY; Brookings Co., Dakota Territory; Lyon Co., MN; Wood Lake, MN.
A. Ezra Ferguson (1835-1911) m Diana House; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Elkton, Brookings Co., SD
B. Susan Elizabeth Ferguson (1839-1931) m Francis Westcott; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. LAwrence Co., NY; Waseco Co., MN; St. Paul, MN
C. Wolcott Ferguson (1842-?) m Angela Martin and Darlene Knox; lived in Oneida Co., NY; St. Lawrence Co., NY; Clifton, Mesa Co., Colorado
X. William Ferguson (c1815-aft 1856) m Elizabeth ---- ; lived in Oneida Co., NY; Hermon, St. Lawrence Co., NY; Washington Co., (WI or IA)
A. Olive Ferguson (c 1842-?) lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY and Washington Co., (WI or IA)
B. Ellen Ferguson (c 1844-?) lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY; Washington Co., (WI or IA)
C. Myra Ferguson (c 1847-?) lived in St. Lawrence Co., NY; Washington Co., (WI or IA)

Re: Onieda Co./Ferguson

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I believe that has a very very good chance that is from my family that I am researching. I had a ggg grandfather Henry Ferguson who was born there and the dates you gave would lead me to believe it was. Would you be able to let me know what information is listed on those documents you have on him so I can verify it is or is not. You can also e-mail me and I will be happy to share all the information that I have. I would also love to get copies on any documents that you may have on him or his family there. my email is

Re: Ferguson NY WI MN

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The Peter I have is the son of Henry Ferguson and Fredericka Huck. He is Peter W. and was born in 1858 in Sheboygan Co. WI. He died in Hubbard Co, MN. Charles Ferguson and Catherine Vanderwarker, his wife come from Oneida Co, NY and they are there on the 1830 and 40 census. They came to WI about 1844. I hope this helps. Rita

1850 Federal census
Hartford, Washington Co, WI pg 174 Dist 15
family 545
Charles Furguson 47 NY farmer, Catherine 44 NY , Henry 15 NY
Otis 13 NY ,Chauncey 12 NY

family 546
James Furguson 22 NY
Jane 24
marriage: James Ferguson and Jane McCallison
31 Oct 1848 pg 45 Washington Co.
Thomas Ferguson pg 402, Beloit, Rock, WI

1855 state census (only gives head of house name and birthplace, no ages)
Holland, Sheboygan, WI
Thomas Ferguson 4 males 2 females b NY
Mrs. Ferguson 3 males 1 female b NY
James Ferguson 1 male 1 female b NY
Washington Co.
James Ferguson NY head of house no children
The link is unknown at this time of this James Ferguson to mine.
Walworth Co, WI
Chauncey Ferguson 2 males 1 female b NY

1860 Federal census
Holland, Sheboygan, WI pg 347 post office Hingham
Catherine Ferguson, Otis, Chauncey
family 1254
Henry Furgeson 28 NY laborer
Rackana 21 Germany
William 1 WI

family 1255
James Furgeson 33 NY farmer, Jane 33 NY
Mary J. 4 WI
Julietta 1 WI
John Brazier 25 NY

Washington Co., WI
James Ferguson 38 NY, Jane WI
John 2 WI
Robert 2/12 WI
Eliza Ferguson 10 WI
John Ferguson 23 NY
Sarah Ferguson 66 NY

1860 Federal census Monogolia Co, MN
This county was merged into Kandiyohi

family 461
James Bright 41 Maine, Emily 28 NY
James F. 12 WI
Anna E. 9 WI
William H. 1 MN
Otis Ferguson 22 NY

family 463
Thomas Ferguson 41 NY , Marilla 39 Ohio
Kinston 15 WI
Ellen 9 WI
Moses 7WI
James 7 WI
Mary 3 MN
Emily 1 MN
Audreth 1 MN

George Furguson 33 NY teamster
Eliz 16 IL
Furnt? male 11 WI
Charles 5/12 WI
marriage Dunn Co. Elizabeth Sparon to George E. Fergeson 15 Mar 1868
family 10
John Spohn 23 IL, Mary 21 OH
Mary A. 1 WI

1870 Federal census Gennessee Township, Kandiyohi, MN
pg 180
C. Ferguson 30 NY farmer, Jenny 16 WI
Rosatha 4/12 MN
Catherine Ferguson 59 NY

Henry Ferguson 38, Richtig 29 Prussia
Peter 10 WI
Amanda 9 WI
Emily 7 WI
Charles 4 WI
Sady 2 MN

O. Ferguson 28 NY, Martha 27 Ireland
Mary C. 2 MN
Elizabeth 1 MN
Mary Wheeler Ireland

Thomas Ferguson 50 NY farmer, Maryle 40 Ohio
James 15 WI
Emmily 11 MN
Julia 8 OH
William 6 MN
LaChrissy 4 MN
Anna 4 MN twins
Ida June 1/12 Feb.

1875 State Census
Kandiyohi Co, MN town Gennessee

family 79
Chaucey Ferguson 37 NY, Jenny 21 NY
Rosa 5 MN
Chauncey 1 M
Catherine Ferguson 60 NY

family 110
Thomas Ferguson 55 NY, Martha 45 OH
Minda 15 MN
Julia 13 OH
William 10 MN
Arrena 8 MN
Lucretia 8 twins MN
Ida 5
Olive 3 MN

family 120
Otis Ferguson 36 NY, Margaret 30 Ireland
Mary C. MN
Elizabeth A 4 MN
Adaline 2 MN
Matthew 0 MN
William Hook 20 WI
note: This is Frederike Huck’s brother
1875 Meeker town of Kingston

Henry Ferguson 40 NY, Dinah 33 Ger
Peter 15 WI
Amanda 14 WI
Amelia Ann 12 WI
Charles 10 WI
Lydia May 8 WI
Carvesty 4 MN
James Henry 1 MN

James Ferguson 47 NY
Juliett 16 WI daughter
William 13 WI

1880 Federal Census
Adams Co, WI Lincoln Township ed 7 sheet 3
Seneca Furgason 28 NY
Melissa 29 MI
Joseph 8 WI
Jessie L. 6 WI
Abby L. 4 WI
Ada H. 2 WI

Morrison Co, MN Swan River ed 83 sheet 10
Chauncey Ferguson 35 NY, Elizabeth 26 IL
Rose C. MN
Chancey 3 MN
Lottie 2 MN
Rosella Ann 2/12

ed 72 sheet 5 Buchanan
George Furgason 40 NY, Charlotte 35 WI
William 15 WI
Nellie 10 WI
Jennie 2 MN

Gennesse, Kandiyohi, MN
Thomas Ferguson 60 NY Maryle 50 OH
William W. 15 MN
Irene 13 MN
Lucretia 13 twins MN
Ida 12 MN
Olla 8 MN
Thomas 5 MN
Charles 21 WI
note: This Charles is the son of Henry)

Otis Ferguson 45 NY, Marell 42 Ireland
Mary 12 MN
Elizabeth A. 10 MN
Charles H. 9 MN
Avelyn 8 MN
Matthew 6 MN
Michael 4 MN

1885 State census MN Kingston, Meeker
family 94
Chauncey Ferguson 40 NY, Eliz 29 IL
Charles W.. 15 WI
Elizabeth A 13 WI
Ida M. 12 WI note: these 3 aren’t Chauncey’s children
Jain 10 MN
Lollie M. 6 MN
Anna B. 5
Eugene 2 MN
Myrtle 4/12 MN
family 95
Enoch Spohn 35 IL
Mary WI
Maudy L. 4 WI
Elizabeth 2 WI
Samuel E. 1 MN

Gennessee, Kandiyohi
family 191
Otis Furguson 48 NY, Margaret 35 Ireland
Mary 17 MN
Lizzie 15 MN
Charles 13 MN
Nathan 11 MN
Adline 9 MN
Michael 7 MN
Catherine Furguson 75 NY
R. Marshall 40 NY (m)
1900 Federal Census MN
Charley Ferguson Feb1872 MN
Betsy July 1869 MN
Otis June 1897 MN
Allen Apr 1899 MN

Hubbard Co., MN town Nevis
Peter Ferguson June 1858 WI
Harriet May 1860 WI
Jonathan Apr 1881 MN
Jesse Nov 1883 MN

Crow Wing Co. township 137-R
Seneca D. Ferguson Apr 1852 NY
Melissa Oct 1850 MI
Bennie L. Aaug 1884 WI
Lillie M. May 1889 WI
Ray S. Jan 1896 WI

Re: Ferguson NY WI MN

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I have looked at the information you posted, but it did not help much. There is a lot of information from various census records, but it is very confusing along with it being very hard to find who belongs to who. Is this just random census data that you believe might be part of your tree, or is this information for people you know belong to your family. I am unsure if I have anything that may help in your search. I had posted earlier what I had for information, I don't know if that helped you any. It seems that there may be a connection but I can not tell from the information you posted. Do you fave a tree that you can post or compare to the one I posted. Is there a connection, I am unable to tell from what you posted other than there is a chance seeing from what I can tell the families are from the same county and time period in New York state. But without having a family tree to compare I can't make any connections if any are connected.
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