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Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Zellers, Zeller, Imhoff, Conn, Coon, Johnson
To everyone:

I am trying to use every resouce possible to help verify and expand my family tree. I'm especially interested in linking Henry Zellers (of Union Co., PA) to other Zellers. There are plenty of Zellers in the Pulaski County, IN area... which is where my branch of the family eventually migrated. A brief overview of the tree I've gotten together thusfar. Most information seems to be verfied and correct up to Henry Zellers. Beyond him, I rely more on other people's trees and vague assuptions. Here goes what I have so far:

Henry Zellers (b. August 10, 1796)
m. Elizabeth Imhoff (b. August 31, 1798)
They had 10 children (?):

Elizabeth Zellers (b. January 23, 1818, Mifflin Co. PA)
John Zellers (b. December 06, 1819, Mifflin Co. PA)
Isaac Zellers (b. June 14, 1821, Juniata Co. PA)
Katherina Zellers (b. September 01, 1828, Union Co. PA)
*Rudolph W. Zellers (b. January 22, 1831, Union Co. PA)
Benjamin Franklin Zellers (b. June 15, 1833, Union Co. PA)
Enoch Zellers (b. Abt. 1835)
Barbara Zellers (b. January 31, 1837, Union Co. PA)
Henry Zellers (b. August 12, 1839, Union Co. PA)
Nancy Zellers (b. Abt. 1844)

NOTE: I have some uncertainty that all these children belong to Henry and Elizabeth. I have compiled them from several other family trees. Especially since the counties they have listed do not always match (e.g. Union/Mifflin/Juniata).

*Rudolph W. Zellers
m. Jane Conn/Coon (b. Abt. 1837, Marion/Crawford Co., OH)
They had 8 children:

*John Zellers (b. August 14, 1854, Pulaski Co., IN)
Harriet Elizabeth (b. Abt. 1856, Pulaski Co., IN)
Henry Zellers (b. 1858, Pulaski Co., IN)
Benjamin Zellers (b. Abt. 1859, Pulaski Co., IN)
Louisa Caroline Zellers (b. Abt. 1863, Pulaski Co., IN)
Warren R. Zellers Zellers (b. Abt. 1866, Pulaski Co., IN)
Mary Etta Zellers (b. Pulaski Co., IN)
William Zellers (b. Pulaski Co., IN)

*John Zellers
m. Sarah "Sally" Johnson (b. September 28, 1859, OH)
They had 7 children:

Benjamin Zellers (b. April 23, 1883, IN)
Warren William Zellers (b. July 05, 1884, IN)
Elsie Zellers (b. November 18, 1887, IN)
Leo Richard Zellers (b. November 02, 1893, IN)
Jessie/Leslie? Zellers (b. January 10, 1895, IN)
Bessie Zellers (b. 1901, IN)
*Harold John Zellers (b. October 10, 1904, Jasper Co., IN)

*Harold John Zellers is my grandfather
survived by his wife and 3 grandchildren, including myself.


Beyond Henry Zellers is a bit of a mystery right now. I have his father possibly being Frederick Zellers
And possibly having 4 other siblings, including:
Catherine Zellers
Mary Zellers
Lidia Zellers
Andrew (b. December 01, 1815)

I have Frederick possibly having a brother named Benjamin Zellers (b. June 14, 1781) and a father named John Zeller (b. March 08, 1741/42), which seems to be where Zeller --> Zellers.

Most of this information I can't verify, only gotten from other sources. But if anyone can verfify or correct this information, please contact me!

Ryan Zellers
Indianapolis, IN

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Zeller, Seller, Zellar, Zellers,
kieth, you might want to check with Raymond Zellers, he was born a county over from you but has much of the info you are looking for. I believe we are relatives. My line starts with Henry's brother Andrew. The part I am connected to went to southern Indiana in and about Sullivan County and on into Illinois, Clark County. Contact me and I will give you what info I have.

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Zellers, Imhoff
I am a 3rd great-grandson of Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff by their daughter Catharine who married John Meiser in Pennsylvania. John and Catharine came to Pulaski County, Indiana, some years after Henry and Elizabeth. John and Catharine are buried next to Henry and Elizabeth.

I would be interested in comparing notes with other researchers.

Charles William Meiser
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

Janet Ringer (View posts)
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My mothers grandfather was Benjamin Zellers, son of Henry
zellers & Elizabeth Imhoff.I have a lot of genealogy on the
zellers family if you are interested. Benjamins brothers & sisters were: John , Henry, Warren R. William, Marietta, Louise, Harriet. Benjamin wasmarried to Delilah Ann Freeman.. If you would like any of what I have, please e-mail
me, we must be related... Janet

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Freeman
Delilah Ann (Freeman) Zellers was a sister to my GG-grandfather Anthony Joseph Freeman. I have little info on Delilah and Benjamin Zellers, and I would love to obtain more from you if possible. I have a rough birthday for both of them, and marraige date, but that's it. I have no death dates and no locations for any info.

I have a picture of Delilah and Ben & family I can send if you want, or if you have any that I could use, you could send them my way.

Tim Good

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Zellers, Helfrick, Prtichard
I am just starting to research this part of my tree. My connection is with Benjamin Zellers son of Henry and Elizabeth any information or pictures (if you have them scanned) would be appreciated. My g.grandmother was Sarah J. Zellers (their daughter). I have been a member of for many years but for the last several had not been researching because I couldn't find anything. Then I started using the service again and bang I got a lot of hints and found the connection to Pulaski County, IN. This is amazing.

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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I am also linked to Benjamen through his daughter Sarah J. Do you have pictures that are posted and easy to email? Oh you know what? My gg grandfather was Benjamen Franklin Zellers who was married to Mary Ann Martz probably not related to your side?

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Imhoff, Martz, Zellers
Greetings Cousin,

I have a 1st cousin three times removed Sarah J. Zellers, daughter of Benjamin F. Zellers and Mary A. Martz.

I don't believe I have any pictures other than gravestones of Henry Zellers and his wife Elizabeth Imhoff.

Someone who might be helpful is Mary Jane Zellers, wife of Fred Zellers. I have't talked to her in several years. She lives in rural Fulton County, adjacent to Pulaski County.

Charles William Meiser, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, NSSAR # 172951

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: zellers
I don't know if this but I am John & Caroline Meiser GREAT Father,his son frederick meiser is my mother's grandfather.Frederick Daughter IDA MARIE MEISER IS MY GRAND MOTHER.I am kind of confused about Frederick cause there are more than 1 frederick in pulaski county.who is your parents & grandparents?? Thanks,talk to you later!!

Re: Zellers in IN & PA: Henry Zellers and Elizabeth Imhoff

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Surnames: Meiser, Overmyer, Prechtel, Sell, Wike

My parents are Rolland Overmyer Meiser & Ruth Lavonne Wike.
My paternal grandparents are Charles Walker Meiser & Etta Mae Overmyer.
Charles Walker Meiser's parents are Frederick S. Meiser & Elizabeth Ann Prechtel. This is your Frederick, but you descend from Frederick's first wife Phianna Sell. The other Frederick is our Frederick's 1st cousin once removed. I understand the confusion because they both lived at a time in Harrison Townshp, Pulaski County and later removed to Fulton County. Both were born and died a few years apart.
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