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Surnames: Haussermann, Mossner, Heisermann
I am looking for any Hauessermann's from the Kirchberg area of Germany. Mt Great-great Grandfather and his wife and two children came to America in Aprl 1854. They settled in Columbia,Lancaster,Pennsylvania. His name was Johann Jacob Hauessermann, wife was Margretha (Mossner) Haeussermann, children Johann Jacob Hauessermann and Johanna
Hauessermann. I have the church records from there and would
love to find relatives there or here in United States.
My great-great grandfather used Jacob Heisermann when he came to the United States. It is now spelled that way by all my relative-Heiserman.

thank you

Re: Kirchberg,Germany

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Hi - Google Das Telefonebuch..there is an English version.
You can see if family still in the area.


Re: Kirchberg,Germany - which one?

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Hello Gloria,

which Kirchberg do you refer to?

Even the 'Telefonbuch'-site knows 30 of them!

Hauptgemeinden (8)
PLZ Vorwahl Ortsname
0810. 03760. Kirchberg Sachs
09385 037295 Erlbach-Kirchberg
554.. 06763 Kirchberg (Hunsrück)
717.. 071.. Kirchberg an der Murr
7459. 079.. Kirchberg an der Jagst
84434 087.. Kirchberg Holzland
88486 07354 Kirchberg an der Iller
94259 099.. Kirchberg i Wald

Gemeindeteile (22)
PLZ Vorwahl Ortsname
24969 04604 Kirchberg - Lindewitt
34305 05603 Kirchberg - Niedenstein
38723 05381 Kirchberg - Seesen
51491 02206 Kirchberg - Overath
52428 02461 Kirchberg - Jülich
72172 07454 Kirchberg - Sulz am Neckar
83367 08686 Kirchberg - Petting
83349 08669 Kirchberg - Palling
83352 08621 Kirchberg - Altenmarkt a d Alz
83435 08651 Kirchberg - Bad Reichenhall
84098 08784 Kirchberg - Hohenthann
84178 08744 Kirchberg - Kröning
84307 08721 Kirchberg - Eggenfelden
84359 08571 Kirchberg - Simbach a Inn
84364 08563 Kirchberg - Bad Birnbach Rottal
84553 08623 Kirchberg - Halsbach
84567 08670 Kirchberg - Erlbach Kr Altötting
93128 09402 Kirchberg - Regenstauf
94113 08546 Kirchberg - Tiefenbach Kr Passau
94157 08555 Kirchberg - Perlesreut
94513 08554 Kirchberg - Schönberg Niederbay
99735 036334 Kirchberg - Hainrode b Nordhausen

The ones in Baden-Wuerttemberg would be:
717.. 071.. Kirchberg an der Murr
7459. 079.. Kirchberg an der Jagst
72172 07454 Kirchberg - Sulz am Neckar


Re: Kirchberg - Haeussermann emigrants from Fellbach

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Haeussermann, Häussermann

There are some Haeussermann's, though...
Fellbach emigrants

Häußermann Michael
1750 Preussisch Pommern

Häußermann Friedrike
1817 Amerika

Häußermann Gottlieb
1818 Amerika

Häußermann Gottlieb Friedrich
Schneider, Familie mit 1 Kind
1818 Amerika

Häußermann Anna Barbara
1819 Amerika

Häußermann Georg Jakob
Schäfer, Familie mit 1 Kind
1819 Amerika

Häußermann Maria Margaretha
1830 Amerika

Häußermann Katharina Barbara
1832 Amerika

Häußermann Agathe Jakobine
1837 Amerika

Häußermann Dorothea Friederika
1846 Amerika

Häußermann Luise + Karoline
1848 Amerika

Häußermann Johann Adam
Weber, Familie mit 1 Kind
1851 Amerika

Häußermann Johann Adam
Weber, Familie mit 5 Kinder
1852 Amerika

Häußermann Johann Georg + Gottlob Friedrich
1852 Amerika

Häußermann August + Auguste + Friederike
1852 Amerika

Häußermann Caspar
1853 Amerika

Häußermann Phillip Jakob + Phillip Adam
1854 Amerika

Häußermann Jakobine und ihr Kind + 2 weitere Kinder
1855 Amerika

Häußermann Pauline Phillipine + Gottlob
Familie mit 2 Kinder
1880 Amerika

Häußermann Johannes
Familie mit 4 Kinder
1880 Amerika

Häußermann Pauline Friederike
1880 Amerika

Good luck!

Re: Kirchberg - Rems-Murr-Kreis

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Häussermann, Haeussermann

Hi Gloria,

your ancestor is listed as inhabitant of Sulzbach an der Murr, therefore you should refer to the area of the Rems-Murr-Kreis.


Auswanderer-ID 8921
Vorname Johann Jakob
Name Häussermann
Emigr.jahr 1854
Erdteil Nordamerika
Herkunftsort Sulzbach an der Murr
Familienstand verh.
Konfession ev.
Beruf Bauer
Geschlecht m
Geboren 1822
Geburtsdaten Jun 08
Emigrationsdaten Apr 24
Anzahl Erwachsene 2
Anzahl Kinder 2
Ehefrau Margarete Friederike, geb. Mößner.
2 Kinder: Karl Friedrich *28.04.1851;
Katharina Friederike *17.03.1853.
Vermögen 200 fl
Zielland Nordamerika
Bezirks-/Oberamt Marbach
Archiv Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart

Re: Kirchberg,Germany

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Classification: Query
I have relatives from kirchberg
Johann Jakob Haeussermann b. 6 Jan 1704 Wolfsoelden, Neckarkreis, Wuerrtemberg d.6 Apr 1758 Kirchberg, Murr, Wuerttemberg m. on 17 Aug 1728 Anna Maria Karr c. 6 July 1705 Kirchberg d. 7 Aug 1756 Kirchberg

I know of 2 sons Georg Jakob & Johann Adam. My line is from Georg Jakob who was supposedly born in Fruehmesshof, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg 29 Oct 1735

My gggrandfather immigrated to Linn Co., Iowa in 1888 from Fruehmesshof

Re: Kirchberg,Germany

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Classification: Query
I just found a picture Jacob & Margretha Moessner Haeussermann.If you would like a copy, let me know.

AW: Re: Kirchberg,Germany

Posted: 1273953365000
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this is Kirchberg an der Murr

Murr is the river in Kirchberg

here is a map of Germany, where You can see Kirchberg

Re: AW: Re: Kirchberg,Germany

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Edited: 1304007603000
Surnames: Sieber, Benzler
My ancestors are from Kirchberg Berchtesgarden Land...I am looking for family of Wilhelm Jacob Sieber and Christina Caroline Benzler. Will be traveling to Frankfurt and Munich in the very near future and would like to visit this area. Wilhelm brought his family to America in the early 1920s and settled in Oklahoma. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

AW: Re: Kirchberg,Germany

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Classification: Query
Thank you so much! I have been having a great deal of trouble pinning down where this is! You are a blessing!
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