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Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Looking for any info on Jesse Turlington b. abt 1798
d. bef 1840 Sampson County, NC
Also looking for info on a Southey Turlington b 1775 VA
d. abt 1855 Sampson County, NC
I descend from Charles Everitt Turlington and Margaret Henry

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Chales Turlington may be the brother of James Henry Turlington who was born 1820 in Sampson NC. I am interested your ref. of the birth of Southy Turlington. If your date is correct then he would be the grandson of Southy Turlington and of Sampson County Nc. This Southy was particicated in the revolutionary war and died about 1810.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Paul, I think i got the Southey info from threads or web search(sorry for the bad documenting). I am just starting research on the Turlington name.

There is a Southy Turlington in 1790 NC Sampson County census, listed as head of household. Also listed is the number over 16 being 4, the number of females being 2. Maybe this is the Southy you refer to - the 1810 death date would fit.

I am wondering why there are 4 "adult" males listed, but none under 16. Were they just brothers(not sons) and he was eldest? If so, this could put his birth around 1775 or so. I also feel theres a link back to the Turlingtons of Virginia, but this is not proved.

According to my mom's gennotes, Charles Everett/Everitt, James H., and Eastwood Turlington were prob brothers and the children of a Jesse and Mary Turlington. who were in Sampson County in 1830. She shows James H. b. Sep 10, 1820 m. Sarah(Sally)_____, d. Jul 20, 1882. Is this the James Henry you speak of?

Our Turlington line started with Charles Everett b. 1826 Sampson County m. Margaret Henry (of New Hanover Cnty, NC) abt. 1849, migrated to Madison/Taylor County, FL by mid 1850s. They had three known living children (several died young). They were James H., William C(died young)., Charles Edwin, and Eliz Ann. There was also a Joan in 1860 census. No other info known. Some say our Turlington line goes back from Southy to a William. There was a William Turlington in Virginia in the 1700's i believe.

What can you tell me about Sothy's rev war info? Do you have any more info on a Jesse?

It seems at this point i have more questions than answers. Any clarification would be appreciated.


Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Re: 1790 US Census Sampson County NC page 52.

4 Males over age 16. 2 Females

1st Gen Sampson NC: Southy Turlington/ Head of Family
Also noted a Southey Turlington in 1784 NC tax list for Sampson County. From references from the minutes of the Sampson County Court and other references.
Southy Turlington Sr was a Revolution War Soldier ref: NC Army Accounts Vol 5 and VI Part IV. Book 184 #84 for period 1781-1782. Wilimington District NC.Book 180 #76. These references are located at the NC State Archives.

Re: to 2 Gen. Sampson County
This Southy Turlingtonfrom the above 1790 cenus was living @ the 1800 US census Sampson County age 529. Age over 45 and 1 male age 26 to 45. 1 Female over 45 and 1 Female age 26 to 45. Re: page 515 James and Elisha Turlington. So, the three other males over male over age 16 must be this this James and Elisha and the third male son (Israel) living with father and mother during 1800 census.

Re: James Turlington & 1800 US Census Sampson County NC page 515. From the minutes of the Sampson County Court James Turlington died before 2 August 1803 when his widow came to the court. Her securities were Joshua Bass and Israel Turlington. Israel must have been a younger bother of this James. Re the Court minutes 20 May 1812 and will of Phillicia Turlington. This Israel Turlington was the only living son. James died before 1803 and Elisha died about 1806.

Re: 2nd Generation Sampson NC James Turlington:
Re minitues of the Sampson County Court. Ann Turlington was the widow of James Turlington. 17 August 1814 Joseph Moore was named guardian to Jesse and Ann Turlington the minor children of James. On 21 May 1817 Daniel Crooner was appointed guardian to Southy Turlington. (This is the grandson of Southy Sr. who died before 19 Nov 1810.

3rd Generation Sampson Jesse Anne / Southy Jr.
Jesse Turlington is head of family 1820 Sampson County Census page 278. Age 16-26. (would have been born before 1803 when father James died and was still a minor 1814 when court named his guardian be Joseph Moore. Southy Turlington Jr died before 17 Nov 1819 reference Sampson County Court minutes.

Conclusion:Jesse and Southy Turlington were two grandsons of Southy Turlington Sr. Jesse was the son of James and Southy Jr was son of Elisha Turlington. Jesse was the only of these four family members during the 1820 US census for Sampson County.

I am seeking more information about Jesse Turlington(3rd gen) and all family connections to Southy Turlington Sr of the 1generation head of our family from Sampson County NC and revolutionary war soldier.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Re: Charles Everitt Turlington born 1826 Sampson County Nc

Your Charles Everitt must be the younger brother of James Henry Turlington born Sept 20 1820. Jesse was not active in Sampson County after about 1825. Ref: Notes from Sampson County Historical Society 1997 Bizzell. He began the process to sell his Sampson property and slaves.

Southy Jr. could not be his Charles Everitt's father having his estate administered in Sampson County 17 Nov 1819 before and your ref to his birth in 1826 is correct.

There is an absence of related Turlington's in Samson County from census about 1830 to 1860. James H Turlington is age 39 and living in Sampson County in 1860 ref. page 450.Jesse Turlington may have moved his family and James returned to Sampson County and married Sarah "Sally" Underwood.

Any information about Jesse Turlington and family after 1820
would help me fill in some gaps.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Surnames: Turlington Henry
Sorry i don't have much to share on Jesse Turlington. My mom researched back to Charles Everett and Margaret Henry, the few notes in my possession at this time indicated a possible link to Jesse but nothing proved. I am going to Florida in Feb to retrieve her family history docs (she passed in Dec 2003) which are at my brother's house. I will let you know (prob March) if there is any more on the Turlingtons.

Here is a link to a HENRY website, you will find Margaret Henry and CE Turlington listed there.

I looked at 1840 New Hanover census, quite a few Henrys(her father was Neal according to website), but of course no Turlingtons. I did note on "Animap" that Cumberland, Johnston, and Sampson Counties form a rough triangle and New Hanover is off of the SE corner of Sampson. It is possible as you suggested that Jesse moved his family to one of the other counties by 1830.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

Paul Turlington (View posts)
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Re Jesse Turlington after 1830.

James Henry Turlington who I believe the be the son of Jesse and who I believe is the older brother of your Charles Turlington was living in Sampson County from 1860 until his death. My grandfather John Edwin Turlington was living in Sampson County in 1910 and moved his family to Gainesville,FL in 1916.

In my supplemental application to the SAR, my document linking James H as the son of Jesse was not accepted. My references to the minutes of the Sampon Court were copied from the indexes (published by Sampson Historical Society) and not the from the actual minutes(located in Raleigh). These doucument link provide proof linking family members to Southy Sr.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

Paul Turlington (View posts)
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Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Surnames: Turlington Henry
Re Henry website and henry/turlington marriages

At the time I searched the Henry website, i was only looking for info on our Charles Everett. I missed the reference to James Turlington and Mary Hendry, dau of James Henry and Mary "Polly" Murphy (did you notice some of Mary's Hendry siblings were spelled Henry?)

I am glad you spotted it. Yes, it is very probable this is our Jesse Turlington. It does make sense-James is a family name, there is no one named Jesse that carried forward that i have found. And Henry as a middle name could be a result of the Henry and Turlington marriage. The dates also fit. Mary Hendry was born aft 1792 and bef 1801. That would fit with the births of sons James Henry b. 1820, Charles Everett b. 1826, and Eastwood b. abt 1825.

I was curious about the name of Eastwood Turlington, Jesse's son. There are surnames of Eastwood in the NC region, so very likely that name is a result of a marriage to an Eastwood on either the Henry side or Turlington side.

Also my mom's gennotes briefly mention that Eastwood was in Cumberland Co, NC in 1850 census as an overseer living with the family of a C. Murphy. And Murphy's also lived next door to a Henry family. There were several references/marriages to Murphys on the Henry Website so there is definitely connections between Henry, Murphy, and Turlingtons. I haven't yet done any further research on Eastwood.

Re: Jesse and Southey Turlington-NC and VA Connections

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Surnames: Turlington Henry Murphy Wright
RE: Update/Correction on Eastwood Turlington

1850NCCensus_NewHanover shows an E. Turlington, age 25, b. NC, overseer,no other family, living with a C. Murphy, age 80, b. Scotland., This Murphy has other servents/service people listed (plantation?) Other Murphy families nearby.

1850NCCensus_Cumberland_Western Div shows Eastwood Turlington,age 30, farmer, wife Mary, son Willis, living with the family of Sarah____. (no last name listed). Also living in househould is James Wright, prob bro of Eastwood's wife Mary Jane Wright. Other Wright families nearby.
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