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Fedun and Galicia

Fedun and Galicia

Valerie (View posts)
Posted: 962815354000
I'm having a very difficult time finding the name FEDUN anywhere! I know my FEDUN ancestors came from Galicia, Ukraineleaving for New York in the early 1900's. I'm wondering if the name FEDUN should be spelled differently? all records list Galicia as "home" any ideas on how to find a town?
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Borders were always changing. 3 years ago, I was looking for Kanna, and I got lots of help from the Latter Day Saints History Library at e-mail that was 3 years ago, so I don't know if that will still work, but I have printouts of book pages of maps and info from Polish (translated!) books that they got for me. Go to a Family History Center. Also, when I was on Prodigy, there were some very helpful people, especially Baerbel Johnson, a European Reference Consultant. Try

Also try finding Harry Stein. His address at that time was

I read "The Heart of Europe: A Short History of Poland" by Norman Davies, written in 1984, from the local library. It had alot of interesting stuff in it. Also, "The Struggles for Poland" by Neal Ascherson, Random House, 1987.
For Maps, a gazatteer is what you need - no help if it's written in Polish, though!

There's a Polish Genealogical Society of New England in CT, also, and if you join, you can put a query in the newsletter.
Good luck. If you ever run across Jajko, Tarka or Trac, give a holler, please.


Valerie (View posts)
Posted: 965034316000
Thank you so much for your advice, since last posting I found a great book called Ukraine: A Historical Atlas by Magocsi, it depocts border changes from Eastern Europe in 250 in about 20 time frames to today, a geat resource!

book about the ukraine

Rebecca Sacaloff (View posts)
Posted: 965659001000
I was wondering if u could possibly tell where i could locate the book u found, because i had ancestors who i believe to be from a village in the Ukraine called Gilbernia. I am not quite sure if that is the exact spelling,but anyway i am from NJ and i am extremely interested in researching my ancestral roots.
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Hey...try this site to find the town. It has a soundex and gives you many towns to look at and save for futute reference.
:-) Crystal

Re: Fedun and Galicia

Posted: 994668258000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fedum
I have a book from Canada genealogy that has a listing of the surname Fedum and they are from Galacia, Ukraine. If you would like the info e-mail me at . I would be glad to give this info to you. The book contains all kinds of families that settled in the Alberta ,Canada area. The majority are from the Ukraine or Poland and Austria.

Re: Fedun and Galicia

Posted: 994668400000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Fedun
Sorry about previous mistake. It does contain the surname Fedun. Not Fedum.

Re: Fedun and Galicia

Posted: 996151943000
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Surnames: Fedyn
Well I think you're spelling the name wrong..My grandparents who were Fedczyszyn's came to the U.S. in the early 1900's from the Ukraine and changed the name at Ellis Island in New york City to FEDYN..

So we might be related!!! hi Cousin..Is there anything else you know about the Fedyn family?? who are you related to?
I've been doing research on the name but can't find out too much info yet...

nice chatting with you..please write back

Re: Fedun and Galicia

Posted: 1106766939000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Fedczyszyn, Knysz, Rygiel, Gnyp, Soltys
Just read your message re: Fedczyszyn. Recently, I found out that my gr-gr-gr-grandmother was Ahapia Fedczyszyn. She was apparently from the area around Grzymalow, Galicia, which is in Ukraine today.

Would the normal religion for Fedczyszyns be Greek Catholic?

Would llike to hear from you--we may be related; also, to get more info if same family.

Re: book about the ukraine

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Tarka
I get all my books at the local library, which has a genealogy section. Plus I looked for books about Poland, etc (in what's replaced the card file - the computer).
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