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Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Surnames: Thillesen
He was born in Oslo, Norway, 18. Nov. 1902 ( son of Thille Tordenskjold Thillesen, born 1882 and Olga Gurine Thorsen, born 1882). Thille T. Thillesen left Norway in 1905 and travelled to America where he remarried and lived in california until he died in 1959. Ragnar T. Thillesen lived with his grandmother, Mathea Thillesen until he emigrated to Canada 2. April 1927. On the 8. Nov 1937 he came to New Orleans, Louisiana on his way to visit his father Thille T. Thillesen.
Ragnar and his father has been a secret in our family, so we dont have more information than this about him. Hope to get some help with finding out what happen to Ragnar T. Thillesen, where did he go from New Orleans, did he stay in America or travelled he back to Canada /Norway, and did he marry/had kids.

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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I think this may be the death information for Ragnar. Actual death appears to be 21 Oct as noted on BC Vital Stats not 24 Oct as noted on FamilySearch. He is noted as single on the death record.

Vital Event Death Registration

Name: Regner Thillotsen

Event Date: 1940 10 21 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 37
Gender: male
Event Place: Princeton

Reg. Number: 1940-09-578812
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13169
GSU Microfilm Number: 1953629

British Columbia, Death Registrations, 1872-1986," Rigner Thillotsen, 1940
name: Rigner Thillotsen
event: Death
event date: 24 Oct 1940
event place: Princeton, British Columbia, Canada
gender: Male
age: 37
marital status: Single
birth date: 18 Nov 1902
birthplace: , Norway
father: Thelle Thordinsold
mother: Olge Gurine Thorsen
indian band/tribe:
british columbia archives film number: B13169
film number: 1953629
digital folder number: 004437620
image number: 01642
registration number: 5812
Citing this Record

"British Columbia, Death Registrations, 1872-1986," index and images, FamilySearch (

Also if you check this URL and look at pg A 134 there is information about the accident that caused his death.

Hope this helps.

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Here is Thille's death date, it was in 1952

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Thillesen
Thanks for the answers. It was good to find out about Ragnar Thillesen, but I was sorry to find out that he died without family. Seems like it will be difficult to find out more about Thille and Ragnar Thillesen. One way is if it is possible to find an obituary for Ragnar Thillesens father Thille Thillesen or Thilles wife Rose. They both died in Los Angeles, he on the 4 of Februar 1952 and she on the 27 of Oct 1957. Do anybody know if there were orbityaries from that time?

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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According to the ship's list Thille arrived in New York on the 23 Feb 1905 and was going to his uncle in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the 1910 Census and US City Directory he was living in Duluth, Minnesota. On the 1911 and 1913 US City Directories he was living in Fargo, North Dakota. His occupation throughout is given as Baker.

According to his declaration of intent he married Rose on the 18 Dec 1917 in Los Angeles, California. He indicates in 1929 that he has one child, Raynar, who is living with him. Thille and Rose are noted on the 1920, 1930 and 1940 US Census in Los Angeles, California.

On Rose's Petition for Naturalization in 1930 she lists her last name on arrival in the US was Maxonovitz. Another copy of the form in 1931 indicates that Thille had been previously divorced. One copy shows her picture. Rose indicates she has no children.

The Naturalization records have quite a bit of information about the applicant including birth dates and places etc.

Hope this helps.

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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I have some questions, as the story doesn't at present tie together quite right.

First, about this statement:

"Ragnar T. Thillesen lived with his grandmother, Mathea Thillesen, until he emigrated to Canada...1927. On the 8. Nov 1937 he came to New Orleans, Louisiana, on his way to visit his father Thille T. Thillesen."

Did Ragnar emigrate to Canada (settle there)- do you know from family stories he lived in Canada from 1927 onward?

Or did you find a record that he sailed to Canada and entered North America at a Canadian port in 1927? If the latter, he might have gone to California from his port of arrival in Canada.

As far as we know, when in Canada, Ragnar lived in British Columbia, due north of California. He would not travel in 1937 from British Columbia to New Orleans, Louisiana, to get to his father's home in California!

It may be Ragnar came to British Columbia AFTER the 1937 voyage and had lived in eastern Canada prior to that? Or had returned to Norway for a stay or a visit? And returned via New Orleans? (which still makes little sense, as more likely he would have traveled via the Great Lakes, and then by train, like everybody else).

In 1929, the child Thille claims on his naturalization papers is "Raynar." Are you guessing, tester 1887, this might mean Ragnar?

Understand, I'm not disputing the facts here - mostly just the narrative about the arrival in New Orleans.

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Ragnar Thillesen entered Canada as noted below:

Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Item Display
Surname: Thillesen
Given Name: Ragnar
Age: 25
Sex: M
Nationality: Nor
Date of Arrival: 1927/04/11 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of Arrival: Halifax
Ship: HELLIG OLAV, Scandinavian American
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-b
Volume: 1927 volume 7
Page Number: 44
Microfilm reel: T-14809

His father, Thille Thillesen's delaration of Intent states that son Ragnar born 18 Nov 1902 Oslo Norway is living with him in California in 1929.

Ragnar's passenger list to New Orleans from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua in 1937 indicates that Ragnar is a mining engineer with his last address given as Winnipeg, Manitoba. He may have been in Nicaragua for business purposes. It is possible that Ragnar visited his father in California on his way back to Canada.

New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1813-1945 about Ragnar Thillesen
Name: Ragnar Thillesen
Arrival Date: 8 Nov 1937
Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana
Age: 35
Birth Date: abt 1902
Birth Place: Norway,Oslo
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua
Ship Name: Contessa
Last Residence: Canada
Race: Scandinavian
Friend's Name: T Thillesen

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1357324559000
Thank you tester 1887, the additional information found in those records clarifies a great deal! The story now hangs together cohesively.

Nothing yet tells us where Regnar was from 1927-1929, but unless the family knows differently, it is a good guess he went to his father in California when he first arrived in the USA (or soon after), since he is living with him in 1929. I wonder if he underwent some kind of training or apprenticeship during this period.

I can believe the 1937 return trip from Nicaragua had to do with mining work. Current British Columbia companies own mines in Nicaragua (La Limon and La Libertad, for example). In 1940, as you showed, Regnar was working at the Nickel Plate Mine at Hedley, British Columbia, Canada, which was owned by Kelowna Exploration Company. Given the trip to Nicaragua, and given his employer, Regnar probably did NOT work at picking ore out of a mine (as we think of a miner). The record of his death calls him a carpenter; the ship manifest calls him a mining engineer.

Archives of Kelowna Exploration Company related to Nickel Plate Mine LINK:

The Mascot Gold Mine seems to be located within the Nickel Plate Mine - at Nickel Plate mountain. Lots is available online about life there.

Again thanks for filling out the information in those records for us.

I realize the poster would like obits from the family and hope someone will find that.

Re: Seeking information about Ragnar Toralf Thillesen

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Thank you all again for your help with information. When it comes to falsterden question about Ragnar Thillesen in the period 1927-1929 I just can say that the family doesn't know anything more than what is written here. Until recently we didn't even know he existed. Now I have told the family, including Ragnars youngest half sister about him. We all want to know more, and more of the family is trying to find information. But again, if anybody can find a orbityary of Ragnar, Rose or Thille Thillesen we would really appreciate it.
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