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Wetzel Pa/Wetzel OH

Wetzel Pa/Wetzel OH

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Were your Wetzels really from Northumberland Cty Va?- and settle in the Ohio Valley? There is a Northumberland County in Pa too. The rumors of linkage between the Berks Co. Pa Wetzels and the Ohio Wetzels have been passed down over the generations. If there is a linkage, it was in Germany and diluted later. Not looking for it, just stumbled on it.
Here's the link -

and relevant text.

WETZEL. Among the early immigrants to Pennsylvania were a number of Wetzels, some of them undoubtedly related. One Hans Martin Wetzel arrived on the ship "Brittania" and qualified by taking the oath of allegiance, at Philadelphia, Sept. 21, 1731. His age then is given as thirty-one years. His wife, Maria Barbara Wetzel, was thirty-three years old. On the same ship were the following, probably children: Hans Martin Wetzel aged six years; Nicholaus Wetzel, aged four years; Catherina Wetzel, aged three years. There is also the name of Maria Barbara Wetzel, who may have been a sister of the pioneer (Pennsylvania
Archives, pages 29, 34 and 35).
John Jacob Wetzel came on the ship "Charming Nancy" of London, Charles Stedman, master, from Rotterdam, qualified Oct. 8, 1737. Philip Wetzel came on the ship "Davy," William Patton, commander, from Amsterdam, qualified Oct. 25, 1738.
Hans Martin Wetzel, who came to the New World in 1731, settled on that territory now embraced in Lehigh county, Pa. Six years later he was followed by John Jacob Wetzel, who located in Hereford township, in Berks county, only several miles distant; and these two, in 1738, were followed by Philip Wetzel. That a kinship existed between these three pioneers cannot be doubted, and it is very probable that they were brothers - another group of the "three brothers" found among the immigrant ancestors of so many American families.
In the list of early settlers in the region of Emaus, Lehigh Co.,Pa., in the section of Milford and Longswamp townships, whose names with place of birth appear on the original church record of the Emaus
Moravian Church, was that of Catharina Wetzel, who was from "Uppa" Mannheim, in the Palatinate. The genealogist gleans from the above item that the Wetzels were German Palatinates.
According to family tradition an old Wetzel had settled somewhere on the Ohio river, and had a number of children, among whom were sons: John, Georg, and Louis. It is further stated that this pioneer and his wife were scalped by the, Indians, and that when the sons returned home and found their parents thus cruelly murdered they vowed vengeance upon the savages. Louis thereafter devoted himself to the extermination of the Indians. He was a rare marksman, and could run like a deer. The compiler of this article is of the impression that the place of settlement was not the Ohio, but the Susquehanna, river. A large number of Wetzels live in Snyder county, Pa., in the Buffalo Valley, in Union county, and in the Mahantango valley, in the lower part of Northumberland county. They all speak German, and say their forbears spoke of "Der Longswamp, in Bercks County."
The Federal Census Report of 1790 records these Wetzels as heads of families, etc.: George Wetzel and wife had five sons and two daughters, all the sons under sixteen years of age; he then lived in Longswamp township. Conrad Wetzel also lived in Longswamp township and had two daughters. Philip Wetzel lived in Hereford township, and he and wife had then two sons under sixteen years of age, and three daughters. John Wetzel had two sons over sixteen years of age, one son under sixteen, and two daughters: he lived in Macungie township, Northampton (now Lehigh) county. John Wetzel, Jr., lived in the same township as his father, and he and his wife had two daughters. Conrad Wetzel lived in Upper Milford township; his family consisted of himself and wife, two sons under sixteen years of age, and three daughters. Peter Wetzel lived in Upper Milford township, Northampton (now Lehigh) county, and had one son under sixteen years of age and two daughters. Michael and Conrad Wetzel both lived in Penn township, Northampton county, in 1790; it appears that Michael was a widower, and had a son over sixteen years old, and that Conrad was married but had no children.
John Wetzel lived near the present line of Berks and Lehigh counties, Pa. He had sons: Henry, Peter, Daniel and Hans Georg, who lived in Lehigh county. The old Wetzel homestead is located near St.
Peter's Church, in Upper Milford township. It was built in 1740, of logs, and was occupied until 1900.
Peter Wetzel, son of John, was born in 1778 and died in 1870, in his ninety-second year. He owned a thirty acre tract of land near Red Lion, in Longswamp township, on which he lived. He was a carpenter and coffin maker, being an excellent mechanic and an expert wood worker. In his day he made many coffins. It was then the custom to place the dead on a large covered wagon, to which usually were hitched fourteen horses. The seats were arranged along the two sides of the wagon, and occupied by the bereaved, the coffin being placed in the middle between the two rows of mourners. They now proceeded to the church. "Old Peter" Wetzel, as he was known, was a popular man, personally, and well known in his
line. He held many funerals, and taught many the carpenter's trade. His wife, Anna Margaret Gaumer, died when past eighty years of age. Both were members of the Reformed congregation of Longswamp church. They had children: George; Sallie, who married Nathan Heimbach and had children, Amanda, Lovina, Sarah and Henry; and Lydia, who married Henry Heimbach, a brother of Nathan (they had no children).
George Wetzel was born in Longswamp township in November, 1818, and died there in October, 1900, aged eighty-two years. His wife Leah was a daughter of David Conrad, of Longswamp township. She was born in 1821, and died in 1899, aged seventy-eight years. They are buried at the Longswamp Church, of which both were members, belonging to the German Reformed Congregation; he was a deacon and elder. He was a Democrat in politics, and served his district on the school board. He owned his
father's homestead of thirty acres, and also bought 120 acres of land, was prosperous, and built an addition to the old barn. He and his wife had eleven children, namely: Peter, Mary, Charles, Caroline, David C.,
Henry C., Lovina, Sallie, Amanda, Katie and Levi. Of these Mary,Caroline, Lovina, Katie and Levi all died within six weeks time, from diphtheria, in 1862.
David C. Wetzel, shoemaker at Seisholtzville, in Berks county, Pa., was born in the adjoining township of Longswamp, Feb. 28, 1847. When seventeen years old he commenced to learn his trade from his brother Charles. When twenty-four he married Amelia, daughter of William and Amelia (Ruth) Meitzler, of Hereford township, and in 1873 they moved to Seisholtzville, where they have since lived. He usually had three or four apprentices, and in a winter season made several hundred pairs of shoes by hand, shoe factories in those days being unknown. He and his family occupy a house that was built about the time of the Revolutionary war, if not earlier; it is of log construction, but is now weather-boarded, and in winter is very warm. Mr. Wetzel and his family are members of the Reformed Church in Longswamp township. He and his wife have two children: Irwin D., now of Norristown, Pa., married Rosa Fry, and their children are, Ambrose, Herbert, Warren and Minerva; Minnie married Harry O. Moll, of Seisholtzville, Pa., and had Pearl, Verna and George.
Henry C. Wetzel (brother of David C. Wetzel), a retired farmer at Seisholtzville, Pa., was born in Longswamp township, Feb. 17, 1849. When twenty-one years of age he began farming for his father at Red Lion, continuing thus for fourteen years. In 1888 he purchased the Christophel Bittenbender farm on which he has since lived, a tract of 112 acres. The present house on this farm was built by Jacob Bittenbender, Sr. Mr.Wetzel in 1895 built the present barn. He has a valuable property and the excellent condition of farm and buildings testify to his good management and prosperity. He retired in 1900. He is a Democrat and
has held township offices. He and his wife are members of Huffs Church, where be serves as elder. In 1875 he married Hannah, daughter of Christophel and Abby (Rush) Bittenbender, and granddaughter of Jacob and Susanna (Jung) Bittenbender, also of Hereford township. Mr. and Mrs. Wetzel have had one son, Ambrose, who was born in 1876 and died in 1895.
There was a John Wetzel who became an early resident of Packer township, Carbon Co., Pa., as early as 1812, and located on lands still owned by his descendants. He had four sons, John, Valentine, Daniel and David, and four daughters. The sons settled in the township, David living to be very old. The daughters became the wives of Stephen Kerber, James Troy, Lewis Hettinger and Philip Hinkle, respectively.


Nodak (View posts)
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Thanks for the information. Nodak

Wetzel from PA

Melissa WIeand (View posts)
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Minnie Wetzel and Harry O. Moll are my husband's great-grandparents, thank you so much for the information. I will now share it with the rest of his family.

WETZEL/EYSTER of Northumberland Co., PA

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In your research did you run across a Nathan Wetzel, born july 1858 according to the 1900 census, married Kate Eyster, born april 1850, and resided in Sunbury, PA. They had 7 children, 4 who survived--Daisy (b sept 1879), Harry (b June 1882), Lillian (b April 1888), and Alice (b Nov 1881). Daisy married Arthur Brown and lived in Harrisburg, PA and died in Williamsport? Nellie married Ray Hoover and at the time of the 1910 census resided in Sunbury with her parents. Nathan's parents might be James Wetzel and Lovina Clement. He married Kate A. Eyster on 7 Dec 1878. This is NOT the Nathan Wetzel from Northumberland Co. that moved out west.

The 1880, 1900 and 1910 census all list a William Eyster (b Oct 1851) living next to Nathan Wetzel and his family. I am wondering if this William might be Kate's brother? I believe Kate's parents might be Conrad Eyster and Sarah Harp.

According to family stories one of Kate's grandfathers (or ggrandfather) was an Indian chief. As it goes, the tribe's land out west was loaded with oil and the tribe was actually moved east to settle in the Indian population in Northumberland Co. The theory was to get the Indians as far away as possible to prevent an uprising. Supposedly, someone from the Sunbury area who I believe was not related to the Eyster's, fought long and hard with the govt. to prove that the Indians had been on this land. The govt's case came down to the fact that Indians don't have birth records and therefore this could not be proven.

Does any of this sound familiar?? I would appreciate any leads you could give me. I have not gone to Northumberland Co. yet but plan to sometime in October. I also have a lead through the LDS files that I need to follow up, but when I saw your extensive history on your Wetzel's I thought you might have run across mine.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Sorry, no Nathan

Dan (View posts)
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No Nathan appears in my research during the years you mention. The Eyster name is not familiar either. I am pretty sure that, by the mid-late 1800's the county that included Sunbury is Snyder County. Northumberland Cty was very large at one point and histories of the families travel with the county name at the time. (I think I am correct about Sunbury being in Snyder Cty). So, your search may not be complete until you check Snyder county records too. If you can give me your ancestral line a few generations before that I might be able to help you or link to it.

My Wetzel line began in Berks Co. with the immigrant ancestor John Jacob Wetzel. I found this "break point" as the brothers move away from home.....
"John Jacob Wetzel came to America in 1737 and settled in Berks County. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War. In 1794, three of his sons migrated to what is now known as Snyder County. All three of these sons saw service in the American Revolution. Philip (1751-1826) settled west of Middleburg, followed the trade of blacksmith and is buried in the Old Hassinger Church Cemetery. Peter (1756-1826) took up residence in what is now known as Union Township in Old Union County. Henry (1762-1850) lived in what are known as Middle Creek and Jackson Townships. He is buried in New Berlin." p. 166, Dunkelburger, Story of Snyder County, 1948.

Philip is my line.
Snyder County link -


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I'm looking for my gr.granparents, and your names are similar:

grandfather - Charles M. Eyster
grandmother - Caroline Fry
Ray, Cora and Maude
Kate was born l868, d. 1952, spouse was Carrington.


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SinvceMinnie wetzel is odGaumer descent, I would like to exchange info with you.Alsowas Wieandever spelledas Wiand? I know of Gaumers that married Wiands.Please contact meat
Gil Gaumer
St. Louis, MO

Re: Wetzel Pa/Wetzel OH

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i know this post has gotten pretty old now but i found it in doing research on my family. i descend from an aaron wetzel and my family has ties to ohio. they moved there at one time from pennsylvania to ohio to farm and after little success, came back to pennsylvania. aaron wrote and published a book about it, i'm not quite sure the title but my family does own it so if you are interested im sure you would be able to find one floating around somewhere

Katherine "Kitty" Wetzel

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Surnames: Wetzel, Fair, Fehr
Searching for the parents of Katherine "Kitty" Wetzel.
She married Jeremiah Fehr in 1850. I have not seen her marriage record, however, I was told the marriage took place at the 1st Reformed Church of Reading Pa. Both Katherine and Jeremiah are stated as being from Cumru Township. This information came from an unrelated person who was doing research on the Fehr Line and had this information "jotted" down in their notes. I am a decendant of her's and Jeremiah's son George WHA Fair. I do know that in the 1850's census, for Cumru Township, Berks Co, PA, that living next door to my Fehr Line (Jeremiah and his sibiling and parents) is a Wetzel family, but no Katherine. Just a John and wife Rebecca.

By chance, do you have these people in you line?
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