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Henry Kiper

Henry Kiper

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Surnames: Kiper, Stampley
Looking for the Children of Henry Kiper who married Margaret Stampley in 1797. I know that Nancy L. Kiper is their daughter. All census records indicates that they were in Catahoula Parish, LA. I sure would like to correspond with anyone that can share information or fill in my blanks. I will be glad to share. Nancy L. Kiper is my 5th grandmother. Thanks: Bob.

Re: Henry Kiper

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Surnames: Kiper
I know this is late but I am from Henry's line: I am d/o James B., s/o Theodore Bruce, s/o Theodore Bowers, s/o Richard Elias, s/o Jacob R.B., s/o Frederick, s/o Henry and Margaret. Henry and Margaret had 7 children that I can find so far: Frederick -1797, Nancy L - 1804, Henry H - 1805, Jacob Phillip, George, James M - Abt 1810, and Elizabeth M.
I have my line, and am willing to share. You can email me:


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I am a decendent of Henry Kipers brother, Fredrick Kiper who married Besty Collard in Ky. I have started my research of Henry and I can only bits and pieces of court records, no vitals at all. If you could help me with that line I would be forever greatfull. I am willing to share what little I have of him. Robin

Re: Henry Kiper

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Surnames: Stampley, Shipp

I'm looking for info on the Stampleys who settled in Catahoula and what is now south Franklin Parish in the early 1880's. I descend from Henry Stampley through his daughter, Fama Triffana, who married Peter Shipp. Any help would be appreciated.


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Surnames: Stampley
I did some research on David Stampley and collected some records.

I have:1840 Census of Catahoula Parish, LA
Henry Stampley 0212010000000 0110100000000

I think he is the father of a David Stampley:
Land Records for Stampley, David in Franklin Par
STAMPLEY DAVID 1837 Catahoula/Franklin 80.0000
STAMPLEY DAVID 1837 Catahoula/Franklin 80.0800

The following is from the Spanish 1782 census of Natchez District:
STAMPEY, Jacobo - VG 
STAMPEY, Jorge - VG 
STAMPLEY, Margarita - VG  (VG=Villa Gayoso)

And the following from Conveyance Records of Catahoula Parish, LA:
13B 10 July 1812 - PHILIP CALDWELL sells to HENRY STAMPLEY 199 acres of land which CALDWELL had purchased of LOUIS BADANS ... Witness: JAMES STOKES, WM. J. CLARKSON and EDMUND UNDERWOOD

71B HENRY KIPER to HENRY STAMPLEY - Sale of Slave - two negro women,CHARLOTTE about 20, a boy, NELSON, about 4 - for $500

22C November 1818 - Sicily Is1and - NEIL BAKER received $150 for his right, title and interest to certain improvements lying on the east side of Deer Creek and joining lands settled by JAMES CARTHA claimed by a settlement made in the year 1809... /s/ GEORGE (x) CATHEY Witness: HENRY STAMPLEY, WILLIAM CATHEY

31C 8 November 1819 - Appeared ELI TEMPLIN... paid by MOSES SNODDY ... sell my right, title and interest to improvement on Deer Creek claimed by ISAAC SOLLERS ... I settled in 1812... /s/ ELI TEMPLIN Witness: WM. OGDEN, GEORGE STAMPLEY

60C 15 March 1817 - HENRY KIPER paid $1000 for negro woman, CHARLOTTE about 26 years old, also her son., NELSON about seven years old. /s/ HENRY STAMPLEY - Witness: W.M. SMITH,JACOB M. DANIEL

29 April 1817 - Deer Creek - Received of HENRY STAMPLEY
$120 for which I do hereby assign all my right, title and
interest to the within improvement. /s/ JAMES JOHNSON -

475C (duplicate number) - ERR DOUGLAS sells for $225 to FREDERICK and JACOB KIPER an improvement of land having preference title on the cutoff of Bayou and Deer Creek ... being the same on which said DOUGLAS resides ... 14 January 1822 /s/ ERR (x) DOUGLAS, JACOB KIPER for FREDERICK & JACOB KIPER - Witness: GEORGE STAMPLEY, JOHN H. BRUCE

634C 12 November 1826 - JOHN J. BOWIE by himself and as attorney in fact for JAMES BOWIE ... for $675 paid by HENRY STAMPLEY sells piece of land containing 500 arpens on the west side of Deer Creek...(Note: at this point on the microfilm there are apparently some pages missing - the number skips from 634C to 637C, but the following names are visible: W. BISHOP, BEVERLY DUNN, CHARLES INGRAM, POLLY INGRAM and WILLIAM CARR)

638C 20 November 1826 - JOHN J. BOWIE, principal, and WM. WOOLDRIDGE and JAMES C. CALDWELL, securities, are held and bound to HENRY STAMPLEY and ERR DOUGLAS for $1000 ... JOHN BOWIE sells to STAMPLEY 540 arpens of land on Deer Creek and 260 arpens to ERR DOUGLAS and adjoining the black lands of HENRY STAMPLEY ... Witness: SAM GORDON and J. DORSEY

640C 2 December 1826 - ANDREW POSEY sells to DAVID POSEY all his right, title and claim to the following articles: one house of cotton, one dwelling house, one crib or house of corn, one sorrel horse about 15 months old, one small cart and rifle gun, one improvement of land or preference right situated on Bayou Mason for $150 in presence of DAVID STAMPLEY ... Witness: SAM GORDON, S.M.

647C 8 January 1828 - JOSEPH N. DADD, legal representative of the mother HANNAH DADD, do on this date employ as a lawful attorney, SOLOMON STAMPLEY, to collect and give receipts for the same on the balance due from the estate of BENJAMIN CORBETT, deceased, amounting to $1385...

649C 25 June 1827 - SOUSAN STAMPLEY and JULIA STAMPLEY, both of Jefferson ,County, Mississippi, lawful heirs of BENJAMIN CORBETT, deceased, appoint SOLOMAN P. STAMPLEY of Jefferson County, Mississippi, their lawful attorney. /s/ SOUSAN STAMPLEY, JULIA STAMPLEY

696C JOHN BAKER for $425 paid by HARRIETT STAMPLEY sells negro woman, SILVA about 40 ... /s/ JOHN (x) BAKER, JOEL TRAHERN - Witness: PETER WILLIAMSON, MONTGOMERY SMITH

785C On 20 December 1832, joined in-Holy Matrimony REV. SAMUEL WALKER and JANE STONE done in presence of the undersigned at the house of GEORGE SPENCER... /s/ WILLIAM H. STAMPLEY, SAMUEL WALKER, JANE STONE Witness: G.'MAYO, GEORGE SPENCER, URIAH WHATLEY

Re: Henry Kiper

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Surnames: Stampley
Taken from "History of Old Salem (Cole's Creek) Baptist Church"
The early Protestant settlers in the Southwest Mississippi Territory found themselves in a situation where they were forced to submit to the rule of the Spanish authorities and the Roman Catholic Church.
This group of settlers had moved to the Cole's Creek area of Jefferson County early in 1780 from the great Pee Dee River Valley of South Carolina. They traveled by wagon and then flat boats down the Holston River, the Ohio River, and finally the Mississippi River. They landed in the area where they had received British land grants about 20 miles north of Natchez on Cole's Creek (known as Boyd's Creek on arrival but the name was soon changed to Cole's Creek).
The Spanish laws of the province would not allow the settlers to gather together as a church as was their practice. Thus they would hold secret meetings at private dwellings each week while several of their number stood guard outside watching for "suspicious" persons and acting as if they were just enjoying a leisurely, friendly, neighborly visit. These meetings included exhortation, reading and expounding the Scriptures and prayer. Christians were quickened and unbelievers converted.
However, in October, 1791, these settlers organized the first Baptist church in the Southwest Mississippi Territory. They met in the home of Margaret Baird Stampley (wife of Henry Stampley) in the village of Stampley. The church was called Salem Baptist Church and was commonly referred to as Cole's Creek Baptist Church. The seven charter members included Richard Curtis, Jr. (a licensed minister), Benjamin Curtis, William Curtis, John Jones, Ealiff Lanier, William Thompson and Margaret Stampley. After Spanish rule ended in 1798 a church was built about one mile south of Stampley. A historical marker denotes the site of the church's original foundation.
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