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Royal descent of John Budd, immigrant in 1637?

Royal descent of John Budd, immigrant in 1637?

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Surnames: Budd, Horton
Some sources (undocumented, as far as I can determine) claim Catherine Browne was either the wife or mother of John Budd (1599-1670), immigrant to New Haven, in 1637. Catherine Browne is listed as a descendant of Sir Thomas Brown, Sheriff of Kent, born 1414 in Bechworth, Surrey and also of the Fitz Alan family, with royal descent through this line.

There is no reference to John Budd's parentage in Faris' _Plantagenet Ancestry_, Weis' _Ancestral Roots_ or even Weis' _Magna Charta Sureties_.

Does anyone know if this descent of John Budd is unproven or has even been disproved? Is there any evidence that this descent is valid or is it all speculation?



Re: Royal descent of John Budd, immigrant in 1637?

Jean B. Hansen (View posts)
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Surnames: Budd Horton
As far as I know we can only assume Catherine Browne was John Budd 1699 mother. There is no documentation that can prove so. However Mrs mildred Herron has written a publication regarding our immegrant John and his relationship with the Browne family. She has extensive research here as well as in England, It is very insxpensive and full of facts. Some documented. There is a copy of the will of the father John. It is entitled "The Old House" Her address is 539 Arlington Ave, Westfield N.J. 07091. She is planning surgery so she may not be available just now. Good luck with your research Jean

John Budd 1 = Jan Everstse Bout.... To prove or not to prove.

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Surnames: Budd, Bout, Dickerson, Fancy, Horton, Cornellise
Hi Jean,

So many people have done so much research on these Budds. I've been researching them for twenty years and still haven't climbed my brick wall. So I started going at it from the top down. There is so much conflicting info that I look for source documents - deeds, wills, church and Bible records, town records, etc. with alot of history thrown in.

I do think there is a very strong case that Jan Evertse Bout of New Netherlands is the same fellow known as John Budd the first here whose son John 2 married Mary Horton. Just everything makes sense. Could be wrong. Jan Bout came over in 1634 in the ship Eendracht.

This could be proved or disproved by comparing the signatures on some documents. For instance, the contract that John Budd made with his son in 1669 may have been signed. The will of Jan Bout could be compared. Jan Bout signed documents in New Netherlands when he was on the governor's committees. One issue considered was whether to bring soldiers in from Brazil to help defend against the Indians. The Dutch West India Company had far flung outposts. Some profits were from privateering.

It's hard to know if John Budd 1 or 2 was the one who purchased land from the Indians in 1661. Jan Bout 1 was an Indian interpreter. John Budd2 (Mary Horton) in 1661 was an adult with children by that time. Comparing that signature with the 1684 will of John Budd 2 would answer that question. Signatures in New Haven, deeds and in the Colonial records, could be compared with these. On some of these old records we see Judete Budd, Catteren Budd, and Joon (Jane/ Joan) Budd. A Thomas Budd married Hannah Cornelisse in the Dutch Reformed Church in New York - New Amsterdam in 1720.

I do hope the Budd Family Association can research this in order to deny or confirm. I'm in California.
I always thought it odd that there is no mention of any more Catherine Budds in the 2nd and 3rd generations. Maybe there was...

On September 11, 1678, John Budd forgives Katherine Fancy from all claims, demands and debts, and also forgives William Fanshaw/Fancy of a debt_____. (The page in the original record was torn.) "

Now why would John Budd forgive Katherine Fancy all her debts etc? Seems likely she is a close relative. In 1678 this would be John Budd 2 (Mary Horton).
There were alot of Budd's here before 1700.
Edward Budd, a ship carver, was in Boston area.

Christopher Russell in Maryland left a will in 1661 mentioning his daughter Katherine Budd.

A Thomas Budd was admitted as a freeman in Farmington, Ct before 1700.
In 1647 in Rensselaerwyck a Willem Fredericksz Bout or Boudt (from Leyden) was married. There are Budds of English, Dutch, probably German, and ? origins.
A LIST OF THE FFREEHOLDERS OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF ALBANY-1720, Part II, Kinderhook and part Manner of Livingston Viz.
Claverack - John Bout
[This could be John Budd 3 (wife Hester). He Probably moved around some.]

1691 MR. John BOUT, ensign

" In Edgartown the militia was revived, and on April 13, 1691,At a meeting of all the. melisha in general of the town of Edgartown Left. Thomas Daggett Esq. was chosen by them their captain, by unanimous choice of them; at the same meeting Mr. Andrew Newcomb was chosen Left. at the same time, John Butler had the place of the first or eldest sargent; the same time, Moses Cleveland was chosen the second; the same time Jonathan Dunham was chosen corporal; Jonathan Pease the next corporal; the same time Mr. John Bout was chosen their ensign."

[my note: interesting he's called MISTER John Bout]
Somewhere in my notes I recall that there is a record of the marriage date for John Budd and Julianor Dickerson recorded in Southold. Either Town Records or the Salmon Records (of which there are a few different copies}.
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