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John Coker

John Coker

Ginger Willis Caraway (View posts)
Posted: 954367544000
Hello everyone. My first time posting message. Where is this John Coker
that everyone is intalking about from? My GGGF John Coker was from
Louisiana, married to Rosalind Snoddy. His daughter was Cynthia (Sinthey) Coker,
and she married Durriman (Dew) Buxton, They were the parents of my GF Ellis Buxton.
We cannot find John Coker on any census after 1860, when he was at home with wife and
children. 1870 census shows widow Coker living next door to widow Snoddy, we assume her
mother and she both lost husbands in the war. I have been told that John Coker died in the
Battle of San Jacinto, but have no proof. If anyone can help please send an email to me at and I will be so grateful. Ginger W. Caraway

Dew Buxton

Brenda (View posts)
Posted: 989232169000
I am the grand daughter of one of Dew Buxton's daughter, Laura Buxton Willis. I am also having trouble finding anything about Dew Buxton

Dew (Duriman) Buxton

Ginger Caraway (View posts)
Posted: 989246561000
Hi Brenda,

Thanks for posting to the Coker page. I know you.
My Grandpa Ellis Buxton was Aunt Laura's brother.
My mother is Ansavelia Willis and lives in her same
house in Oakdale, just a few blocks from Lizzie.
I do have some info on Dew, have been writing to
another of the distant cousins, and we are putting
our info together, along with Odessa. Do you remember
me? I am Virginia Willis Caraway. You were a little
kid the last time I saw you. I am 57. Write and tell
me if you know who I am and we can share info. You can
tell me what you have so I won't duplicate it. I have
marriage license, death certificates, etc.
Until later, Ginger

Dew Buxton

Brenda (View posts)
Posted: 989247199000
Am such a little girl now. I am 50. I have 3 children, one that is almost 27, 23, &20. Yes, I know who you are. The Ginger is what I didn't recognize. Talk to your mother the last time I was home. I got some of the things from Odessa, but still not able to get to much. I have the death certificates of Dew and Synthia. Can't find anything on Roseline Snoddy. Any help I would greatly appreciate it. It is great to hear from you. Love Brenda


Ginger (View posts)
Posted: 989254943000
Hi again, You can send an email directly to my email address.
We are also trying to find more about Rosaline. I just believe
Andrew Snoddy was her daddy. I have the 1860 census of his family
and she was not there because she was 19 and married to John Coker,
who was 31. In 1870 it shows her a widow, living next to the widow
of Andrew Snoddy, whose name was also Rosaline. I copied pages from
a book when I was at the Baton Rouge library in 1994, and those pages
I gave to Odessa, so you may have them. Her daughter printed some
more pages from some place and she gave me a copy of those, but nowhere
can we find the name of her parents. Rosaline, wife of Andrew Snoddy, was
a Dauzat before she married, and she came from the line of Aymond's who went
to Louisiana from Canada and France. That is where our French line comes from,
but we are missing that one link. I think it will be found in the 1850 census,
when Rosaline was 9 years old and surely would have been at home. I searched
for that year several times, but it was before I knew for sure that there was
another person named Rosaline Snoddy. If you get a chance to get some census
records, please look up Andrew Snoddy if Avoyelles Parish, even in Rapides. John
Coker was in Rapides Parish with his first wife, Mary, on the 1850 census. So our
Rosaline could have met him in Rapides, or he may have moved to Avoyelles after
Mary died. The 1850 census will tell us everything, if only she is listed in the
home of her parents. Let me know if you find anything. I was going to the LDS
library outside Murphy, North Carolina this week, but just have to much to do. I
will try to get over there next week. I need to connect that missing link.

It is so good to hear from someone from home, especially a cousin. I am in Georgia.
Where are you now? I'll have to tell Odessa I heard from you. She will be here the
first of June. She always spends a couple of weeks with me each summer. We are
hoping to go to North & South Carolina, and to Richmond Virginia when she is here.

I'll go and finish some work. I am packing. I am putting my house up for sale and
have to pack lots of things, just have too much in the house for it to show well, plus
I don't trust the realtors and their customers. I am afraid they may steal some of my
antiques, so I am packing most of the items I have just setting around. If I can't lock
it in one of the china cabinets, I won't feel safe leaving it here. Talk to you later and
keep in touch. With several of us looking for the same thing, we are bound to find it soon.


Angela (View posts)
Posted: 991434101000
I dont really know if this will help you at all but I grew up in Toomsuba, Mississippi (right outside of Meridian) and I know that down the street where I grew up there was a store named cokers. I dont really know if they relate to you. I left there when I was 11. I hope this helps.


Ginger (View posts)
Posted: 991479630000
Hi Angela,

Thanks for the message. I will be passing right
by Toomsuba in a couple of months, and I will make
time to stop and see what I find. I don't know
where the Coker's who were my ancestors went to
Louisiana from, still searching on that. This
will at least give me something else to check on.
Thanks so much,

Re: John Coker

Posted: 1026184005000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1049532037000

My name is James Coker and I am from Louisiana. I have been searching my family for 3 weeks now and believe that I have some info that might help and hopefully I will be able to receive info also. So here it goes and how I have found everything ties in:

My father is Arthur Coker, his father was Seburn Coker, his father was Sidney Coker, his father was John Coker born around 1823 and he was married to Rosaline (Snoddy) who was born around 1840.

They had a daughter named Synthia 17 Apr 1861, (who you say married (Dew) Buxton) this might be a relation of us. It is believed that Synthia had 4 siblings that were from John’s previous marriage, they were: Jane 1840, Sarah 1850, Sidney 1855 (my GG grand father) and William 1859.

I have found that perhaps Rosaline (Snoddy) parents were Andrew and Rosaline (AYMOND) Snoddy married either 12 Aug or 08 Dec 1833 in Avoyelles parish, La and that Rosaline might have remarried to Elijah M. Tiler/Tyler on either 10 mar or 03 Oct 1853 same parish. There were 3 children with the surname Tyler living with Rosaline and John Coker (1860 Censes) these might have been Rosaline’s half brothers and sister. They were Mary 1854, James 1856, Tammy Tyler 1853.

What I would like to know is who was this John Coker and when did he die and where? Who was his father and mother and their info etc. Any help that you can lend I would be grateful. It appears that John Coker’s daughter Synthia/Cynthia/Sinthey married Buxton who had Ellis who had your father. John had Sidney who had Seburn who had my father.

This means that John Coker was both our GGGF.

Therefore we are related by our GGGF John Coker. I would love to go past John Coker to his father ETC.

Thanks Jimmy Coker

Re: John Coker

Posted: 1087082504000
Classification: Query

My name is Rhonda Coker Plaisance. I have a John Coker married to a Roseline Snoddy. I may not have all their children listed, but they are :

William Bryant Coker (born 29 Oct 1860; Vernon Parish)

Jane Coker (born 1849; )

Sarah Coker (born 1850; )

Sidney Coker (born 1856; )

John Tyler? Coker (born 2 Sep 1863; )
Maybe you can clarify a few things about the information for me. Any way, William Bryant Coker (born 29 Oct 1860; Vernon Parish) was married to Sarah Jane Smith, and their children are:

John Lee Coker (born 27 Mar 1891; Vernon Parish)

Lonnie Versaille Coker (born 31 Aug 1902; )

Hoyt Delano Coker

Lena Coker

Schrilda Coker

Ella Coker

Callie Coker (born 22 Apr 1895; )

Zona Coker

Mamie Coker

Zelma Coker

Cornellia Coker


John Lee Coker (born 27 Mar 1891; Vernon Parish)
married to Vergie West had my Grandfather Howard Coker who had my Father Howard Coker. Is this the same line? Please fill me in on any other information that you may have.

Thank You,


Re: John Coker

Posted: 1195465540000
Classification: Query
We are indeed family, because John Lee Coker was my grandfather. Your Grandfather Howard Coker is my father's brother. My father's name is William Coker, Sr. I would be happy to exchange some info with you.
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