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Still looking for Decou?

Still looking for Decou?

Eric Wolcott (View posts)
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Surnames: Decou Wolcott
My grandmother was a Elizabeth Hendrickson DeCou of Moorsetown, NJ. Her father, George DeCou, grew up arond Trenton, NJ.
I am looking for any information on the family. Anybody else still looking?

Re: Still looking for Decou?

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I am sure you know George wrote some wonderful books such as Along the Back Trail, Moorestown and Her Neighbors.

I am descended from the Canadian branch of the family (Captain John Decou/Decew) for whom Decew Falls and Decewsville, both in Ontario, Canada, were named

Re: Still looking for Decou?

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I knew George had written some books. In fact his daughter, my Great-Aunt Franny, had written some family history also. On her death many of her papers went to my father. And so to me. Somewhere I have a early manuscript of Along the Back Trail. Unfortunately, my Great-Aunt Franny was a transcriptionist so it is
all typewritten, instead of handwritten.

Somewhere I knew there was a Canadian branch, but I don't know much about your side. When, and why did your ancestor go to Canada? What have they been doing since?

Re: Still looking for Decou?

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My Decou ancestors came to Canada around 1798. John Decou/Decew was a captain in the war of 1812 and it was to his home that Laura Secord went to warn him that the Americans were coming. There are 2 towns in Ontario named after him - Decew Falls and Decewsville. There is a lovely park at Decew Falls on what was his property and the remains of the home. You can read about it and see the home at and at

Have attached a couple of files. I live on the west coast in British Columbia


Decou/Decew/Decow in British Columbia

Melinda (View posts)
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Surnames: DECOW, CLARK, MILLS etc.
Hi Joyce,

My 3rd great grandfather was Jacob P. Decow, a cousin to Captain John Decow/Decou/Decew (1766-1855). I have that Captain John's middle name was Bloome after his mother's maiden name.

I have traced William Arthur Decow (1864-1934), a grandson of Jacob P. Decow and a 1/2 brother to my great grandmother Melissa Ann Decow, to Vancouver, BC. In the book "Houses of West Elgin" it said that he was a C.P.R. agent who lived in Vancouver, BC. In the 1881 census he was still living in Ontario with his widowed mother.

1881 Census, Elgin County, Dunwich Township, LDS FHC microfilm #1375902:
Decow, Anne, F, 58, ON, CC Bapt, Scotch, W
Decow, William, M, 17, ON, CC Bapt, Scotch(?)

In the 1901 census he is in Vancouver, BC, married with a family.

1901 Census:
District: BC BURRARD (#1)
Subdistrict: Vancouver (City/Cité) d-7 Page 15
32 146 DeCow William A. - M Head M Apr 21 1864 36 ON Scotch(?) Bapt Operator C.P.R.
33 146 DeCow Louisa - F Wife M Sep 15 1870 30 MB Scotch Bapt
34 146 DeCow Wilfred - M Son S Sep 29 1893 7 MB Scotch Bapt
35 146 DeCow Gladys - F Daughter S Nov 2 1896 4 MB Scotch Bapt

The reference in both censuses that William was Scotch is incorrect. The Decow's were German descent. William's mother was Scotch descent and maybe William was mixed up.

Since William's wife and children were shown as born in Manitoba, I found William Arthur Decow & Louisa Curtis' marriage, and Wilfred Webster Decow's birth information on the Manitoba bmd regristration.

Then, on the British Columbia bmd registration I found William Arthur Decow's death information and another possible child born there in 1903 (Rose McGregor Decow). This would make sense, as William Arthur Decow's sister was Rose and his mother's maiden name was McGregor.

Do you know what a C.P.R. agent is?

Would you like to share information on the Decow line? I have a bit of a mystery I would love to solve.


Enumclaw, Washington (state), USA

Re: Still looking for Decou?

Harry Dell (View posts)
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Surnames: DeCou, Dell, Ashton, Descamps, Davenport, De Coux, Bonnet, Beharrell
A book "The Genealogy of the DeCou Family" is available on line at Heritage Quest. It is searchable. Check with your local library for access, usually known as ProQuest.

My 7th great grandfather Richard Dell (c1660 - bef 1724) married as his first wife Elizabeth DeCou in Burlington Co., now New Jersey. She was born 25 Aug 1675, probably in Yorkshire England, daughter of Isaac and Susan (Ashton) DeCou.

Isaac arrived at Burlington NJ in the Ship "Shields". He died before 1692, as his widow Rebecca married Francis Davenport the 12th day of 8th month, 1692.

Isaac de Coux (De Cou) was of Huguenot descent. He & his 2nd wife, Rebecca, emigrated from Arvert, France, and arrived at New Castle on the Delaware in 1686. He settled at Newcastle MD on land bought of William Penn. The first meeting of Quakers in America was held at his house. He died shortly after his arrival & was buried at Chester. Isaac & his 1st wife, Susannah Ashton, had Jacob, John, Isaac, Elizabeth and Emanuel. Isaac Jr. & Jacob settled in Burlington County prior to 1690.

Death date, place from Descendants of George DeCou, by Frances DeCou 1970. See also LDS FR 16879/80 submitted by Mrs. Howard T. (Lucy A.) Bonnett, 314 E. Glenwood Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045 (312) 234-4804.


There was a "Daniel Decow of Drax Abbey" mentioned in the will of David Beharrell, 3 Jun 1708 of Waghen alias Wawn, Yorkshire, named to be Tutor or Guardian of David's children, along with Samuel Beharrell, if their mother remarried. David's brother Isaac Beharrell married Jane Descamps in 1666 in Hatfield (Yorkshire?) and this Daniel Decow was probably her brother. Note that the name Decow is an English corruption of the French name Descamps. The towns of Goole, Snaith, Howden, Airmyn and Drax are all quite close to Wawn, 20-30 miles west of Hull, on the south side of the river Ouse.

Re: Decou/Decew/Decow in British Columbia

Harry Dell (View posts)
Posted: 1091282456000
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Surnames: Dell, DeCou
Hi Melinda,
I suspect that C.P.R. stands for the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

Re: Still looking for Decou?

Posted: 1091748835000
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You mentioned "Descendants of George DeCou", by Frances DeCou 1970.

This was my great-aunt Franny. She never married, and I was told she was the 'wild' one. She smoke and drank, unheard of in my great-grandfathers house.

She was a career woman, starting as a secretary. then becoming
what we would now call an Office Manager, and then starting her own transcription/typying service. She saved her money, bought her own house and worked from home. In fact, as a write this, it occurs to me that today we might say she was highly successful. I know her sisters (my grandmother among them) were very proud of her.

When I knew her she was living in West Hartford, Ct. near two of her sisters. They were always fun at family events.

Somewhere I have one of her drafts of that book you mentioned.


Re: Decou/Decew/Decow in British Columbia

Katherine (View posts)
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Melinda (and others)
Many of the DeCows are actually of French descent. They were Huguenots (French protestants who were persecuted) and came to North America in about 1686. There was a book put together in about 1912 that detailed the descendents of Isaac DeCow, who you may be related to. I am descended from Isaac DeCow (he would be my 9x great-grandfather). You can buy a photocopy of this book from Tuttle Antiquarian Books in Vermont (or you could about 5 years ago when I got my copy). If anyone is interested let me know and I can send you the contact information.

Re: Decou/Decew/Decow in British Columbia

Melinda (View posts)
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Thank you for the information. Yes, I incorrectly said the Decow's were of German descent, when I have learned that they were in fact French Huguenots. I have 19 Isaac Decows in my file, the oldest being of whom I believe you are referring to. Interesting web page (do a search for "Decou"):

How exactly do you fit in the family tree? You can email me directly at < > if you want to share.

Best regards,
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