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Brazee - NY to Michigan

Brazee - NY to Michigan

Emi Brazee (View posts)
Posted: 957666266000
Hello, I'm seeking information about the Brazee clan. Less interested in dates and straight lineage than personal stories, family lore, skeletons in closet, and health histories. My maternal grandfather is Hurlan Brazee b 1910s - siblings Naomi Jean, Charles, Opal, parents Pearl Brazee and Ruby M Grattan (talk about your family jewels). This branch was settled in NY, moved to Michigan, spread out and died out. Fascinated by the number of wholly different(?) family lines who coincidentally(?) have this name - Norwegian, German, Polish ancestry? I was always told my own clan immigrated to US from Germany, having once been Huegenots expelled from France. Also looking for info on maternal grandmother, will post for her when I get the spelling of her maiden name. Please email me with any info. Thank you!


Bryan Cole (View posts)
Posted: 959904676000
Around 1800's the Brazee's in Mich. all changed their names to Bracy. If this helps let me know. Bryan

Brazee - NY to MI

Mike Disbrow (View posts)
Posted: 959963754000
Hi Emi - My Brazees also left NY (Wayne Co.) for Michigan in the 1870's. They settled in Lenawee County. (And by the way not ALL Brazees changed their names as the other person replied.)
My earliest known Brazee was Case (Cornelius), followed by Cornelius Jr., Josiah, and then my grandmother Mary Matilda (Brazee) Disbrow.
I've heard the original Brazee came from Holland, but I haven't been able to trace that far back as of yet.
Hope this is of interest.
Mike Disbrow

Brazee to Bracey??

Mike Disbrow (View posts)
Posted: 959963917000
Brian -
No, not all of them did. In fact my Brazee family still spells their name the same way and there are many Brazees in the state. Check the phone books.
Mike Disbrow


Bobby Brazee (View posts)
Posted: 961192980000
I am also looking up my Ancestory. i live in Oklahoma. If you want you can e-mail me back

Brazee - , Lenawee Cty., MI

Emi (View posts)
Posted: 961199435000
Dear Mike,

Since my family also settled in Lenawee County, and since the name is uncommon, I'm guessing the Brazees we speak of are one and the same.

My uncle, who in the past hired professional assistance in pinning down the geneaology, did indeed find that the Brazees "originally" came from Holland (~1500s? I think). It seems from there they moved to France, then were expelled as Huguenots to Germany, from where they finally immigrated to the US. (I've also heard that some moved to Canada.)

If you'd like to pool more information with me, please email me. I don't know a lot of specifics but perhaps I can root them out, or at least put you into contact with other sources.

Oh, and pleased to meet you, how do you do.

Emi B.


Emi (View posts)
Posted: 961199656000
Hi Bobby,
Please post more specific names and dates (your parents, their parents, their parents' parents, etc.), and we'll try to figure out which branch of the tree you belong to.


Bobby Brazee (View posts)
Posted: 962479519000
OK Emmi. My Father is Delosse Brazeee Jr, His father is Delosse Brazee Sr, My mother is Judith Reed and her father was Guy Reed.

Bobby Brazee-brother

Sarah (View posts)
Posted: 966463564000
My brother's name is Bobby Brazee and he wanted me to tell you that. So..have fun with that information.

Brazee, Cornelius

Austin E. Brazee (View posts)
Posted: 971294135000
Mike Disbrow wrote of Cornelius Brazee in
his post on 6/2/2000.
My grandfather was named Cornelius, thought
to be buried in N.Y(Hopewell Junction??)
He divorced my grandmother in the 1920's.
Any info would be appreciated.
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