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Looking for information on Louvat name

Looking for information on Louvat name

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Surnames: Louvat
My Grandfather is Antoine Louvat, born 1882 in the small village of Les Echelle, Savoie France. He went to Canada in 1906 and then to Maine USA around 1907 or 1908. I know of one cousin, Louie Bieaux (or Beaulieu) whose family owned a working farm. I believe he had siblings but can't seem to find any information beyond that.
His father was Antoine Louvat and mother was Annette Daguez. Both remained in France. I'm new at this. I would appreciate any direction given or any help.

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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I managed to track down Antoine for you. I couldn't find any record of his birth in Les Echelle. I looked at his available documents and on his passenger record for his trip in 1930, he put his birthplace as Entre-deux-Guiers which is in the the Isère department and I found him there.

He was born 2 September 1882 at 1 in the morning to Antoine Louvat-Louvatiere, age 39, a labourer from Miribel, Isère and Annette Despine-Dagaz, age 28 from La Bauche, Savoie.

Antoine senior was born 14 May 1843 in Miribel, Laurent-du-Pont, Isère to Antoine (who died 30 January 1863 in Miribel) and Marie Berger.

Annette was born Anne Dugaz (not sure where the Despine came from) on 20 April 1851 in La Bauche, Les Echelles, Savoie to Joseph Dagaz and Françoise Gonneton.

Antoine and Annette were married on 14 May 1843 in Miribel. Besides Antoine they had the following children:

1. Joseph born 18 October 1874 in Les Echelles and died 24 March 1876 in Les Echelles.
2. Adéle, born 7 February 1876 in Les Echelles.
3. Jean Marie, born born 10 June 1879 in Entre-deux-Guiers.
4. Marie Mélanie, born 2 August 1893 in Les Echelles, died 12 November 1897 in Les Echelles.

Now for the odd part. I decided to look up the family in the censuses and found them in the 1891 and 1896 Les Echelle records living on rue de la Gare, Le Bourg, Les Echelles.

The 1891 Census lists Antoine senior, Annette, Adéle age 14, Jean Marie age 9, and Antoine senior's sister Léonie age 24. No mention of Antoine.

The 1896 Census lists Antoine senior age 52, Annette age 42, Adéle age 18, Jean Marie age 13, and Mélanie age 2. Again no Antoine.

I searched the 1891 and 1896 censuses for Les Echelles, La Bauche, Entre-deux-Guiers and Miribel but didn't find Antoine. Who knows why his parents left him off of two censuses or maybe he was away.

Last, on that landing record of 1930, Antoine lists his closest relative in France as his nephew Georges Routin of Les Echelles.

I checked the 1906 census and found the Routin's living at 15 rue de Grenoble and they were:

François Routin born 1870, head of household.
Adéle Routin née Louvat-Louvatiere, born 1877, wife.
Margeurite Routin, born 1901, daughter.
Georges Routin, born 1905, son.

Two doors down at 19 rue de Grenoble, Antoine was living with his widowed mother, Annette. No sign of his brother Jean Marie.

The 1931 census has Georges Routin and his wife Marie living at 73 rue de Chambéry in Les Echelles. No one else was listed so I presume they'd all passed away. Georges and Marie were still at that address for the 1936 census (the last one available online) - it was just the two of them, no children.

You can look up all the documents at:


I'm happy to help with translations or any further research.



Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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Hello Soosi!
I can't thank you enough! I've printed off this information and will read it over and over and share this with others here. I am thrilled!
I don't speak French so those sites are difficult at best. It has a "translate" I can click on, but the maneuvering is tricky as I'm not that computer savvy. But I've saved those sites also to look again with help from someone here who knows how.
Antoine's only daughter, my Mother, has passed but had searched for years through writing snail mail letters to the town officials asking for help in locating more information, but was not able to find help from anyone. Thank you again, you have helped me tremendously! Kiki

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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This post was deleted by the author on 15 Nov 2012 12:16AM GMT

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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I'm at a loss for words, and so appreciative that a total stranger would offer such help. Totally amazing!
I can not understand how to find those documents in the two sites you gave me. I tried clicking on "translate" but still unable to get to those records specific to my Grandfather.
Again, my computer know-how is so lacking. Also, I found records of his US WW1 Draft Registration, but an older cousin has a picture (I've not seen yet) of him in a French military uniform, I believe. It might be a US uniform, but she thought it was French. Also, he came here with a trade, and the ship occupation looked to read engr. I'm assuming it's short for engineer. Would there be any record of French military and/or schooling for engineering? He may have just put that, but I know he did have that type knowledge during his working years. He was also extremely talented in musical instruments and in song.
I don't mean to have you looking for a needle in a haystack, but wondering if you could steer me in the direction of the haystack, anyway. Thank you so very much! You've been so kind. Kiki

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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What I'll do to make looking at things easier for you is to start a Louvat family tree. Then I can post documents to each person and provide translations. I'll send you an invitation to it, once I get it going, that will give you complete access to it - you'll be able to edit and add to it even if you don't keep an subscription.

Just thought I'd add the distances of the places mentioned as it always seems they're so far apart, but they're all very close.

From Les Echelles
to Entre-Deux-Guiers: 0.53 km
to Miribel: 3.73 km
to La Bauche: 4.85 km



Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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I have a monthly subscription for now and I have a Louvat tree started. Would that help if I invited you to that? If so, how? Ha ha.
So sorry for my naivete.
Also, you said Antoine and Annette were married 1843, and you had Antoine's birthday as 1843. So I'm thinking the wedding date is off?
Are you from these areas?

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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Oops, typo with the wedding date.

Yes, sending me an invite would be best. Go to your tree. Near the top of the page, next to the tree name will be "Tree Pages" (underlined). Click on that and from the menu that drops down select "Share your tree". On the page it takes you to chose to select by "Username". In the Username type "Soospad" and change the type from "Guest" to "Editor". Then click on "Send Invite" and it should get to me. Then I can add all sorts of information and document to your tree.

I live near Victoria, BC, Canada.


Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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Thank you Soosi, You have been so helpful, and have given me hope. I truly am in awe of all you are helping me with. I had a hard time finding Tree pages, but I think I did okay. Let me know.
My email is if you need to contact me. Just put "from soosi" in the subject so I'll know. Thanks again. Our whole family thanks you. I am less than computer savvy, but I know it will be the key to unlock many mysteries.... so I try to go about it the best I can. Most of my family who are doing this...well, cheering me on from a distance....are in hopes of some answers also.
I admit, there is a bunch of weird or odd things to finding out about my Louvat family from the start. I've heard many rumors over the years, but nothing that is tangible at this point. My Mom wanted so desperately to find these connections to her beloved Father. She traveled to France with her Mother twice or three times (while he was living too), but never seemed to find more about her Dad. He never talked about his home, but went back twice that I know of. One of my cousins said he was named Jean Marie at birth, but changed it once in America because of it considered a woman's name here. But the ship records says his name was Antoine from the start. Kiki

Re: Looking for information on Louvat name

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I have a theory about the Jean Marie thing. I have the birth records for both Jean Marie and Antoine. They were both born in Entre-deux-Guiers, Isère (south side of Le Guier River) while the other three children were born in Les Échelles, Savoie (north side of the river). Jean Marie was born in 1879 and Antoine in 1882 - they were definitely two separate people.

The first census both could show up in was the 1886 but only Jean Marie is there BUT his ages makes him born in 1882 not 1879. This continues on until the 1906 census by which time his father had died (he was in the 1901 census). Now it shows Antoine with an 1882 birth year, living with his mother.

I think Jean Marie died either in infancy or as a young child, probably close to when Antoine was born. I haven't been able to find a death record. I think Antoine's dad, for whatever reason, started calling Antoine Jean Marie, because it's as soon as his dad had died that he is able to call himself Antoine. I would certainly understand if that caused Antoine some major issues with his dad.

The other hint for this theory is that in the 1901 census Jean Marie is living with his parents and is employed as a locksmith. In the 1906 census Antoine is a lathe operator which advanced locksmiths usually were.

There's usually some truth in family rumours. Sometimes they provide wonderful clues. I had one friend who's dad claimed his great-great grandfather came over from France and married an "Indian Princess" but most of the family said it was just a pipe dream and laughed about it. I recently "found" her and discovered not only was it true, she and her French husband were extremely important in the local history, there are plaques in their memory and citing their accomplishments, and she was Tecumseh's cousin. They aren't laughing anymore - lol.

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