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Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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Surnames: Maxwell, Hampton
I have in my possession a suitcase of correspondence to and from Agnes Maxwell, dated from 1938 to 1941. She was in Brazil with her missionary husband, Glenn. I would love to return it to a family member if at all possible.

Most of the letters are sent from:
Level Green
Glen Lily Road
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Re: Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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Surnames: Maxwell, Hampton, Clementi, Mann
Glenn Maxwell taught philosophy at Austin College for 26 years before he retired in 1970 and continued to live in Sherman, TX, until he died in Feb. 1979. I joined the faculty in 1967 and became acquainted with him. He indicated that his wife, whose name I did not know, had been killed in Brazil sometime in the early 1940s. He had a small photo album with a large number of black and white photos, each about 4x6 inches, that he had taken in 1940-41, mostly in Mexico, on Pan American highway and also at an airport. I believe these photos were taken when he and his wife were on their way to Brazil as Presbyterian missionaries. His credentials at Austin College indicated that he had a BA degree from Western Kentucky Teachers College and a BD from the Presbyterian seminary in Louisville, KY. He had taught theology at Austin (TX) Presbyterian Seminary for perhaps one year before joining the faculty at Austin College as Professor of Bible and Philosophy. He soon taught only philosophy, as someone else was hired to teach Bible.
I am creating an archive at Austin College's Abell Library to recognize distinguished faculty by collecting oral histories of what their students and colleagues remember about them. I already have two interviews with colleagues of Prof. Maxwell. I conduct a reminiscence session with the 50-year graduates, who are honored each year at the time of commencement for the current senior class. Prof. Maxwell is often mentioned with great respect and interesting anecdotes about his dignity and his kindness to students.
I obtained his funeral record from Dannel Funeral Home, who made the arrangements for his cremation and burial (in Sherman) in 1979. That record listed the name of his wife as "Agnes Hampton Maxwell" and also listed a mother-in-law (Ethel Clementi) and a nephew (Maxwell Mann).
If you still have the suitcase of letters, I would like to examine and copy them for the archive. There is an art collection at Western Kentucky U. named for Agnes Hampton Maxwell, and it was established in 1979.

Re: Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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Good evening! I know this was posted more than 5 years ago, but I'm hoping there's still a chance!

I knew Mrs. Maxwell very well - and I can confidently say that she did not pass away in Brazil as the other poster suggested. She went to Brazil with her husband in the 1930's and contracted a disease that affected her eye sight. She had to return to the United States, and he stayed behind in Brazil for several years. They never reconciled or "got back together" when he returned to the United States. She never remarried or had children.

She lived until almost 100 years old and was like a grandmother to me. My dad grew up next door to her on Glen Lily Road in Kentucky and took care of her lawn, etc during his adolescence. When he married my mom right out of high school, they lived with Mrs. Maxwell for several years, and that's the first house I lived in when I was born 2 years later. She was such a kind woman with a big heart, and I loved her dearly. She was an amazing musician, even more so because she was almost blind. She taught me to play piano, and when she passed away left a beautiful upright piano to me. She did not have any children or other remaining relatives, and donated almost her entire estate to charity when she passed away.

If you still have these letters, I would LOVE to see them. You may email me at hannah e lawrence at gmail dot com.

Re: Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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I was a student of Mr. Maxwell at Austin College. I was a Philosophy minor and so had several classes with him. In 1962 and 1963 the story was, indeed, that his wife and their young son had died in South America near the Venezuela/Brazil border when protestant missionaries (among them the Maxwells) sought and were denied refuge at a Catholic mission during a political uprising in which North Americans were easy targets.

It was evident by the material included in his Logics class and in a Philosophy of Religion when he taught that he hated the Catholic Church. He never let an opportunity pass to attack the politics of that Church and I remember clearly one of the texts we were assigned to read was titled something along the line of "American Freedom in Catholic Power" - a truly inflammatory derision of all things Catholic.

He was very kind to me and we had several personal conversations. On my graduation he gave me a small and very old copy of a book of the thoughts of Plato in which he inscribed some very nice words.

The students knew him for the books that packed his office from wall to wall and piled high on the floor. He was a voracious reader. Truly a gentleman and somewhat out of place in the early 1960 upheavals, he was perhaps the first eccentric I knew personally and was always a subject of fascination to his students.

I liked him very much, but there was a solemness about him and I don't believe he had any good friends among the faculty or in the town of Sherman. He lived, I believe, a very sad and solitary life.

Re: Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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Amazing! She was very much alive, and I am now more intrigued than ever about their story and what really happened when she left Brazil! I NEED to see those letters that the person from the original post has/had!

Thank you for your post. I replied to the original last year thinking I would never hear anything else, but yours gives me a little bit of hope! :)

Re: Seeking family of Glenn Maxwell and Agnes Hampton

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He was an much of an enigma then as now! Perhaps there was a child who was somehow denied treatment or asylum in the CChurch and the story evolved into the death, not only of the child, but also of the wife? Might explain her departure before the end of their mission to South America and his solitary existence for the rest of his life. Perhaps she blamed him for the child's death - perhaps he was somehow responsible for it in her eyes. Possibly the event was so traumatic that she never spoke of it again and he was forever alone.

Then again, perhaps there was no child at all. But whatever happened, I'd bet my life on the Catholic Church being somehow involved. He was a fanatic about the Church.
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