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Couffon info in St Pierre

Couffon info in St Pierre

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Surnames: Couffon
I have been trying to find more information on my Grandfather, Achille Couffon, such as more than just his yr of death. There are cemetary pictures on a site but I have to pay for a CD to see them, which is ridiculous. I have the list of his children and wife, as well as the date she passed away.
There is a Simon Couffon just a few years younger than Achille in the 1902 census, this could be a possible sibling although no children are listed nor thier birthdates etc.
I also found a 1902 census that lists is father, my GGfather possibly and children's names as well as where her was born (Pleudaniel France) and the name of his wife although 2 census records have it differently.
Does anyone have any other information on which Couffon in France my GGfather Achille Couffon Born 1864 comes from??
I have found alot of them in the Etables Sur Mer and Pleudaniel area although am having a very hard time in finding any birth records or listings where someone had a son in 1864 called Achille.
If anyone has more information on the Couffon line in St Pierre, please contact me. This line has been difficult to get details on & link to France.
Thank you!

Re: Couffon info in St Pierre

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From the 1892 census of St-Pierre:

COUFFON Achille, 27 ans, né à Pleudaniel (22), marié, tonnelier, père de famille.
MAXIME Elisa, femme COUFFON, 25 ans, née à St-Pierre, épouse.
COUFFON Yvonne, 4 mois, née à St-Pierre, enfant.
GEGOUX Louis, 15 ans, né à Kérity (22), domestique.

Achille was a cooper/barrel maker (for the fishing industry). He was born at Pleudaniel (Brittany), FR. You would have to continue your research in the French Archives to get other birth and family information. This is probably at the Departmental Archives of the Côte d'Amor (#22) (new name for the Côte du Nord/North Coast department (province), located in St-Brieuc, FR).

Hope you can read French, Achille could have been one name in a string of names, such as Joseph-François-Achille, etc. It could possibly also be spelled as Archille, Achilles, Achelaus, etc.)

From the 1902 census of St-Pierre

COUFFON Achille, 37 ans, né à Pleudaniel (22), marié, maître de graves, père de famille, sait lire et écrire.
MAXIME Elisabeth, femme COUFFON, 35 ans, née à St-Pierre, épouse, sait lire et écrire.
COUFFON Yvonne, 10 ans, née à St-Pierre, enfant, sait lire et écrire.
COUFFON Germaine, 4 ans, née à St-Pierre, enfant.
COUFFON Achille, 18 mois, né à St-Pierre, enfant.
MAXIME Joseph, 28 ans, né à St-Pierre, marin, parent, sait lire et écrire.

Here, Achille is master/boss of the fish preparation and salination area (usually located near the fishing boats landing area). Joseph, Elisabeth's brother, lived with them. All the adults could read & write.


COUFFON Simon, 34 ans, né à Pleudaniel (22), marié, marin, père de famille, sait lire et écrire.
MAXIME Pauline, femme COUFFON, 37 ans, née à St-Pierre, épouse, sait lire et écrire.
COUFFON Simone, 4 mois, née à St-Pierre, enfant.
DELMAT Jean Marie, 33 ans, né à Erquy (22), célibataire, marin, pensionnaire, sait lire et écrire.

Simon was a mariner. Jean-Marie Delmat (same profession) was boarding with them. All the adults could read & write.

Undoubtedly, Achille and Simon were brothers who had married sisters, Elisabeth and Pauline Maxime at St-Pierre. Too many similar details would suggest this probability.

Re: Couffon info in St Pierre

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Here's more on your family from French Archives.

Yves COUFFON married Marie PLAPOUS in the 1820s or early 1830s. I have not found their marriage record yet. They had the following children born at Ploëzal, FR:

1-Marie-Yvonne, born Ploëzal 14 Feb 1834
2-Achille (twin), born Ploëzal 23 Mar 1836
3-Jean-Marie (twin), born Ploëzal 23 Mar 1836; died Ploëzal 11 Apr 1836 (16d)
4-Guillaume, born Ploëzal 11 Mar 1838
5-Marie-Louise, born Ploëzal14 Apr 1841

Achille COUFFON (#2 above) married at Pleudaniel, FR 12 Jan 1862 to Marie-Yvonne LE FLOCH d/o Pierre & Anne Le Pellec; Marie-Yvonne was born in Pleudaniel, FR on 22 Mar 1825, and was 11 years older than her husband.

Their Children born at Pleudaniel were:

1-Marie-Françoise, born Pleudaniel 10 Apr 1863
2-Jean-Marie, born Pleudaniel 8 May 1864
3-Achille-Marie (Your Ancestor at St-Pierre), born Pleudaniel 3 May 1865
4-Marie-Louise, born Pleudaniel 7 Jun 1867
5-Simon-Marie (twin), born Pleudaniel 2 Feb 1869 (also at St-Pierre)
6-Pierre-Marie (twin), born Pleudaniel 2 Feb 1869

Pierre LE FLOCH s/o Jean & Françoise Michel
born Pleudaniel 21 Brumaire Yr. IX (12 Nov 1800)
Anne LE PELLEC d/o Olivier & Francoise Richard
born Pleudaniel 2 Floreal Yr. II (21 Apr 1794)
m Pleudaniel, FR 24 Jan 1824

That's all I could find.

Attached some documents
Achille Couffon b 1865
Achille Couffon & Yvonne LeFloch m 1862
Pierre LeFloch & Anne LePellec m 1824

Re: Couffon info in St Pierre

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Here's the continuation to what I posted earlier:

I did not find Yves Couffon's marriage to Marie Plapous, but it had to be in the 1820s. He was born at Ploëzal, FR 7 Apr 1807. His parents were:

Claude COUFFON s/o Noël & Claudine Geffroy
born Plouëc-du-Trieux, FR 29 Feb 1780
Marie-Yvonne LE BELLEC d/o Charles & Françosie Gosse
born Ploëzal, FR 20 Jul 1778
married Ploëzal 29 Vendémiaire Yr. 13 (21 Oct 1804)

Noël COUFFON s/o Yves & Marie Basset
born Gommenec'h, FR 1 Aug 1753
Claudine GEFFROY d/o François & Françoise Le Cabec
m Plouëc-du-Trieux, FR 7 Sep 1778

Yves COUFFON s/o Guy & Jacqette Le Friac
Marie BASSET d/o Vincent & Anne Jagou [or Jagon]
m Gommenec'h, FR 22 Sep 1751

That's all I could find. Trail went dead after that.
Images attached.

Map: Pleudaniel at top; Ploëzal at left; Plouëc-du-Trieux, beneath that; Gommenec'h at bottom right. That's your playing field.



Re: Couffon info in St Pierre

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Amazing is all I can say!
I had found several Couffon lines in France but my issue was finding the link to who had a son named Achille that would have been the one that moved to St Pierre...and you found it! Thank you VERY much for the information!
I could find NO record anywhere in France for an Achille Couffon at all so the link between them was a total mystery to me LOL
Yes I do read french btw LOL I spent 17 years in Quebec growing up before leaving there for several other continents & cities :)
And the actual photos of the documents themselves is way more than I was ever hoping to find, I very much appreciate your searching on my behalf. My father will be so thrilled to see & hear all of this!
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