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Family Tree

Family Tree

Joy Wansley (View posts)
Posted: 954533081000
Hello Everyone,
I am writing again because my family is trying
to develop a family tree in relation to the
family name of Wansley. Now I know that there
are alot of you out there, but if you can take
a look at some previous postings that I have
done and respond with any information that
would be great. We are from Pennsylvania with relatives
from South Carolina, Georgia, New York, and
Illinois. The name has been mispelled over the
years with the "n" going to a "m", or the "a"
going to a "o". We have seen the name spelled
every which way but loose. Please respond
as soon as you log on. Hope to hear from you

List of Names that may help

Joy (View posts)
Posted: 954566898000
The following is a list of brothers and sisters
that are my father's Aunts and Uncles from
South Carolina. If you have any information
about them please follow-up. Thank you
Carwell Wansley
Ernest Wansley
Rev. William Eugene Wansley
Ruth Wansley
Adele Wansley
Wallace Wallace (Anderson, Anderson South Carolina)

Thank you to whomever has more information.


My family from GA.

Posted: 959760469000
Edited: 993218398000
Some of the Wansley names:
James Wansley.. My Fatrher
Columbus..bro. Mary..sis
Johnny..bro Mattie..sis
Bennie..bro Margarette..sis
Willie..bro Martha..sis
Dave(David)..bro Bell..sis
Rosa..sis these are some of my
family that are from GA. I still have relative live there.
I have some relatives that I have not mate yet. If any of
these names sound like they ring a bell let me know. Hope
this can help you.

Joy Wansley

Posted: 989145488000
Edited: 1009824850000
Hi Joy
I have the following in my database on this family.....
the earliest spelling of the name is Walmesley, or Walmsley in PA, Colonial Era.
Then it begins to show up as Wamsley, Warmsley etc. all the way to the change of the surname in Rhode Island as Onsley.

Write if you would like to ask any of these questions, I have 752 names in my database. The Wamsley/Walmesley lines are my direct maternal line of ancestors and I am back to 1769 in my records.

Re: Family Tree

Posted: 993218935000
Hi Joy,

May I have a copy of your names that you have. My familytree sound about same as your. I have family
from some of the same places. I wrote to you before
about some of the names, you was going to sen them to
me. Please email them to me. Thank you and may you a
happy hunting in the family name. Just a reply will get
you back to me.

Re: Family Tree

Rebecca Wansley (View posts)
Posted: 999140232000
Classification: Query
Iam trying to find anyone related to Mr. Ira Wansley
of Salisbury, NC Please respond if that name ring a bell.
Also had an uncle named James Henry Wansley.

Re: Family Tree

rebecca (View posts)
Posted: 999915311000
Classification: Query
I am originally from NY but my family is from GA,FL,NC,

Re: Family Tree

Posted: 1000322428000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1058801258000
Joy can you reply back this e-mail. I need to talk to you. About the family tree.

Re: Family Tree

REBECCA (View posts)
Posted: 1002514485000
Classification: Query
Hi, Joy I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. Sure we can talk.
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