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Indian Background

Indian Background

Paul Browne (View posts)
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Surnames: Shockey
I am the grandson of Harbara (Hetterick) Shockey and Jacob Shockey of Waynesboro PA (Jacob - born November 1865 : Barbara - born August 1981 died 1962). Growing up I had heard "hidden conversations" of Amerian Indian blood in the family. Does anyone know anything of this? I cannot find anything that seems to fit.

Re: Indian Background

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Almost every family that I started researching quite a few years ago had claims of Indian ancestry back just a few generations. Most seemed to think that it was their mother's grandmother or great grandmother. After in depth research on each of these numerous families I was unable to find an ancestor within five to seven generations back that could be proved to have Indian ancestry.

I have wondered several times if there was indeed Indian ancestry that was very well hidden from the public or why so many actually thought that they were one quarter or one eighth Indian.

Re: Indian Background

Edward Browne (View posts)
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Thank you for the reply. It is easy to see why it would be hidden; it was not that long ago when what school a child was sent to was based on race; of which there were two:

White or Non-White

Maybe the "claims" were nothing more than people "wanting" to be Indian. Don't know but it was a "hush-hush" subjecty when I was a kid (admitedly a rather long time ago).

Re: Indian Background

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Surnames: Shockey, Pratt, Carmichael, Lane,Rice, Boice, Powell
My mother talked about a family member being Indian in Jackson Co., and I can see where it could have been several people. From the history it can be seen there was plenty of mixed relationships. Talking about her Lane side, she said her grgrandfather was offerred land due to his Indian blood. The Indian genealogy pages have several marriages with names familiar to Jackson Co. Wyoming Co. has many who are on the Rolls. Several of the men were Indian Scouts, and there are no definitive records about their wives. Shadrach Rice was on a mission where they brought back nearly 100 women and children from raids on Indian lands. I figure it was common for some of them to marry. Too bad we can't prove anything. I don't know about some wanting to be Indian, but one of my aunts was said to have moved far away, and to have been very unhappy that she looked Indian there in Jackson Co. I don't see how to change my address to The above is incorrect.

Re: Indian Background

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Surnames: Shockey, Rose, Davis, Allen, Ogden, Whisman, Chambers, Sizemore, Allen
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Re: Indian Background

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If this is true, why then will not at least one of them step forward and do the proper DNA testing which will show the percentage of native American blood. I have not heard of anyone willing to do this.

I know that there has been questions regarding some of the children of Isaac Shockey, the first Shockey that I am aware of having gone to Kentucky. He was the ancestor of many with the Shockey surname who were born in Kentucky. I have seen the DNA results of descendants of three different sons of Isaac, including his youngest son, and nothing in their results indicate native American blood.

I know that many children dressed up as Indians while playing cowboys and Indians when growing up and photographs were taken of several of them. This did not make them native American.

Re: Indian Background

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Surnames: Shaockey Native Americans, Melungeons, and African Americans
1810 Grainger County, Tennessee Federal
Census: mulatto/indian
Lawson McGhee Library
Microfilm Reel # V16422

Isom Shockley
Thomas Shockley
Richard Shockley

Census: Choctaw

Laura, Isreal, and Lousia Shockey Township 4, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma Census 1900


Highland County, Ohio, Studied recorded as "Carmel Indians."

Floyd William SHOCKEY, Mary E. STULTZ

Father: William Sandusky SHOCKEY b: 1864 in Benton Twp, Pike County, Ohio, USA
Mother: Alice Belle WILLIAMSON b: 1 Nov 1878
Helen Louise SHOCKEY b: 3 Sep 1915
Alice SHOCKEY b: 1917
Robert Harold SHOCKEY b: 25 Feb 1919
Margaret Louise SHOCKEY b: 30 May 1920
Asabel SHOCKEY b: 10 Apr 1922
Ella Marene SHOCKEY b: 11 Nov 1925
SHOCKEY b: 5 Sep 1929
Mary SHOCKEY b: 31 Jan 1930
Mary SHOCKEY b: 29 Feb 1932
June SHOCKEY b: 18 Jan 1938


Barack Obama's 6th great grandmother? They say it is Anna Catherine Shockey, 1738-1803 She was related to the Perkins family.

I have a list of hundreds of Shockey Families where census records have them marked as black, mulatto, indian. Same with studies on Melungeon families.

Re: Indian Background

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Re: Indian Background

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I have viewed your Cook Family Tree and see you have gathered quite a bit of *misinformation* on the Sizemore ancestry.

For the earliest records please read my article:

For the latest analysis see:

For up to date results, both Y and mtDNA, see:

Joy King
Admin of the FTDNA Sizemore surname DNA project
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