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Coal mining USA 1881

Coal mining USA 1881

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hi , im trying to find out where my ancestors went to in USA i have the following information_

18 april 1881 arrived in new york
family name woolstercroft (please note that this has been misspelt on the passenger info and should be wolstencroft)

george woolstercroft
wife alice
duaghter anya

george and alice were in their early 20s and george was a coal miner from England - im wondering which city they were living in and the fact that he was a coal miner could leas me to believe he went to the US to work in the the coal mines there

the problem is they had another child born in 1882 but i cannot trace the birth record at all - i would love to find out where they went so is there a possibly link to coal mining records ? ?? lists of workers ect . sadly they missed the census in 1880 and they were back home later on so i dont know where they stayed but would love to know .
could possibly be staying with relatives by the name of Jarvis but thats just a guesss

any info much appreciate

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Do you know the name of the child born in 1882?

When did they leave the US?

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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There's a Geo Wolstoncroft listed in the 1878, 1883, 1889, and 1891 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania directories. He's listed as a miner.

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Here are the listings:

Wolstoncroft Geo, coal miner, Saw Mill run, 35th wd

Wolstoncroft Geo, miner, n Gray & Bell's coal pit

Wolstoncroft Geo, miner, Junius, n Adolph

Wolstoncroft Geo, lab, Junius, n Independence
" John H, lab, Junius, n Independence

Did he have a brother, relative, or son John H?

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Could this be a possibility?

name: William Henry Wolstoncroft
event: Death
event date: 09 Nov 1884
event place: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
gender: Male
age: 1
estimated birth year: 1883
father: George Wolstoncroft
mother: Mary Wolstoncroft
reference number: pg 307
film number: 505835
digital folder number: 4263750
image number: 188

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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The 1881 passenger list has the daughter as Annie -- is her "official" name Anya?

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Was George's mother (or other older relative) named Elizabeth or Eliza?

There's a George Wolstencroft, age 18, travelling with Eliz Wolstencroft, age 54, from England to New York, in 1873. interprets his name as George E. but if you look closely, it looks like GeorgE.

The age is close enough to be "your" George...

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Have you seen the tree here at with George Wolstencroft married to Alice Jarvis, with daughter Hannah?

In that, George's mother is Betty (Betty can be a nickname for Elizabeth) whose birth year is the same that Eliz Wolstencroft.

Also in the tree, George has a brother John (which would fit the Pittsburgh directory.)

All these pieces seem to fit..., but everything is not completely PROVEN...yet

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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Darn! It looks like that George Wolstoncroft in Pittsburgh is a different man.

Here's the listing in J.F. Diffenbacher's directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, 1893/1894:

Wolstoncroft J H, lab, Junius, n Independence
" John, lab, Junius, n Independence
" Mary J, wid Geo, Junius, n Independence
" Nellie, teacher, Junius, n Independence

This is from Historic Pittsburgh City Directories at the website Historic Pittsburgh. There are dozens of directories there.

Re: Coal mining USA 1881

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hes hes my uncle arthur . wolstencroft born dec 1882
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