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I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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Surnames: Leshchyshak
I am Mariia from the city of Lviv. I am searching for the full brother of my grandmother whose name is Leshchyshak Ivan, born in 1897 in the village of Korostenko (Now, it is the territory of Poland). Ivan graduated from Gymnasium and being a young boy he immigrated to America. His parents’ names were Ivan and Viktoriia. There were more children in Ivan’s family; in particular, there were four sisters and one brother. Ivan Leshchyshak could not communicate with relatives through historical circumstances. Natives from the village Korostenko, who had lived in the USA, had evidence that my grandmother’s full brother was a priest and his name was John Shnurer. My mother tried to find her mother’s brother but she could not. It’s deemed that he has lived in Texas.

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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I have found the following information. It apears to be your grandmother's brother, although the name of his father differs from what you posted:

Name: John Shnurer
SSN: 170-32-3797
Last Residence: 76110 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States of America
Born: 20 Jul 1897
Died: Nov 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1956-1958

He is included in family trees posted on Posted information for him in family trees:

Name: John F. Shnurer
Birth: 20 Dec 1897 - Ukraine
Parents: John Shnurer, Victoria Kopestensky
Spouse: Mildred Mutchko

This man is listed as Reverend, a religious leader, which fits with your information of him becoming a priest. His birth place is listed as Premysl, Ukraine by one person.

Reverend John Florian SHNURER, wife Mildred, was the rector at St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the city of Herkimer, New York, in 1940.

In 1937 they lived in the state of Connecticut. John went by the name of J. Florian SHNURER in some records.

Here is their information from the 1940 census:

1940 New York State, Herkimer County, Herkimer town
Sheet 1A April 11

address appears to say: 33a More Avenue


SHNURER, John J., head, male, white, age 41. Birthplace: (appears to say Eukrania with something else written), residence in 1935: Connecticut. Has filed first papers for citizenshiip. Occupation: Priest, Ukranian.

SHNURER, Mildred, wife, female, white, age 31, born Pennsylvia.

SHNURER, Florian, son, male, white, age 11, born Pennsylvania.

SHNURER, Irene M., daughter, female, white, age 6, born Connecticut.

not related

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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That is the info I found also, with a few more records to add.

name: John Florian Shnurer
event: Death
event date: 05 Nov 1976
event place: Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States
gender: Male
Occupation: Priest-Ukrainian (Orthodox Church)
marital status: Married
birth date: 20 Jul 1897
birthplace: , Ukraine
father's name: John Shnurer
mother's name: Victoria Kopestensky
Removal of Burial Bound Brook New Jersey
Cemetery: St. Andrews Cemetery
Informant: Mrs. Norman Stemple

name: Floryjan Shnurer
event: Marriage
event date: 22 Jan 1927
event place: Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States
age: 28
estimated birth year: 1899
father: John
mother: Victoria Kopastynski
spouse: Mildred Mutchko
spouse's age: 18
spouse's estimated birth year: 1909
spouse's father: Harry
spouse's mother: Anna Konucski

name: Mildred Shnurer
gender: Female
marital status:
death date: 11 Feb 1989
death county: Tarrant
death place: Tarrant, Texas, United States

name: Florian Shnurer
event: Death
event date: 26 Oct 1964
event place: San Mateo, California, United States
birth date: 29 May 1928
birthplace: Pennsylvania
gender: Male
mother: Mutchko

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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Surnames: Mutchko, Shnurer
Hi, I'm not sure if you are still searching, but I can probably add a few things for Mildred. She is the brother of my grandfather (my great aunt).

She was born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania in about 1910. Her parents were Hapf (Harry) Mutchko and Anna Krenitsky. Records have them coming from Russia, although verbal history has them coming from Ukraine near the border of what is now Poland.

If there is anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask!

travels of john shnurer

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newspaperarchives subscription only (I am not related)
1976 New Castle NewsTuesday, November 9, 1976, New Castle, Pennsylvania 116 Winter Road The Rev. John F. Shnurer, of Fort Worth, Texas
1975 New Castle News Monday, June 9, 1975, New Castle, Pennsylvania
Bishop Constantine, (left) head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States, visited and honored the Rev. John Shnurer (right), retiring pastor of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, on Rose Avenue Sunday and conducted
1974 New Castle News
Tuesday, January 15, 1974, New Castle, Pennsylvania
service will be held at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the funeral home. A Mass will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. Thursday in Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Rev. John Shnurer. The procession will leave the funeral home at 9 a.m. for the church. Burial will be in St. Nicholas Cemetery
1968 New Castle News Saturday, May 11, 1968, New Castle, Pennsylvania.. will formally welcome the Rev. John F. Shnurer, new pastor of the church, at a dinner and reception... ..., MAY Area church notes Rev. John F. Shnurer former parish.last month when the pastor had planned to...

1959 butler Pennsylvania Monessen Daily Independent October 3, 1959
1957 Monessen Daily Independent April 11, from lyndora visiting at mission service at st Nicholas orthodox
1950 ( Herkimer — The Rev. and Mrs.
John Shnurer and family left yesterday
for Chicago where Father
Shnurer has accepted the pastorate
of St. Peter and Paul church. He
served as pastor of St. Mary's Ukrsinisn
church In Herkimer for II
years and had been prominently
identified with the local religious
and civic activities.
1949 Herkimer Troy Times Record Thursday, March 24, 1949, Troy, New York
and Rev. John Shnurer of St. Mary's Church of Herkimer as subdeacon, and also 1948
1949 Troy Times Record Thursday, March 24, 1949, Troy, New York
where a solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Kev. Andrew Ivanyshyn, pastor, with Rev. John Hundiak of St. Dimetrius' Church of Carte ret, N. J., as deacon, and Rev. John Shnurer of St. Mary's Church of Herkimer as subdeacon, interment was in St. Nicholas' Ukrainian Cemetery, where Fathe

now go to it if free-search john w/1 shnurer, that way u get him with middle initial and/or last name is free, u can click on and get entire article, I am posting highlights
Utica NY Daily Press 1945 - 2325.pdf
...were Walter Potocki. assist- in t corporation counsel; the Rev. John Shnurer, pastor of the Her- cimer and Little Falls Ukrainian -hnrrh ...

1939!! Albany NY Knickerbocker News 1939 - 3838.pdf
...Del.; the Rev. Basil Ku- ihil. Utica. and the Rev. John Shnurer, Herkimer. Music for the ceremony will be furnished by the ...

Waterville NY Times 1940 - 1942 Grayscale - 0266.pdf
...Saturday at St. 'Nicholas' Ukrainian Orthodox Church ,by the Rev. John Shnurer, pastor. Miss Mildred J. Talaba was maid of honor and ...
I 1935 Tkrninian church on Reed avenue and. the 11 will officiate Other at visiting ministers be Father John P. Shnurer, of Ford City

SON Florian DIED 1964
apparently son florian went to union college Herkimer and was in the choir there. also
Schenectady NY Gazette 1950 Grayscale - 2146.pdf
...Speaking Contest at Providence Arthur H. Swenson of Kenmore and Florian Shnurer of Herkimer, electrical engineering seniors at Union College and winners ...

7% Rome NY Daily Sentinel 1946 - 1880.pdf
...area pupils earned honorable mention in the competition. They were: Florian Shnurer, Herkimer High School; William Hickey. Waterville High; Theodore C. Mas ...

7% Waterville NY Times 1945 - 1948 Grayscale - 0370.pdf
...John B. Stetson, New Hartford Central School; Arthur High School; Florian Shnurer, Herki- mer ' High School; and Theodore C. Max, New 'Hartford ...

FLORIAN electrical engineer
Schenectady NY Gazette 1950 Grayscale - 2146.pdf
...Speaking Contest at Providence Arthur H. Swenson of Kenmore and Florian Shnurer of Herkimer, electrical engineering seniors at Union College and winners ...
now Google florian shnurer
The determination of antenna phase centers -
The determination of antenna phase centers. Front Cover. Florian Shnurer. Northwestern University, 1959 - Antennas (Electronics). and more

1946 Syracuse Herald Journal Tuesday, August 20, 1946, Syracuse, New York re high school graduation scholarships
Florlan Shnurere 331 moore ave Herkimer son of the Rev. and Mrs. John F. Shnurer was the highest ranking student in the counly with an average of 82.53 per cent. The fifth scholarship went
GOOGLE "rev john shnurer" and "rev john f shnurer" for more newspaper highlights

Mrs Irene Stemple who lives near fort worth texas which is why they moved there- grandkids- another daughter sister Victoria serving in Kodiak Alaska. these are from an article re his retirement which I cannot cut and paste but which says, in part- 7 yrs at new castle, 43 yrs with urkanian church, since he left Europe and theological education at peremysl in western urkrain. ordained 1933 by bishop zuk.1953 arch priest. 1967 mitered priest. also server chesterfield Connecticut and dean of Chicago deanery for 2 yrs.wife mildred in trinity sisterhood, directed choir, taught knitting, candle making, Ukrainian embroidery to members of the church.

New Castle News Saturday, June 7, 1975, New Castle, Pennsylvania
service. Entering retirement, Rev. Shnurer and his wife Mildred, plan to make their home in Fort Worth, Texas, and will move this month. They be near their daughter, Mrs. Irene Stemple, and their grandchildren. Mrs. Shnurer has been active in Holy Trinity Sisterhood and as director of the churc

irene shnurer stemple

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please Google Norman Rinehart Stemple think u have 5 2nd? 3rd? cousins and their kids!

google Irene mildred stemple no quotes

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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Do you have your ancestor's church marriage record?
Name: Theo Mutchko
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 26 Nov 1923
Event Place: , Schuyl, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: 21
Birth Year (Estimated): 1902
Father's Name: Harry Mutchko
Mother's Name: Anna Krenitsky
Spouse's Name: Jennie Wowak
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1903
Spouse's Father's Name: Wm Wowak
Spouse's Mother's Name: Alexandra Soroka
Are we working with an Americanized spelling of the ancestors' surname or an original form?

SOROKAs arriving NY Ellis Island from Galicia, Russia, Hungary.
KRINICZKI, KRINICKI from Galicia and Russia.
KRENICKI / KA; KRENICKY, KRENICZKA from Galicia and Hungary.
MOWAKs arriving NY EI could be NOWAKs or WOWAKs.
By any chance Hapf was Hryc aka Harry?
Add KRYNICKI and KRYNICKY to look at.

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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I do have this marriage certificate! Harry's name is also Hapf, but not sure about the Hryc. Haven't seen that, but that doesn't mean much.

The Mutchko name is Americanized. I believe the original spelling was My_ka. the _ represents a Russian cyrillic letter that looks like a 4 and is pronounced ch. Not sure of the name of this letter. For ease, I had always referred to it as z.

Re: I am searching for a full brother of my grandmother

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A marriage certificate never has the information one needs for genealogical research. I would think the church marriage record does.

What sort of a first name is Hapf. I have not encountered it before now.

It is either the place of birth or the spelling used in old country that takes the research on the right path.

Listen to pronunciation
to translit into Cyrillic:
Soroka, Ludwiga Bersnicki, Russia 20 1888 1908
Soroko, Bronislava Beresniki, Russia 17 1897 1914


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Name: Hapf Mutchko
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1900
Event Place: Shenandoah borough Ward 5, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): W
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Years Married: 0
Birth Date: Sep 1872
Birthplace: Austria
Marriage Year (Estimated): 1900
Immigration Year: 1885
Father's Birthplace: Austria
Mother's Birthplace: Austria
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Hapf Mutchko Head M 28 Austria
Annie Mutchko Wife F 26 Austria
Mathew Renchock Boarder M 36 Austria
Morris Durvowick Boarder M 25 Austria
His first name is written Hapf BUT it could pass for Harry. The ancestor does have a notation.
do read:
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