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Latanich, Titkanich surnames

Galicia / Poland ?

Charles Wardell (Webmaster) (View posts)
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This sounds like the Polish part of Galicia. See link below.
I also recommend the Galicia Mailing List:

Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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Surnames: Latanich, Latanick, Latanyczyn, Tytkanycz, Kadillac, Hrin
I am looking for information on my Grandmothers parents. Her fathers name was Frantisek Latanyczyn and her mother's name was Pelagia Tytkanycz. I have a copy of Pelagia's baptism certificate. She was born in 1873. It is hard to read but it looks like it says the region was Republica Polonia. From relatives I have an old address for them. It is Poshta Komancha, Galicija

Malo Polska, Austria Hungary
When they came to the U.S. the last names were changed to Latanich and Titkanich.

I also know that Pelagia's mother was married three times. One husbands last name was Kadillac and the other was Hrin. Pelagia had a half brother John Hrin.
Both Pelagia and Frank came to the U.S. and settled in Ohio.
Pelagia died on April 10, 1957.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

arlene latanick caruso (View posts)
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My father, Frank Latanick, was the son of Frank latanyczyn
(Latanich) and Pelagia tytkanycz )Tytkanich. Who are you
and how can I help you. I'm very new at this computer thing.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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Hi Arlene,
I am your cousin David Palisin's oldest daughter Jennifer. I have been working on my genealogy for about two years now off and on.

I actually have notes that you sent my Aunt Fran and a copy of Pelagia's baptism certificate and Frank's naturalization certificate.

I have been trying to translate Pelagia's baptism certificate. I have found some websites the have latin to english translation and have found some of the words. I believe it is actually a testimony of birth and baptism.

I have found both towns of Komancza and Chistihorb on maps of 1955 Poland. I found a mailing list for the area of Galacia, so I am going to write and see if anyone can be of any help.

I found one website called and found one page that I believe has the latanich surname. It says Lemko Surnames cited by Krasovs'ky from 1787 austrian Cadastral Records. The town is Czystohorb, now known as Gorna Weis. There are two different spellings, Lataniszyn and Latanyshyn and it says two families. I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means.

I don't have too much else, but I just keep trying. I am going to see if I can find out where I write in Guernsey County to see if I can find and get copies of birth certificates.

Feel free to email me. I would love to talk and maybe we can help each other.


Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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are you still searching? My family is from Chystohorb.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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Surnames: Latanich, Latanyczyn, Latanyszyn
Latanyshyn (Latanyszyn) here. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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I have been to visit the village of Chystohorb (now Czystogarb) My family lived there before 1947. My mother was born there . Our surname there was Feszanycz.
I have information about the villagers before the year
1860 and some marriages up till 1880.
Latanyshyn and Titkanich are families from there.
Hopefully soon, there will be a restoration of the
cemetery, which is almost gone.
I will keep updated and I have photographs.
If you would like any information please let me know.
I have been 2 times, last summer and the summer before.
If you have any information and contact to any other
people who descend or come from Chystohorb please let me know. I would like to find everyone and have a reunion
there some day. I live in Toronto, Ontario.
I would love to hear from you. I also found some Chystohorb people in Ukraine.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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I can help with this information. I have information
from the Chystohorb church records. I was there
last summer and have been doing much work.
My family, Feszanycz , came from there.
Kadiliak, Chrin and Latanyshyn, Tytkanycz are Chystohorb names. There is still one monument that has a name
It is Chrin. I have a picture.
The others are all faded and falling down but we are
hoping to get funding for renovation of the cemetery.
It is going through now to see.
I will keep posted.

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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I have some information from the archive office
in Komancza that I could share.
My famiiy name is Feszanycz from Czystohorb.
We are trying to organize a restoration of the cemetery there.
I have been fortunate to find my ancestors starting 1760 year
by searching the microfilms through the Family Search site.
I have also found some great information from Ancestry and
Ellis Island.
I will find the house number for this Latanyshyn

Latynyshyn,Mikolai born 1865 Died 1936 House #?
Marriage 1890
to Paraska Kadiliak born 1864 Died 1936 House #40

Children of Mikolai and Paraska Latanyshyn: Timko 1900, Nastia 1903-1931, Anna 1908, Ivan??

Timko(son of Mikolai)marriage to Tekla Suszko (from Komancza)1924

Timko second wife Paraska Myrga(from Radoczyce born 1905 Died 1940)
Children of Paraska and Timko Latanyshyn: Mikolai 1934
Maria 1939

Re: Latanich, Titkanich surnames

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I have been doing family tree research for a couple of years for the village of Chystohorb(Czystogarb now in Polish)
I have found all the surnames from the years 1770 -1860
There are in the church records of the Greek Catholic
Church a few Latanyshyn and Titkanich.
Also in the surrounding area villages of Komancza,Jawirnyk
Wislok and Radoczyce.
I was there last summer and the summer before.
I am organizing a small restoration of the old cemetery
and putting a monument in Chystohorb where the church
St. Micheal the Archangel once stood before 1944.
Let me know if you would like me to send more info and I also have some pictures.
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