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I would love to hear from any Jamieson family with Shetland Island oprigins
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My Great Grandfather, John Joseph Jamieson was born in Bressay, Burra, Shetland. I guess that means that I qualify! I live in Florida, USA right now. You?


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Hi Cindy. I live in Wellington New Zealand.
Most of my Jamieson folk come from Walls in Shetland and some from all over the Island. Will check what I have and see if I can make a connection. Will be in touch.

Re: Shetland

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I too have Jamiesons from Shetland...Alexander born 1828, his father Robert and mother Helen Irvine. Alexander was born at Tingwall and his profession is listed as a miner. I would love to hear from you as I have a little more information.

Re: Jamieson/Shetland

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This past spring, after a 'visit to Scotland' via *Scotlandspeople*, the GRO site, I learned I had a connection (from Glasgow) over to Edinburgh, then up north to Shetland and the JAMIESON name .... plus a host of others! Has been an incredable 'journey'. My 82 yr old uncle who lives in Glasgow, has caught the genealogy bug, as well.

See my posting, general surname board for Jamieson, after this one, regarding the gov't site.

Having said all that ....
Did you and Cindy make a connection? Unfortunately, the rest of us don't know, nor do we have any information from either of you, nor Wendy. For all I know, one of you/all three of you, have my missing link. Or_ I have yours'. I do have a fair bit of info. Also know, the lines containing my Jamiesons, connect with the other side of my family, several times. The *other side* are from Banffshire/Aberdeenshire starting late 1500s, They eventually migrated, marrying etc along the way, down to Glasgow area(s). Don't have my notes at hand, but I think we have a COUTTS somewhere in the data.

Without continuing on with the thread here, just think of how many people have read what is posted and are wondering what happened! Over 3 yrs have passed ... now I know I am descended from the JAMIESONs of Shetland (mostly Unst parish, but other parishes too) ... but have no idea whether or not the three of you are.

So ... is there any connection between you?

Cheers .... Toni ... in Ontario, Canada.

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray ALLAN)

Diane Jameson (View posts)
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Congratualation on a successful family search. I noticed within your list of given names and surnames are "Murray" and "ALLAN". My g grandfather was Murray ALLAN (1856-1933) Duddingston > Direlton > South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. He married Helen Grieve HAIR. Their son, Murray ALLAN Jr. died at four years old.

I also have ggg uncle Murray Rennie ALLAN. b. 1830-?, Liberton, Midlothian, son of Wm. Allan and Elizabeth "Betty" Rennie.

Additionally, I wonder about Murray Allan (1876-1904) son of Wm Allan and Robina Jackson of Musselburgh Midlothian > Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

Have I struck a common line with you? FYI: My mysterious "JAMESON" line came from Nova Scotia, Canada > Massachusetts 1923. Boardman or Wardman JAMESON and Vera JOHNSON, gg Joseph and Ida JAMESON (My brickwall!)

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray ALLAN)

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Hello Diane,

Actually I do not have ALLAN listed, though oddly I do have an ALLAN surname connected to this line ... unfortunately the name did not connect to our REIDFORD/BROWN line until c1950. My mother's eldest sister married a chap with this surname. He was from Surrey England, I believe, with their only child still living there.

Also as I mentioned, our Mum's maternal and paternal lines cross a couple of times and in the latter I do find some of the other surnames you have listed under *Sunames*. They are Grieve, Cunningham and Ross. Perhaps have a little info on them, but really next to nothing. The paternal line is about 98% the research of my 4C1R Alan Morrison of Glasgow. He very generously shared it with me.

So far I don't know of any Jamiesons connected to us, who would have come to Canada, but I do know my 2x great-grandmother, Martha Jamieson CLARK did travel south to at least Glasgow. Not sure how or when (yet!), but she married Andrew BROWN, there in 1882. He was a 28 yr. old widower (first wife had the surname M(A)C DONALD), she 22 when they married. He was born in Edinburgh, the son of James BROWN and Janet GRAHAM.

It would be nice to learn that some Jamiesons connected to me, had arrived first in NS ... main port was/is Halifax ... to which my Scottish mother (a Jamieson descendent) came as a War Bride, in 1946 and my birth place! I go back every year to visit my aunts/uncles/cousns.

Sad to report, your Jamesons are not at all familiar to me. Did yours' originate in Shetland, as did mine?

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me.

Warmest regards .... Toni ... Ontario Canada.

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray & Robina)

Diane (View posts)
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Surnames: Allan
Hi Toni,
May I ask the surnames of the bearers of the given names Murray and Robina from your family line?

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray & Robina)

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Some of this info comes from Tony Gott's web site. Some months ago, I went to web site, finding my grandmother's death, following backwards, confirming BMDs / cenus records, to Unst marriage for William Henry CLARK and Thomasina JAMIESON. Then went to Shetland, Jamieson etc message boards, from which Tony Gott contacted me. Through his site, I was able to follow my line back further. I have to contact him again, as he has an error with my grandmother & her mother. He has their data reversed I believe. Some of Tony's data comes from his own research; sources are documented in some cases, though I haven't double checked any of the Shetland ones, with the exception of William Henry CLARK / Thomasina JAMIESON marriage (confirmed by Scotlandspeople web site).

James Murray CLARK born 22 Nov 1863 Glasgow Lks, son of William Henry CLARK b1822, unknown place in England (a soldier & a schoolmaster) and Thomasina JAMIESON b1826, who were married 28 Jan 1847 in Unst Shetland.

Other siblings are: John Ingram 1857 Unst; Martha Jamieson 1858 (my gr-gm) Fairview Northmavine; Catherine Barbara 1860 Unst;

They must have moved south to Glasgow between 1860 & 1863 as James was born there. They lived in different places: Census - 1851 Hagdale Unst; 1861 Muriscoe Westing Unst; 1881 266 Castle St. Glasgow, with William Henry CLARK's occupation listed as Night Timekeeper, Foundry.

Robina Margaret JAMIESON born 20 July 1833 Unst Shetland, daughter of James JAMIESON born 1794 Unst and Catherine CHRISTIE born 1800 Fetlar Shetland, who were married 25 Dec 1825.

Other siblings are: Thomasina (my 2x ggm whose parents only just made it to the alter in time!) born 10 Jan 1826; Gilbert Spence 1828; James 1832; Robina; Janet Isabella 1836; Barbara 1838; Marjory 1843. All born Unst.

Census - 1841 & 1851 (James senior a Sherrif Officer) Hagdale Unst;
James JAMIESON (senior) died 13 Aug 1857 Hagdale, when the side collapsed, also killing two other men.

With the info on the CLARKs, I made another *isn't it a small world* type of discovery, in relation to my Scottish mother's lines & my Canadian father's. In 1881, Mum's paternal great-grandparents & grandparents were living on a short street which ran between Castle St. and Stirling Rd. (her parents lived near by, on S. rd. right after they married 1920), close to the Royal Infirmry and Glasgow Cathedral. William Henry Clark & family lived at 266 Castle on the 1881 ... My father's grandparents were living at 193 Castle St in 1881. Two yrs ago, when in Scotland, I was surprised at how close 193 had been to the other side of my family, but wasn't aware of the CLARKs being there at the same time. All were Church of Scotland & my mother's paternal side worshiped at the Cathedral. Most likely the women all went into the same shops at the same time occasionally. I'd like to think they perhaps said hello to one another, never knowing one day their lives would all be connected through the marriage of their descendents.

Cheerio for now .... Toni .. Ontario Canada.

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray & Robina)

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Re: James Jamieson's death 13 Aug 1857 - He died when the side of the quarry at Hagdale collapsed. Not certain if this was his regular occupation, in addition to being a Sherrif Officer, or a later occupation or he was there in an official capacity relating to his work in the Sherrif's office.

Cheers ... Toni.
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